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  1. Carolina Panthers select in the 3rd round CB Daryl Worley

    “Daryl’s version of events is corroborated not only by the video, but also by several eyewitness statements that we have obtained. In the video, Daryl defends his long-time girlfriend from an advancing female bar patron who had earlier that night threatened to fight his girlfriend. According to eyewitness statements, the advancing female grabs Daryl’s girlfriend’s leg immediately before the video shows him pushing the female away in a non-provoking manner." See when a woman threatens to fight your woman, and then you see her grabbing your woman's leg later, that would lead you to FEEL like she was a PERCEIVED threat to your woman.
  2. Carolina Panthers select in the 3rd round CB Daryl Worley

    And I'm just going to leave this here: Worley’s attorney Dave Jecklin reiterated to MetroNews on Wednesday that Worley pushed the woman down in an effort to protect his girlfriend: Jecklin said the player “is sorry about how he reacted and that the entire incident occurred.” Maybe read more than just the first ESPN link you read?
  3. Carolina Panthers select in the 3rd round CB Daryl Worley

    Well we moved from the bottom of the 5th and 7th to the top, and it only cost a single low 4th pick. Maybe we use the upgraded 5 and 7 to get back into the 4th. It's been mentioned this is a weak draft class after the mid 2nd, and with the players we retained from last year, I honestly don't expect any 4-7s making the final 53 anyways.
  4. Let's talk about safeties

    I don't think we go secondary before the third, but after watching the Joseph and Cash vids in this thread I'm leaving towards Cash. Great run support and laid down some hard hits that didn't look like they could draw a flag like a few of Joseph's hits.
  5. Tickets go onsale on Saturday at 10:00 AM

    Man I am going to have to put some tickets on the damn credit card, assuming I can even beat out the bots. Got tickets last year in June or July in section 519 for the Saints game at $70 a pop, reseller tickets in that section were going for $90 at the time. I checked ticket exchange last week and the asking price in the same section were going for $160 each, I fear if I don't get them asap it is going to cost me dearly in the long run. The woes of the Panthers being a winning team lol. I was getting Craigslist tickets in the 500's for $40 during the season in 2012-2014, don't think that's gonna be happening anymore.
  6. Paxton Lynch to the Saints?

    I think he is referring to the other first round QBs that year. Christian Ponder, Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert as top 15 picks? And were talked about being potential top 10 if I remember correctly. Hindsight is 20/20 but the lol's I get from thinking about the terrible first round decisions other teams have made since we took Cam #1 overall are priceless.
  7. Wilson: Cravens under first-round consideration

    While I would love a first round pick going on a secondary player, unless an absolute steal drops to 30, I have a feeling we will be going DE in the first. He always seems to be planning for the future, and has shown he values the trenches more, and also doesn't want to develop players and see them leave. I don't see the point in taking a secondary player in the first, just to potentially develop him for another team in the future when/if he outplays what gettleman is willing to spend on a secondary player. Seems much more likely to draft a DE who develops into our starter opposite Ealy, and who he would be willing to spend the money on for a second contract. Throw in the fact that the last few secondary players we drafted were all 3rd and later(didn't look it up just going off memory) and it doesn't look like a first round CB or S is gonna happen. Our game plan has been to invest in the front 7 and fill in the gaps with a serviceable secondary. We seem to be the team where DBs can come to build their worth and get paid elsewhere.
  8. Cameron Artis-Payne Arrested for Speeding

    15mph over the speed limit is also carelessness and recklessness, and they can arrest you on the spot. Usually a few over 15mph and they may just ticket you, 37mph over definitely increases your chances of being locked up.
  9. Wayfair furniture

    Someone I know ordered two big ass night stands, they sent four, truck driver wouldn't take the two back because the bill of laden listed four, only charged for two, and still have the other two in the garage brand new in the box, with no contact from the company about returning them. Guess their shipping department can't count or doesn't care about accuracy.
  10. Super Cereal Insider info inside

    Pie for posting the second gif in a month from an animal Instagram I follow lol.
  11. Or they will be so focused on them they they will leave more openings for him to waltz right into the endzone. Seriously though, it will be nice to be such a "pick your poison" redzone and in general offensive threat to defenses. #CAMVP
  12. Cyrus Jones in the 3rd?

    We will need a punt returner to replace Ginn soon, but we will not need a kick returner. We can send Sir Purr out there to stand in the endzone and wave his arm in the air.
  13. This. I have to hear about this junk at least once or twice a week, this miraculous pink drink (along with exercise and a healthy diet) that will help you lose weight and fix every chronic illness under the sun. As if exercise and a healthy diet wouldn't help you lose weight without buying their overpriced scam of a drink alone.
  14. 6'4" 330 lbs Big Paul Soliai is a Panther!

    Don't they run a 3-4 system down there? Where as we run a 4-3? Wouldn't that make a significant difference for the job duties for a DT who is not a nose tackle? As a 3-4 DT wouldn't he have occasionally been lined up on the end depending on formation, where as a 4-3 DT will always be on the interior? Also, rotational vs starter will make a big difference on a 32 year old DT.
  15. The Quiet Before the Storm

    Pie for using a gif of Angel from Instagram lol, do you follow that account? @noelaniig