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  1. Cmon now those facts mean nothing. PFF graded 79 means nothing. some huddlers saw a few Redskins games and the jury is out - he sucks
  2. Why? one is a nickel the other is a legit #2 CB. what is there to compare
  3. Exactly. ”now Cam Newton you be a good ol boy and take this team friendly deal!”
  4. It’s funny this fanbase is already pushing Cam into a corner saying “you take this contract and prove you want to win boy!” when the guy has single handedly carried this franchise and been given little to no help whatsoever, what exactly does he gain by taking a low deal? This franchise has proven its incapable of putting adequate talent around him on the offensive side of the ball, so what incentive does he have to think next time will be any different?
  5. Is Maclin a FA? Have heard his name mentioned a few times
  6. Yeah- Graham Gano
  7. You know it’d be funny
  8. I’d pay good money to see Brees leave the Saints high and dry for Minnesota. Lol.
  9. Don’t do it Stew why would you even consider it. #Shula
  10. @LinvilleGorge beat me to it
  11. Lol what “speedster” on our roster has ever done anything? That is a pretty bold assumption. I’m not even sure who you’re referring to. Also that huge “cap hit” is simple math. $2.7mil more than Shepard once we cut him. I’d say it’s worth it.
  12. Yeah...same with us :(
  13. Yet they are still the Browns
  14. He’d be afraid to share a locker room with TD.
  15. I’m sure that he is some douche alt.
  16. Yeah I thought this thread would be on fire by now
  17. Lol his contributions to this board are better than at least 60% of the Huddle.