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  1. Thank you...nice to get a little fix with just over 2 months to go until Training Camp.
  2. Impressive way to fall on the sword, and the Panthers benefitted at the time because of that decision. Hurney is doing well this time around (so far) and should get a shot to continue in his role. Obviously, if things go south, he will not have the luxury of the benefit of the doubt because he is not Tepper's guy.
  3. Wolfcop

    Breeland visiting other teams

    Redskins choked so hard in that game. Had they won, we would have won the South. Man, we HAVE to beat N.O. this year!
  4. Wolfcop

    The offensive version of Wade Phillips

    That is not the first time I have seen Norv compared to Wade Phillips. I am getting really excited about the addition of a good OC AND the added weapons for Cam.
  5. On paper, it seems we have more weapons and better complimentary pieces than we have had in a long time. That should benefit everyone, including Fun; it's hard to focus on any 1 player when you have several that can hurt you.
  6. Same thing that JR said, and the "build through the draft" was pretty much what we have always done.
  7. I'm old enough to know that the grass isn't always greener on the other side. We really have no way to know how this will go until we see it happen. I think we all hope it goes well, but no need to celebrate the move until we see what unfolds. We have been relatively successful the last half-decade. There is no guarantee that continues.
  8. Wolfcop

    The team under Tepper

    I think Hurney could sign Brady at league minimum and folks would still be hating on him. Canning Rivera? Yeah, making the playoffs 4/5 years really sucks.
  9. Fox said he has good coverage skills and not great ball skills. He was listed as a 1st rd pick by a lot of people.
  10. Wolfcop

    Goodbye, Color Rush Uniforms

    Our all blues look like footie pjs. I wll not miss them if they are gone.
  11. But, but...Gettlemagic
  12. Wolfcop

    DE Marcus Davenport or WR Calvin Ridley at 24

    BPA, whoever that is.
  13. We will draft a RB. CAP is the only "power" back on the roster at the moment who isn't a FB. Obviously, if we draft someone and CAP gets beat out, its a different story. Hurney was already gushing about the RB talent in the draft this year.