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  1. The media sees it as (light skinned) black on black violence, so it's ok to turn a blind eye. Also, as long as Harrison have a podium, no one will call him out because they're afraid of the response. The minute he gets fired everyone will get on him. They are just protecting their colleague.
  2. Stephen A. Smith

    Unless you're white yourself, how would you know if his statement might be correct.
  3. Panther fans who HATE Cam Newton

    Who would know if they don't like Cam if nobody ask them. Who cares about their opinion!
  4.   There reason the Cam hate has reached to astronomical level is because he was just a wounded duck(without the community support) out there for easy picking. Thanks to all the hate, the community is now starting to pay attention. Here we have a young man, working his butt off to play a sport he loves being treated like Jackie Robinson in 2016. That ain't happening. Thank you haters for waking up the community. Now, we'll be looking at you and judging you when Rodgers, Kelce, etc. do one of their sh!tty dances and that's not fair. The haters has now created a hostile environment for all the players. Do the haters ever think that the reason Peyton and the likes don't celebrate might be because they don't get in the end zone themselves. That girl is cute!            
  5. Compensatory pick?

    By the way, you didn't fix sh!t. The sentence is still run down. Did I mention,                                 Fail!
  6. Compensatory pick?

    You trying too hard, buddy! Calm you ass down! Capitulate is NOT a big word. It saves keystroke than typing a phrase that describes it.           Fail!
  7. It's NOT about race!

    Is the race card being played? I wanna join.
  8. Compensatory pick?

    If Cam recruit him like he did Oher I can see JR capitulate.
  9. Compensatory pick?

    Well, the hypocrites treat Cam worst than Hardy, so we might as well have him. They don't differentiate the two.
  10. Compensatory pick?

    I guess it wouldn't be fair if we did. Teams could barely come within 14 points without us taking our foot off the pedal, and that's without our #1 WR. Thanks for the reply!
  11. Compensatory pick?

    Did we manage to get that compensatory pick for Greg Hardy? We could use a second 3rd round pick around here!
  12. As long as football is heterogeneous there will always be racial politics involve. That's why the doctor would recommend Hockey to a guy like you.
  13. There was a story not too long ago that Wilson's inner circle were entirely of white people thus the acceptance. Cam is African American and true to his roots. Believe me, the African American community back Cam to the fullest.
  14. Can't expect the guy to be excited after closely missing on an opportunity.
  15. This got me laughing because it's true.