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  1. If you're judging from last games performance don't. The kid is better than Klein.
  2. We have a starting caliber MLB. I think it's why Mayo has been kept.
  3. Ried is there OC. He makes all the playcalling and in game adjustments.
  4. Everyone hates the news media and this is just another example. Want to talk about some slave owners look no further than the MSM.
  5. We don't know anything about it. What is know though this is the 3rd year he has been concussed. Chances are really high even if he comes back he will go out again with his job.
  6. He was a late add to the injury report. Something to do with a toilet seat concussion protocol.
  7. How many concussions has Luke had? I don't think I am. I mean it sucks and we are getting hit by massive injuries as a team but with his past and not clearing with more than a week's time it's not looking good.
  8. I probably didn't explain my self enough. It will be just like Oher.
  9. Basically this. Samuel is a better player than Hill but we have the three amegos and KC has a HOF coach and OC.
  10. Kids probably done. This is just how last year played out. It's also why you don't pay MLBs in the NFL. None of them make it very long. Especially the good ones.
  11. It's just a way for the media to skewer a player. Tbh football would be much better without news media. Let the teams report injuries and do press conferences.
  12. Lol kinda funny luck snubbed us only to go to a team that offered him worse talent. I mean at least it's not the Browns right?
  13. The bears are just the type of team the Panthers can beat. Super conservative coach with a bad offense. Wilks will harass there QB all day and they want have a answer. Unfortunately on offense I'm sure Shula will be doing Shula poo.
  14. Igo would go viral, Trump would host him in the rose garden and have a press conference all the while Igo's real motivation comes clear the moment he gets the mic "plant based diet executive order"! Ivanka even gives Jeremy a fist bump.
  15. End around with Stewart running up the middle in the gun.
  16. This will be a blowout. Panthers get Kalil back, play McCaffrey more, and Funchess and Samuel rip them a new one.
  17. In simple terms not only does he bring his knowledge but he can hold his man up. If Kalil played the Eagles game Cox would not have been as effective.
  18. Probably the dumbest movie by Cleveland. They could have had the best DE and QB of this draft.
  19. I can't wait to see more of this in our GM. Ignoring all good advice and being wrong. It was so much fun last time.
  20. People said drafting a QB in the top 10 this year was stupid. How stupid are they looking now.