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  1. Barclays Premier League- 2015/16 Season Thread

    That was a lesson in football. Get ready guys this is going to be a hell of a ride.
  2. NCCA Tournament Game Discussion Thread

    see Hansbrough. Tarhole complaining about refs, and seeding for Duke and what teams duke get to play. Wah wah.

    I think State needs to beat LSU first.
  4. I love that article written by a Tarhole grad. He's just anticipating how nasty fans will be when UNC gets hit with their sanctions.
  5. Keep it rolling. Let's do it again in the tourney.
  6. I've heard so many people whining about Ol Roy for years. That's ludicrous.
  7. Noone said anything about the refs. Go back and defend your Tarholes in the academic scandal thread.
  8. Go trade in your iphone
  9. I don't want to hear about the referees either because we might be getting beat by a little less but we would still be getting beat by a team that wants it more
  10. We look uninspired. The Bearcats are being way more physical and completely taking the game to us. After playing so much full court press you would think Gottfried and Lutz could get this figured out. It's like watching Cam and the Panthers get set at the line with 10 seconds left on the play clock.
  11. That wasn't even basketball. How can you judge either teams performance when the refs played the entire game for them?
  12. Wtf just happened I'm still watching Kia NBA countdown on ESPN 2 and it's airing at the same time on espn
  13. I watched the first 10 mons of the game on ESPN 2 and then it switches to Kia NBA countdown
  14. Why am I watching NBA countdown instead of the ten vs ncsu game?
  15. He took 6 steps in bounds before getting the pass. The announcer even said that this isn't like the wr rule.