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  1. Cam & Kia pregnant again

    If he's smart, he'll stay that way.
  2. Andrew Norwell to Jags

    Smart move for his wallet. Maybe after 5 years of losing he'll be interested in a ring and come back.
  3. What's the main attraction to an authentic NY slice? I've never had one and I'm sure it's tasty, but what really sets it apart from other pizzas? I know Chicago pizza has sauce 2 inches deep, which sounds delicious. I assumed New York style is a thin crust style but floppy and big enough to fold, but what about the flavor?
  4. Ever since Dominos changed their recipe a few years back, I actually prefer it over the other major fast food pizza chains. The crust use to taste like cardboard but then they came out with a pan pizza so I gave it a shot and I was surprised how much the quality improved since the last time I ate there.
  5. Teachers With Guns

  6. L-M-A-O