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  1. Jared Allen Out???

    Jared is planning on playing through injury
  2. I saw a luck, vick, brady and 2 rg3 jerseys from what I remember lol cant stand it either. But my buddy I went with was also in a luck jersey. If you're just a fan of football..then it doesn't really bother me. You're there to enjoy yourself and enjoy watching football.
  3. The almighty Luke makes many a womanmoist. Luke's like my work here is done. Love me some Luke keuchly. Such a pleasure to watch him play on Sundays... Surely will nevertake itfor granted. @Ezrider1423
  4. same born in 91. Lifelong fan.
  5. La'el Collins has begun visits

    the wait and see approach will get us nowhere.
  6. If he's at 25, can Gettleman pass on DGB?

    You take him, period.
  7. They were just talking about it on NFL Live. Fuging stupid.