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  1. Did you read my post or just Dez Bryant?
  2. Snake

    Curtis Samuel

    From what it seems he will be out at least four weeks.
  3. Snake

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    Tomlin road off the coats of great OCs and a DC. Both are gone and now they suck. Might as well trade Brown to us.
  4. Snake

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    Make it happen Hurney. We will be flush with cash next year anyway. Cam needs the best.
  5. Cajun navy is here, so flooding is everywhere. We got hit with 20" of rain.
  6. Snake

    Sean McDermott in the hot seat

    He's a horrible HC and probably will end up working for Wilks or Reid next year.
  7. When your defense is leaky in the run game you are not going to get home. Nothing is wrong with the rush.
  8. Coverage sacks just means your WRs suck. We should have traded Funchess this year and brought in Dez Bryant. Not a great addition but he knows how to run routes and high point balls. Then let Moore get reps with Samuel and Co.
  9. If this team doesn't come out like it's a playoff game and perform I will be worried. We should be playing like we are about to get bounced out of the playoffs. We are already down a game in our division.
  10. Dude is stinking it up this year and we are going to get nothing for him after. We could probably had Earl Thomas and a pick from the Hawks. Something that would have improved this team not a guy who keeps Moore on the bench.
  11. I will never understand how you need help at WR, you draft a guy round 1, then bench him for guys that are not good. It stupid. With that said if Samuel can overcome everything and Moore gets MORE playing time we will see better results.
  12. I think after this season we might see a rebuild with a new staff so I'm saying no.
  13. I don't care who he turns into so long as he fixes this mess. It should be playoffs or termination this year.
  14. He knows he's going to get his ass fired too.
  15. Snake

    Switching gears, bengals up next

    We are going to get our asses kick. Let's move on.
  16. Idk what you saw but it was a ugly loss and a important one.
  17. McD wasn't ready to be a coach and so wasn't Wilks. Hell Wilks wasn't even a good DC.
  18. Snake

    Silver Lining

    That's just proof Rivera needs to go.
  19. Don't care. All I care about is the win and we didn't get it.