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  1. They have this topic every off season just so they can talk about Luck. Even when he's not worth ranking in top 100. I'm loving it. Just sitting back watching Luck and the Colts imploded is rather pleasurable. Can't wait when they are picking top 5 in 2017 and a QB is possibility. Luck is incapable of competing against good teams, can't wait for the QB controversy. My little enjoyment.
  2. Trai Turner hires new representation...

    When I hear Trai Turner it reminds me of that body slam on Watt.
  3. he's rated higher than the other two. weird!
  4. Norman was not a production of a system

    Great CB play force QBs to hold the ball longer and front 7 time to get to them. Those coverage sacks can be so instrumental on 3rd down.
  5. Norman was not a production of a system

    With a top CB you can double other receivers while he shuts down the #1. Teams have been winning Super Bowls with top CBs lately. Revis, Sherman, Talib/Harris, Butler, the CBs for the last 4 SBs. There is a trend here.
  6. Norman was not a production of a system

    15 mil is a lot of money. And then again, that's the range top corners are getting.
  7. Panthers rescind Norman's franchise tag...

    So, that means we have a lot of cap space!
  8. Soon to come, Moritz Boehringer is carrying the team on his back. He has no passing game, zero running game, no defense. Gettleman refuses to build around his franchise WR. Lol
  9. Lol, so this is what it looks like. I was always interested to see it. Looks like junior high schoolers. Also, all those 40 time hand clocking records are ridiculous. Magically, everyone does better in their 40 during their pro days or regional tryouts.
  10. Cam Newton: #lateN1GHTsessionPERFECT1NGtheCRaft

    Her hip looks big and weird. A big hip with a tiny butt underneath, lol.
  11. A lot more money to be made when guys like Watt win awards than guys like Miller. And, it keeps a people going!
  12. Slow would entail we're moving. We're like Brees' mole right now, going nowhere.
  13. MLB legend trashes Cam Newton

    Lately, baseball has been using Cam to bring attention to their sport. Every week there is a baseball related opinion about Cam. Instead of using black players from other sport to promote baseball, why not encourage black people to play baseball to increase its popularity. By the way baseball, thanks for the constant promotion of Cam in the off season. Send your baseball fans to football. Awesome business strategy.
  14. More protection for QBs?

    The competition committee is looking how to add more rules to protect the quarterbacks. How much farther can the go! http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000644149/article/competition-committee-to-look-at-qb-protection They're just creating those rules to enable the athletically inept to excel. God forbid Tannehill sucks! Gotta blame the defense for playing too hard. Why not groom athletic Offensive tackles to match up against those athletic defensive players. Groom more athletes to play the QB position. It only makes sense. Why we have to change the rules so to keep guys like Palmer, Peyton, Flacco, etc. playing!
  15. Hue Jackson worked his butt off to become head coach and you think he's gonna bring Anderson in to get him fired in 2 years? You guys must be crazy.