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  1. MNF Game Thread: Steelers (2-2) @ Chargers (2-2)

    also if I never see another fuging run up the middle on 1st down - it'll be too soon
  2. MNF Game Thread: Steelers (2-2) @ Chargers (2-2)

    it feels like we've contracted Shulitis on our offensive playcalling
  3. Did you SEE our special Olympic teams last year? Also, if you did a good job of hitting us in the mouth first, we didn't know how to respond - that's how STL and CIN did it. The only team we rebounded against after getting hit first was TEN.

  4. answer me this: How is it that you had a top 5 D and your offense is in such high regard yet you failed to win your division?

  5. I usually hate all the visitor team posters but I like you and the addition you make to the huddle. I am new but have lurked since before the great server crash.

  6. Final voting is open... vote for me!

  7. is it me or has there been more smartassness from you lately? lol note my new word smartassness.

  8. Bandwagon Rams fans. I rooted for em in 99, by the time 01 came, I was over em.

  9. why do you hate st louis so much?

  10. I came on here originally after the McCree signing in SD. Carolina's also my NFC horse since the day Smitty shut up St. Louis.

  11. ure a chargers fan but ure on a carolina panthers messageboard why? Chargers are my fav Afc team but I was just wondering.

  12. Born and raised in Illinois (Sterling/Dixon area) ... with NFL season over, I switched avs to something CBB.

  13. What's with the McCamey avi? Just wondering, cause my bro/and most my friends go to UofI and I've lived here my whole life.