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  1. firefox1234

    This is the Tinderbox

    Lol I must have been gone for to long cause these people aren’t even trying anymore...
  2. firefox1234

    This is the republican party

    I came here expecting to see something new......I’m disappointed.
  3. firefox1234

    Gettleman has lymphoma

    Hope he tells the cancer to fug off like he did JNo’s agent....
  4. That’s how they do it in Mother Russia
  5. Funchess was playing like a man on a mission last season and I expect the same...
  6. Gettleman more or less has one terrible draft and people feel nothing but to crucify him, I for one believe he was a human being that makes mistakes but overall his time here was fruitful....
  7. firefox1234

    The Safety Market...

    No more dilly patch jobs st safety, about time Panthers draft a guy we believe in....
  8. I want to say Butler just cause we missed out ima potential HOF TE when we picked him but Ealy probably fits the description best....
  9. firefox1234

    I dont want a wide receiver round one

    I think we have to draft a DB at the very least in the first two rounds if the talent is there of course....
  10. firefox1234

    Most important needs?

    1. DBs: I understand we rely on our front four a lot but this group we had last season did very well for being more or less a rag tag crew plus Peppers and Short. DE is definitely a need but our secondary has been the Achilles heel of an almost perfect defense for way too long 2. WRs: I like the crew Hurney has tried to set up so far but getting another young WR to compete with the guys right now in my opinion will do a lot of good for the current crop. Everyone will know their spots aren’t safe(including Funchess)and I think we will have a couple guys rise to the occasion 3. TE: I kind of feel this need is interchangeable with WR as both positions will add more depth and more dimensions to the offense.
  11. I have resigned myself to believe the Panthers were never meant to have the safety position secured...
  12. firefox1234

    I'm done

    *crickets chirping in the background