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  1. Should I Quit?

    I can already tell you’d get pwnd. id hit the super jump in Ascension and spawn snipe you all day long.
  2. Should I Quit?

    Shotty Snipes on Lockout. RIP Dexterity you just got pwned by SilentM.
  3. Should I Quit?

    Man I would have straight pwned you in Halo 2.
  4. For Sale

    Yeah what’s the deal with the hate toward Sabates and the Smiths? Would they be worse than JR? I literally have no interest in researching about potential owners.
  5. But Ron shouldn’t even send him a Christmas card if he gets dissed again @heel31ok lol
  6. For Sale

    On the surface, it seems like it’s going to be really, really hard for a group to compete with what Sabates is putting together.
  7. And he is 100% correct with that assessment. Literally everyone knew that when CMC was drafted. Glad it was only a year with Shula CMac had to waste.
  8. Someone posted a link to an SI article which contained this video buried in one of the thousand Norv Turner threads created in the past 24 hours. I suggest you all watch it, it’s pretty interesting and shows the amount of respect that he commands. Released this past November, and it’s got Philip Rivers, Jim Harbaugh, Jason Garrett, Sean McVay all chatting with Norv and just appreciating the offensive mind that he is. He even name dropped Ron and Carolina during the sit-down with Harbaugh. Assuming he’s the guy, we should all take solace in the fact that he is well respected in league circles, has made his mark on the league as an offensive mind, and is not Mike Shula. This is a guy that can really help Cam out. Sorry I didn’t have fifteen links to GIFs of someone else’s Twitter analysis.
  9. I just dont see it happening this year. But I have been wrong before. Regardless, this is under the assumption Norv would choose Wilks over Ron a second time. Ron might want to lose Norvs phone number if this happened again.
  10. Lol. Wilks isn’t going to get a HC gig so it doesn’t matter who he wants as OC.
  11. That’s great and all but you’re missing the point. Cam is better suited in an air coryell system
  12. I never said he couldn’t. I said that he is better as a medium to long ball thrower. He doesn’t fit a West Coast offense.
  13. Thanks for providing the stats for me lol
  14. Were you in hibernation during the 2015 season or something?
  15. Did we not just fire our offensive coordinator and QB coach?
  16. This isn’t true in the slightest. Cam is an elite long ball thrower when he’s actually got the time and the weapons to do so.
  17. And that’s when you ram it down their throat.
  18. The Summer of Norv Turner

    It’s Ron. There is no telling what goes on in that man’s head sometimes.
  19. Curtis Samuel- who is he really?

    Yeah he is. Pure trash WR
  20. Cam Newton is not a west coast offense QB.