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  1. Lol. man I forgot he had even signed with the Buffalo Panthers
  2. Yes, this absolutely deserves its own thread.
  3. I guess I should have said the worse qualities of chuck and ludwig. All in all you can do much worse than having them around. See Igor and this dude coral reefer.
  4. Her job isn’t to be “attractive to you”. It’s to report on the Panthers.
  5. He reminds me of the worst type of blend. Somewhere between chuck, igor, retiredcollegecoach, and even some sprinkles of ludwig in there.
  6. Man, that’s a pretty tasteless thing to say.
  7. Oooooo @Dex how u doin
  8. No, I don’t really care enough to do that. I’ll just let you stew in your own pit of misery.
  9. Nice...injury free practice
  10. Exactly. He is throwing some weird compulsive tantrum because no one is “going at him”, yet he hasn’t contributed anything worth discussing in this thread. He had some failed attempt at trying to say this wasn’t Panthers related early on and got destroyed by several folks for that retarded comment. He is a clown.
  11. I know right. He had me rolling.
  12. Kelvin Benjamin back in the black and blue
  13. 40 years old with the mental capacity of a 7 year old
  14. HahahaaHahahaha
  15. He did. glad I’m not the only one enjoying watching this meltdown from a distance
  16. Dude you got bodied yesterday/last night. go throw away your keyboard
  17. @coralreefer_1 the type of dude that quotes his own posts