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  1. Man, if we can just hang on until Olsen gets back... But, look for CMC and Samuel to take up the slack if KB is out. It hurts us, but we have had folks step up before when he was out. Like some others said, OL play is MUCH more important for us right now. Really need to get the running game going with the Bears being middle of the pack in run defense.
  2. Chicago does a lot of the little things well. I don't think too many Panthers fans are overlooking them, and I know the team isn't. Any win on the road (and at home for US lately) is hard to come by. We need to start winning the turnover battle. If we do that this game, I think we have a really good chance to win...just like we would have against the Eagles without those 2 gift scores we gave them.
  3. They sure are. My friend said that Peyton is using vudu and witchdoctors.
  4. We had them.

    Radio guys said that Cam wasn't throwing the same after that almost TD dive. They think he tweaked his shoulder.
  5. 35 carries for 37 yards

    Eagles had 3-4 players in our backfield on every running play. How exactly is a RB supposed to be successful like that? If you think that our lack of running game is b/c of Stewart and/or McCaffrey, I'm not sure you are paying attention.
  6. Is Kuechly done?

    It is heartbreaking...another all-world linebacker that we are going to lose because of concussions. His life is more important than football. He should be immediately added to the staff as an assistant LBs coach.
  7. CMC

    He is a great runner, but it's hard to run when there is no hole to run through. It's not like Stewart is out there raking up yards.
  8. The Eagles have not beaten a team that currently has a winning record. We have beaten 3 teams that are 3-2. Not saying it will be a W, but on paper, we have much better wins to date.
  9. WR Depth Chart

    This would be a great time for Samuel to get healthy. I hope it happens this week.
  10. Official Blame Shula week 3

    I never say this, but it may be time to insert Anderson until Cam is "healthy".
  11. Vicious Circle

    I had a dream last night that he was going off in a game. Maybe it's this week.
  12. Just give him a little space and you'll see what he can do. He can't make a hole when there isn't one. He's not that type of back. He got a little bit of room to run at the end of the game against SF and had some really nice runs.
  13. We could have easily scored 40 had Cam been more accurate. We will be better as he gets more comfortable.
  14. What I get out of this is our defense is freaking good.
  15. Next Man(hertz) up

    I was going to say the same thing about him favoring Beason. If he plays with that much intensity, he will help this team.