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  1. For the Cowboy conspiracy theory fans

    Along with the Legion of Whom it'll be perfect
  2. Cam Newton Wired

    I'll make sure to post a lot of them when I take the month of December off to go to my vacation house on Hilton Head. Don't try to visit our guards are armed.
  3. Cam Newton Wired

    Of all people with opinions no one cares for and you want to piss all over this guy making a decent thread? Diaf
  4. Our season so far

    Explained by Deadpool
  5. Gameday Menu

    Cedar plank salmon, crab cakes, and some other stuff. 
  6. Is he playing DE, MLB, kicker, safety, and punter too?
  7. Panthers Pro Bowl Updates

    This is what it feels like to be relevant 
  8. Panthers have a 64% chance of beating the cowboys.

    Obsessing over the spread isn't good for you. It's to try to get 50/50 split on people betting for both teams. You have an idiot fan base saying, how bout them cowboys and then you have everyone else saying, they're 10-0.    Do they not teach gambling in schools anymore? I remember throwing down a grand of my bonus on the Giants to beat the undefeated Patriots. That was fun. 
  9. Jessica Jones

    Did anyone else find it weird where she wanted to go so quickly?
  10. HVAC Question

    Besides the Master Chief's post have you tried looking at a diy forum ? They'll have someone with the same problem I'm sure
  11. Gano's leg strength

    I hope he kicks 60 yarders in Denver during warmups next year
  12. It's Madden. That's like me calling out Mewtwo because he was never on the cover of any Pokemon game.
  13. Give me your top 5 most annoying fanbases

    Maybe it's where I live but: Patriots Broncos Colts 49ers Kyoto University Gangsters