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  1. The gift that keeps on giving.
  2. Wow. Great work, man!
  3. Chris Gamble to announce 2nd round pick

    Awesome. this definitely means he is going to play for us this season.
  4. today's off -season workout tweets

    No. It's about value of free agents. It's a computed process...Normans contract will far outweigh anyone thatwe can sign at this point.
  5. Better than 'Sam Mills Fan' talking points. Amirite all?
  6. Come on. It was ALWAYS about money. He wanted to be recognized as a top CB. Thus, he wanted to be paid as a top CB in order to have his name on the list of "top CBs". It is pretty easy to understand that.
  7. Exactly. It really isn't that big of a deal at this point. Norman had a chance to re-sign with us last offseason and also all along this offseason. Hell, he probably still could have signed a deal after we rescinded, but he was too busy flying on Redskins One after that $$$$. He got what he wanted, and the Carolina Panthers will be better in the long run. Move on you emo-fans. It's draft week.
  8. Lol all the butthurt in this thread is great for a Monday morning poop read.
  9. You lost me at "Yeah" youhigh bro?
  10. RIght, but it is a little more complex than just that. My 'Wat' was on the notion that Artie Burns was a free agent that we could potentially sign,