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  1. Last year I wore the same Panthers shirt each game day and did not wash it until the day after our 1 and Done playoff run. I wanted a Hardy jersey for this year so I waited until they franchised him and finally ordered it. The day after it came in, ruh roh! Hardy's in the pen. So, I bought a fuggin' Nate Chandler jersey because hey, he was nice to me (stalkerish code for OMG Nate Chandler is the ONE and he talked to ME) and I believed the preseason hype on how our O-Line would be ok. Thanks Gettleman! I trusted you! So....long story short, it's because I didn't wear a dirty shirt all season and I chose jerseys of 1) Great player who is mental and 2) not great player who is super nice!   Score!
  2. Behind Enemy Lines - Bucs Edition

    Got here yesterday and have seen 5 Steelers fans and one Bucs fan. Staying in Palm Harbor with relatives so have not ventured out to Tampa proper yet. I might be able to find one more Bucs fan by tonight.