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  1. L-M-A-O

  2. Saw this online and didn't see it posted anywhere so I thought I'd share it.
  3. Luckily there was a police officer there to confiscate the beer before anyone else got hurt.
  4. CamNewtonism #1542

    I doubt we hear anything about it. They only bring little stuff like that up when we lose.
  5. Will CAP get more carries tonight

    Here you go. Gotta add this one too.
  6. Forgot to post the Julio Jones drop. I decided to make a funny little video clip for it.
  7. Here are a collection of gifs showcasing some of the highlights from the Falcons game. Cam Newton coming out of the tunnel Cam fakes the handoff and gashes his way into the Falcons secondary Cam threads the needle to Curtis Samuel who gets both feet down Mario Addison and KK Short stop the ball carrier in his tracks The Panthers defense denies the Falcons on 4th and 1 Devin Funchess makes the catch and gets a first down Cam flips the ball to Christian McCaffrey who walks in for a touchdown Mike Adams intercepts Matt Ryan after the receiver falls down Christian McCaffrey runs for a first down thanks to some nice blocking Cam goes airborne and dunks the ball over the defender for a touchdown Curtis Samuel gets a first down on a reverse sweep Russell Shepard jukes a defender and picks up a first down Cam and Funchess react to Rivera sending out the field goal unit on 4th and inches Cam reaches the ball over the top for a first down Cam and Ron Rivera talk on the sideline after the drive Matt Ryan sees Wes Horton coming and wisely gets down Mario Addison wraps up Matt Ryan for a sack Julius Peppers shows he still has speed at his age and pummels Ryan Matt Ryan doesn't seem too happy about it
  8. CMC as OROTY

    Unless they get injured, Kareem Hunt or Deshaun Watson are locks.