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  1. People still hold out hope for Luck because if he fail it would be hard pressed to hype another quarterback like they did him. Especially another white QB. Meanwhile, in a parallel universe people are waiting for the next Cam. Cam is now the standard. Cam, Wilson, Winston are now the face of the league and I like it.
  2. Looks like he was fighting a random female. Not domestic. I could be wrong.
  3. MLB legend trashes Cam Newton

    At this point white people's opinion about Cam or other black players cannot be trusted. Always agenda driven.
  4. I thought Brady was gonna make him an all-pro. Put your little tail between your legs and come catch 10 TDs in Carolina like Ginn.
  5. It's been known for years that all non-Africans have neanderthal DNA but now we're learning that those genes affect many of us negatively. Defects like actinic keratosis(google it), depression, aspergher syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and many more. Those are some serious diseases that were inherited by whites. Those genes and defects are what entails a white person, though similar but different than blacks. The problem is, the only race that can create guys like Cam and LeBron is the African race. The fact that Cam rubs his supreme ability in white people's face makes it the more painful. If the white race could create their own Cams and Lebrons they would have no problem with it. But with the neanderthal genes imposing on their potential makes them angry. Cam and Lebron are like Gods to them that the only way they can touch or relate to them is through humility. Cam is not humble and unwilling to give them the satisfaction. That hurts them and they respond with anger. Whites aren't satisfied being mere participants. It hurts them when a The Golden Calf of Bristol or Manziel fall flat on their faces when they were touted as the answer. Gotta give it to white people, they never tune out even though that's the case. They find all kind of ways to be involved or participate, whether by trolling those supreme black athletes or by over hyping the less capable white athletes. And maybe, maybe that white athlete will perform beyond that low expectation so they can vote him MVP. If he's MVP then we must all be even, right? Not that easy. All of the hate Cam is getting is just an expression of jealously. Plain and simple. The neanderthal genes hurts them in ways they didn't expect and Cam has to pay for it. Unfortunately, the neanderthal damage is already done and we'll never view each other as the same.
  6. This thread seems to be in defense of Cam, though.
  7. The problem is the only way most whites know how to react to things that appear different is through hatred. In their mind only way Cam exist on this planet is as a villain. Simple as that.
  8. Ask yourself this, what about the 32 year old WRs in the league. Are they able to run? When MJ was 35, was he able to run? Cam has high bone density due to his African ancestry. So, it takes a while for age to have an affect on our bones. A lotta benefits to being black. Not just the sweet melanin. Cam will never deteriorate to what Peyton is right now. Watch Mike Vick, dude can still run a 4.4. Also, Cam is an awesome passer. He'll be just fine.
  9. You hang around too many of those guys in that picture. I'm sure it's hard to be yourself.
  10. You know you're lying. Black people don't say term like that, man! Donkey dick? Lol
  11. Their hate is making Cam even more popular. Even to non football fans. Love it. This is gonna be a record breaking SB viewership-wise.
  12. Hard to ride on that high horse and have a high moral compass when you're descendants of slave owners. No business judging those who are better humans than you. Remember who you are and where you came from.
  13. Don't forget all the rapes during slavery either. I'm talking new borns too. Well, that's vile.
  14. He's reminding white folks that there are actually vile things out there and dancing after a TD is not one of them. Slavery is top of the list of vile stuff and whites are expert at it. Don't act like you're moral. That's what Moon is reminding us. Let's not forget slavery people! Some vile poo right there.
  15. Any organization that advocate for better life for black people always and will always come under attack. The fact that those organizations are needed is all the proof. Black lives do matter. If Africans never left Africa to interact with other Hominins and create other races, there would be no Caucasians, Asians, Indians, etc. So, you owe your existence to the African race due to the only naturally occurring Frankenstein-like experiment. Don't be ungrateful.