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  1. Talked to a guy I know within the organization and he touched on a few topics. Said the Breeland injury was a shock and that he had a major infection and needed surgery. He said the kid would be out for quite awhile. He also said there was a rumor that even before the injury he planed to let the Redskins to match or offer more for his services al la New England. This would explain why he was upset. It more than likely kills any chance of him cashing in with the Redskins. He also said that we offered Oakland a 5th round pick for Crabtree but he wasn't really keen on moving to the east coast without a huge offer and Oakland was wanting a bit more to move him. Lastly he said that Samuel was far from recovered from his injury and probably will miss most of training camp and will likely be on Pup for the season opener.
  2. Tidbits from my source

    It didn't seem that way to me. Just seemed like he has a serious injury that will also prevent him from being in football shape. I think people don't realize it would probably have been better if he just tore his ACL.
  3. Tidbits from my source

    Maybe I didn't explain it very well. Basically he didn't really want to come to Carolina. Only way he wanted to move to the east coast was under his terms. Fans also don't get not every GM is a A hole like Dave was. NFL GMs like to keep good working relationships with players agencies on top of why would Carolina want a player that didn't want to be here? I don't know who RR sources are but it's probably why they laughed. A deal was never going to happen and I touched on that in the trade thread.
  4. After talking with my friend I have the distinct feeling we might target CB round one and three. Depending upon if we can sign a G in FA. A replacement TE for Olsen it seems high on the list too. Pure speculation but foot injuries are never good for pass catchers and he might retire next year.
  5. It's unfortunate all around and with our need I have to say it must have been a significant injury. I just don't see us failing him over a simple injury because we need a CB and he was cheap.
  6. It didn't but the CB market is thin.
  7. Secondary...

    Maybe not but I doubt we killed the deal unless it was a problem. Players hardly ever fail there physical.
  8. Secondary...

    At this point we try to improve safety and draft CB. Not much else you can do with unfortunate things like this.
  9. I have a feeling that we will give him a contract after he gets healed up. Unless another team takes that risk.
  10. I doubt he gets much interest after he failed our physical for legitimate reasons. He will either have to wait or take a huge cut in pay.
  11. We'll that's a Grey area because every nfl contract has a physical clause.
  12. It's more than likely is. I simply cut heals faster than that.
  13. Let's hope Poe passes his physical lol.
  14. No, there was a legit concern and honestly the Panthers med staff is one of the best.
  15. CAP Space

    Buck thirty five.
  16. Is Dontari Poe Good?

    You run defense was a joke before Poe came and secured it. Now your worse than ever. Alvin is going to bend your dirty bird ass over and rape you next year. Brees and co are going to easily hang 40 on you clowns. The nfc south is between the Panthers and Saints. You guys are over.
  17. Is Dontari Poe Good?

    Him and KK are going to cause some headaches with there quick steps and lateral movements.
  18. Is Dontari Poe Good?

    Your line was basically Poe and some other guy when it came to the run. The Saints are going to gash you guys good this year. You have no one in the middle.
  19. Honestly if Norv approves so do I. No one gave Gates a chance and look how that turned out. I also think the more weapons you give Cam the better.
  20. I think Bradberry, Breeland, and Cap are a good trio. All have the skills to play both man and zone. Worley was a solid zone CB but struggled with man. He just never really fit after McD left.
  21. Is Dontari Poe Good?

    And we get better and they get to figure it out lol. Luke, TD, and KK are licking there chops on this one. Washington will have options when blitzing and using stunts.
  22. Is Dontari Poe Good?

    Just taking him from ATL is a win. We get better and they don't.
  23. Is Ryan Kalil still safe?

    If we did cut him that would explain changing the language in M.Kalil contract. He couldn't retire within 3 years without having to pay his remaining contract back.