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  1. Haplo E added a post in a topic The Answer is on the Roster   

    I thought I was gonna read we have bersen on the roster.
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  2. Haplo E added a post in a topic FWIW: Mort Says Keep An Ear Out For Reggie Wayne   

    Bring in Wayne. Great route runner and sure handed.
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  3. Haplo E added a post in a topic Rapsheet - Torn ACL for Kelvin Benjamin   

    back to where we begun. At least the OL look strong.
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  4. Haplo E added a post in a topic disrespectful cam hater rants about cam.   

    Is it hard to find a rant about a player on youtube, guy?
    I bet you create this thread because you agree with the rant. In fear of backlash from huddlers you phrase the the title like you're appalled. Nice try. #fail
    By the way, I didn't play the video!
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  5. Haplo E added a post in a topic Cams maturity again?   

    If it were Watt, Rodgers, Peyton, Brady and the likes, the media would laud them and proclaim they are fighters and are not afraid to get in a scuffle. They need to eat poo and accept the domination. Nature is not fair. #jealousy
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  6. Haplo E added a post in a topic So how long before the NFL realizes Cam Newton is GREAT for the league   

    Not in a league where the NFL want to sell you that it's dominated by Watt, Rodgers, Luck, Brady, and Peyton. Guys like Cam are just Bersen to the NFL, just trying to keep up and get a roster spot.
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  7. Haplo E added a post in a topic Panthers Training Camp Notes and Photos Day 3   

    Is Cam keeping his balls down more consistently? I notice in a photo you posted that he still arch his back to the extreme on his throws.
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  8. Haplo E added a post in a topic jadeveon clowney is a bust lol   

    Football is a violent sport. If I were him I would sit out until completely healthy. If not, I would take my 22 mil, retire, find a nice part time job, find a girl with a nice ass, fug all day all night and live happily ever after.
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  9. Haplo E added a post in a topic Cardinals rookie shot in the face outside his home   

    The league will suspend him for engaging in being shot in the face off the field. Not allowed to be a victim in this league.
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  10. Haplo E added a post in a topic Week 2: JJ Watt vs. Michael Oher   

    No! Revis and Sherman are involved in every play. If the WR they're on is always open the ball will always be thrown to that position. That's what makes a CB great, they don't get tested. If the ball is always on your side as a defensive player, that means you're a sh!ty player.
    Also, if Jordy Nelson were a CB, per se, that performs like Revis and Sherman the NFL would deem it as good for business for him to be highly ranked or be the face of the league.
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  11. Haplo E added a post in a topic Week 2: JJ Watt vs. Michael Oher   

    Lately it has become very easy for guys like Luck, Brady, Watt, Peyton, Rodgers, etc. to be called 'The best player in the league' or ranked top 10. It's almost automatic. Luck keep playing like sh!t in the playoffs yet they can't wait to hand Revis, Sherman, Dez, Demaryus, etc. a teen ranking so they can hurry and lick the prior's balls in the top 10. Guess, well, no one will complain if they are ranked 15th, right?
    It's dishonest to call Watt the best player in the league. If the NBA were as dishonest like the NFL, Lebron and Durant wouldn't even be talked about. The make up of those two leagues are no coincidence. With that, it's very farfetched for any of those players to be called the best. Either don't rank them or just rank them only by position. Lebron, Kobe, Jordan were never voted the best, they were obviously the best player in their sport. Watt is not obviously the best player playing football.
    It's also quite farfetched for Watt to be the best player in the league as a DE/OLB and yet the next closest DE/OLB was ranked 27th(Justin Houston). Is it honest to say there is that much gap between Houston and Watt? That's a joke. By the way, that Houston guy had the most sacks last year and he doesn't camp on the right side of the Offensive Line. 
    The top ranking is part of the marketing ploy of the NFL. So, it's good business if the guys I listed are being called 'top' in this business environment. Media always trying to sell us poo, well, I ain't buying that one. They can try again with Jordy Nelson next year. lol
    Who said anything about racism? Nothing racist about a business maintaining doing good business. There are guys in the league that are good for business guys.
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  12. Haplo E added a post in a topic Week 2: JJ Watt vs. Michael Oher   

    Guys are winning superbowls(Revis, Sherman) out there on teams with top 5 defenses can't even be ranked top 10. The NFL is a fug up sport that worries only about marketing. I guess they're not satisfied with Sherman/Revis as face of their league. Always trying to infect the sport with the same social cancer that affects society. Leave the sport be. Thank god they can't infiltrate my beloved NBA with this nonsense. Lebron wouldn't have any of that. 
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  13. Haplo E added a post in a topic Week 2: JJ Watt vs. Michael Oher   

    Best DE on a the team lining up on the right side? Doesn't make sense. Teams will start rotating the LT on his ass soon. He's scamming. He's running away for LTs. What a joke. With all that, he still wasn't the sack leader. Come on Watt, you're paid to go against LTs. Somebody's always gotta find a loophole!
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