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  1. If Rodgers can sit for 8 weeks and come off the couch at 80% healthy and rip us apart at our place, we don't deserve the playoffs. The biggest difference will be that we will make them one dimensional and bring the heat. Packers are not going to want to see A-aron pounded into the ground. Also, our offense SHOULD look good this week. Panthers 34 Packers 20
  2. Late Games Thread

    Pulling for Eagles here now. Probably more chance that Eagles lose a few down the stretch without Wentz
  3. Late Games Thread

    Jags still need 1 first down, right?
  4. Late Games Thread

    Seattle doesn't even start trying until the 4th Q every game and they still beat everybody they play
  5. Late Games Thread

    I am a State fan and I still can't stand him.
  6. Late Games Thread

    Here we go with the Seahawks 4th quarter magic bull crap
  7. Late Games Thread

    Jags up 3 scores!! yah
  8. Late Games Thread

    Go Jags Having a hard time pulling for the Eagles, though I realize it probably makes sense that we should.
  9. TNF - Saints at Falcons Thread

    I don't want to back into the playoffs. Glad NO lost. Here is our chance to take the Div. That is our best chance at a Super Bowl. If we back into the playoffs we aren't going to last long anyway. The days of hoping for a playoff birth are over. Super Bowl or bust. If we win our next 4 we will likely win the division and have a first round bye. THAT is what a smart fan would hope for.
  10. Funchess is right. Some of usl need to be on medication.
  11. Saints in the dome = much tougher than the Vikings in Charlotte. You will see.
  12. I had a feeling I was going to come on here and see this prediction from Jeremy today, and I agree. We do indeed match up much better with the Vikings. Heck, if we had not been in the dome, I think we would have be beaten the Saints. These next 3 games at home we are going to show who we are. This will be a win! (I too predicted a loss to the Saints. Them coming off a loss and playing at home was too much to overcome...along with those 2 special teams gaffs, etc).