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  1. It was a dumb move that Cam regretted and it could have cost us the game. That said, I doubt it ever happens again. Cam admitted he shouldnt have done it. Cam is leaps and bounds more mature than he was, even 3 years ago. He is a good leader for this team and I'm glad he is our QB.
  2. Fowlcuns are 1 play away from 0-3. I'm not impressed by their stats.
  3. Wolfcop

    McCaffery's pace

    Scheme to stop what? He can do it all. Good luck.
  4. Wolfcop

    Turner confirmed out

    I admittedly don't know much about the Bengals, but their defense is ranked 27th and they haven't exactly played world beaters the first 2 weeks. Am I missing something?
  5. I like Thompson, but I would have liked to have seen Davis between Matt Ryan and the goal line on those 2 TD runs.
  6. Wolfcop

    Trai has a concussion

    Normally I hate having an early bye week, but this one is much needed.
  7. Playing at home is way different than playing in that toilet bowl dome. Good guys win, 28-24.
  8. Standing up for your QB and throwing away the 15 free yards you got are 2 different things. Smith's penalty was unnecessary and hurt the team. Several other players stood up for Cam without drawing penalties. Every yard/point were crucial in a game that decided in the final seconds.
  9. Wolfcop

    Graham Gano

    That 54 yarder was perfect. Gano's bad year he was dealing with an injury. He is fully healthy now.
  10. DJ has practiced at all the WR positions, including Smith's. DJ, Wright, and Funchess can play together with no problem. Adding Samuel to the mix may help as well.
  11. DJ needs to be on the field. Sit Smith...or cut him.
  12. Smith should have been cut, like I said last month. Getting paid 5 M and it is keeping Moore off the field.
  13. A long way to go and the Saints just scored 40 points themselves. That offense will win a lot of games for them, like it always has. Who knows...Tampa may be much better than we think they are.
  14. It was the right call at the time. If Cam gets sacked in that situation, the half ends with no points. The bigger issue was the timeout that had to be burned earlier in that drive due to the play clock winding down.