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  1. Snake

    Preseason Games

    As with all Hurney teams
  2. His khakis are perfectly aligned.
  3. Snake

    Sugar coating RBs, CJ lead back

    He's worth that pick because of the match up problem he brings. McCaffrey is better than any LB in this league running routes. Shula used him horribly last year and that's why you question the pick. Hopefully a revamped system will use both Newton and McCaffrey better.
  4. Red Cam we are happy, Purple Cam bad news.
  5. Holy poo we are ALL IN. Win or go home beeeches.
  6. What a giant butt hole isn't sexy?
  7. You haven't seen him in his khakis.
  8. Snake

    Sugar coating RBs, CJ lead back

    No way we run a North South game we did under Shula with our line. Both McCaffrey and Anderson are dual threat backs that can catch and rush. We probably will see a ton of misdirection with traps. I see us as a more passing offense this year than a rushing one simply because our line is not good at run blocking.
  9. God our offense moves slow. From Cam to the WRs coming out of their breaks. It's no wonder Cam gets sacked so much.
  10. I bet there is a infinity stone in there.
  11. Snake

    What they’re saying...

    You can embed by just posting the link but I would expect a saints fan to figure that out.
  12. Snake

    What they’re saying...

    Just like your link Brees passing beyond 30 yards is broken. Want matter to much this year anyway when we drop 40 points on you.
  13. The dude is done. They will have to cut him next year.
  14. Snake

    What they’re saying...

    We have the fire power to win this year. I'm not sure if the draft want be a weakness though. Hurney really reached on some picks.
  15. Snake

    What they’re saying...

    He can't pass past 30 yards. That's the age but Payton hides his flaws well.
  16. Snake

    What they’re saying...

    I seriously hope he gets paid everything he's worth. Or sits out the season.
  17. Snake

    Panthers TC Preview...NFL.com

    It's going to be extremely important to secure a good LG for our run game to succeed. Amini isn't what you want going into the season.
  18. Snake

    Hope y'all are ready to win.

    Mike Tomlin isn't as good as Rivera imo. He was left a SB winning team with some legendary coordinators and has eroded that framework for years.
  19. Snake

    Hope y'all are ready to win.

    We know he was a minority owner of the Steelers but that doesn't mean he will run the Panthers that way. Hell JR didn't really do it the Steelers way either. He just gave them lip service.
  20. Snake

    Restocking the Barren Tree

    And McD was also highly rated.
  21. Snake

    Shady McCoy

    Jesus that guy is a dick.
  22. I get the feeling luck dodged us but karma got him.
  23. If anyone is traded it should be Funchess.