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  1. Trai in concussion protocol

    We are learning teams can fudge the protocol very easy. I'm willing to bet they did with Kamara 100%.
  2. I have to agree and I would be pissed too. Colin Jones down right sucks ass.
  3. I can't tell what's worse. The people who constantly complain or the people who constantly complain about the complainers.
  4. We know feelings outweighs good drafting and cap management.
  5. Trai in concussion protocol

    Well we have the dumbest comment of the week. I guess Davis and Captain getting beat like a drum by TEs is better.
  6. The question you have to ask is it hurney or JR giving the contracts. If it's the latter we are in for a world of hurt because we have a older team.
  7. It was JRs plan all along to let Dave go and let Bene take over. Bene dipped so we get Hurney again unfortunately. This is a story I got from someone inside the organization. JR is much more hands on than he leads to believe. Cap is fixed at least.
  8. I don't talk about players who haven't played a game. It's just my rule after many disappointments.
  9. Admittedly I probably would have said the same thing.
  10. Cam and Funchess going to shock the league. The right people said give Funchess time and they were right.
  11. We can add CB to that as well.
  12. That's basically been our problem for a very long time.
  13. Who knows the situation but that's a bitch move.
  14. Lol you know when you can tell someone is talking out there butt? When they make outlandish statements. No time this year except for last week did this unit make a huge hole. Stewart turned that into a TD. By your logic McCaffrey has lost a step and should probably retire.
  15. It's our job to put it so far out of reach they can't screw us. fug Goodell and his bullshit. Crap like that is why viewership is down.
  16. I rather go with the possession guy and let Samuel go deep. He will be good once he gets some off season training. I really hope we target a TE next off season because Manhurtz is not the solution.
  17. No Hurney giving out huge guarantees was what caused that. I have no problem with a performance based contract back loaded. Also on that note he was instructed to do those horrible deals. Before that he actually was not terrible with the cap.
  18. Once again most of his runs he meets contact at the Los. When they do seal off he blows though the hole. Same thing happens to McCaffrey and he has tons of burst.
  19. I really wish Rodgers wouldn't play. I like him when he's not playing the Panthers. But it's his funeral.
  20. I disagree, he seems just as fast but he plays in a entirely different scheme than he did while under Fox.
  21. He has the most balance I've seen in a RB since Sanders.
  22. Packers Defense

    We generally do well against bad defenses with bad lines.
  23. I don't mind over paying but just back load it. The Panthers for too many years have not dropped enough coin on WR and CB.