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  1. Looks like Armah and Norwell were the only ones blocking while the rest of them were playing patty cake.
  2. Here's another positive. We're not the only team with a dumb head coach.
  3. I thought the same thing at first, but it is Funchess' home state. Either way it was pretty cool.
  4. I recall a time where we lined up for a long field goal and they snapped it directly to John Kasay who punted it.
  5. Before we turn our full attention over to the Eagles, let's take a look back on some great plays from Sunday in gif form. Cam finds Ed Dickson downfield and he almost rumbles his way into the endzone Luke rallies the troops on the sideline after a poor first showing Ed Dickson almost scores on a well designed bootleg rollout J-Stew refuses to go down when he actually gets room to run Christian McCaffrey gets his first NFL touchdown on a quadruple option Cam throws a pass slightly behind McCaffrey, but he makes a sick one handed grab Cam finds Devin Funchess in the back of the endzone after the play breaks down Another view of the Cam to Funchess touchdown Stafford fumbles and the refs wait until all the Lions get in the pile before blowing the whistle Shaq Thompson puts an exclamation point on the end of the 1st half KK Short forces Stafford to fumble and Thomas Davis recovers it Cam throws a perfect touchdown pass to Kelvin Benjamin on a dime Star bursts through and takes out two Lions in the process Julius Peppers the ageless wonder stuffs a 4th down run in the backfield Shaq Thompson comes off the edge untouched and sacks Stafford Captain Munnerlyn sacks Stafford after Star almost gets him down Cam to Kelvin Benjamin on a clutch 3rd down play to seal the victory
  6. Jourdan apologizes for racist tweets.

    Damn, Twitter is savage.
  7. Here are some GIFs from the Patriots game. Normally I'd post these the day after but I didn't have time yesterday. Anyways, hope you enjoy. Christian McCaffrey catches a pass and lowers his shoulder for a first down Ron Rivera drops the challenge flag like a boss Damiere Byrd gets a first down on a well designed reverse play Fozzy takes a screen play all the way in for a touchdown Julius Peppers single-handedly takes down and sacks Tom Brady Kelvin Benjamin finds himself wide open for a huge gain Devin Funchess catches his first touchdown of the day Pats defensive coordinator yells at his players after getting outplayed by the Panthers offense J-Stew runs up the gut through one of the largest holes you'll ever see Cam Newton on a QB keeper bounces outside and gets a first down Cam takes matters into his own hands again and gets another first down Devin Funchess snags his second touchdown of the game Peppers finds the fountain of youth and sacks Brady for the second time Vernon Butler makes his presence known and stops the ball carrier for a loss Christian McCaffrey makes a tough catch over the middle Cam Newton powers his way into the endzone James Bradberry hits Danny Amendola and makes him look like a rag doll Graham Gano hits the game winning field goal Ron Rivera's reaction to the game winning field goal Bill Belichick doesn't seem very happy about losing the game
  8. It actually looks worse in real time. It was 3rd and goal too and he was clearly about to go down.