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  1. He clearly was trying to throw it to the ref twice.
  2. Kap was in a WCO his short career and Sam Bradford has posted just as good of a pass rating through his entire career which is double to Kaps. That's multiple teams with multiple systems and he stayed consistent. Kap was and always will be a one trick pony unlike Bradford who can work the entire route tree.
  3. It seems to me we have run more man this year and used stunts. Could just be a sign of better pressure.
  4. It was a tacky call because of the group of people. But you really need context to understand the whole situation.
  5. Matt Kalil was a situation created by a owner. Hurney did have to remove that out that was in place next year but he did and for no financial reason.
  6. I will say his negotiating leverage is about zero.
  7. Are we even running a zone blitz scheme anymore? Seems like we don't really blitz much this year or I could just be use to Wilks system where we blitzed almost every down.
  8. Snake

    McCaffery's pace

    No one can stop it because you can't scheme it. You either allow him to beat you running or through the air. Once Greg, Byrd, and Samuel get back it becomes even more complex.
  9. Snake

    We need TD back.

    I think he has missed more because Davis isn't out there and because scheme has changed. I think you are seeing it start to click for some players like Jackson and Bradberry and others it's going to probably get better when everyone is comfortable with the system.
  10. Unfortunately that's the difference between a top WR and a mid tier WR. Funchess is just a avg WR. So is the rest of Cam's weapons. Maybe Moore will be Moore but it's not looking good.
  11. Snake

    We need TD back.

    Yeah but even Luke has looked human this year. No one wants to admit it but playing musical chairs at DC has had some effect and not a good one.
  12. Snake

    We need TD back.

    His coverage is definitely been horrible. We will be investing in some LB's in the future. Still we let a solid one walk to our division rival last year. One can ask why we didn't just offer him a deal.
  13. So your saying he's just as good as Cam Newton, Andrew Luck, Mathew Stafford, and Dak Prescott? Also Sam Bradford is better than Kap and stats and longevity proves that.
  14. Norv has also been great at calling plays for a line that is riddled with injuries. Cam is getting the ball out and the line is winning by misdirection. Not huge splash plays but dink and dunk that gets in the redzone.
  15. Snake

    Week 3 , Late Games Thread

    Brady with all that passion.