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  1. Big congrats to the Broncos

    Those mistakes might not have happened if the officiating wasn't so bad.
  2. Hopefully I make it to that point, I'm gonna keep drinking until I forget this ever happened.
  3. Big congrats to the Broncos

    The refs scored more points than the Broncos.
  4. It is taking a bunch of humility for me not to wish bad things on the refs.
  5. If we come back and win, Kony Ealy wins Super Bowl MVP
  6. Opening drive TD and we take the lead. You know Ron and crew had plenty of time to chew their asses out.
  7. Ealy hit Peyton in the sack so thats a sack
  8. If they call it incomplete the fix is in
  9. You know Thomas Davis is ready to put Manning on his ass with his newly rebuilt cybernetic arm
  10. Gameday Menu Superbowl Edition

    Not exactly sure what I'm gonna make and eat yet, but I know one thing, I've already called off work tomorrow and I'm gonna need it after all the beverages I'm going to partake in.
  11. Big difference between Sherman and Ryan. Matt Ryan told us to get off his fuggin field, so he can go eat a dog poo sandwich.
  12. There was some uproar the past couple of weeks at the nature reserves in the Carolinas. Something about 53 big wild felines breaking out, attacking and killing all the birds in sight. Now they are going after bigger prey, most notably the bucking horse bronco.
  13. GIFs from the NFC Championship Game

    Forgot this one, team posing for a victory photo.
  14. Here are some Gifs from the NFC Championship game where we took the Cardinals out to the woodshed and gave them a beating. I apologize in advance to people viewing these on mobile since there are quite a few of them, but don't blame me, blame the Panthers for being so dominate. Jerry Richardson pounds the Keep Pounding drum Luke sets the tone on defense early with a big tackle to start the game Ted Ginn breaks off a nice punt return, almost scoring before tripping up Cam Newton places the football in a great place for Greg Olsen Ted Ginn gets the toss on the reverse for a rushing TD Cam to Philly for the longest touchdown in Carolina Panthers playoff history KK Short gobbles up Carson Palmer and causes him to fumble, Luke recovers Patrick Peterson plays hot potato on a punt return and Teddy Williams recovers Thomas Davis sends Cardinals running back David Johnson into next week J-Stew pops off a big run with the endzone in his sights Cam goes airborne for a touchdown; Cardinals player and Cam celebrate afterwards Charles Johnson finally gets to a QB and strip sacks Palmer, Tre Boston recovers Ted Ginn, like a speeding bullet, flies in to stop Patrick Peterson's INT return Kurt Coleman makes an athletic catch on a poor pass from Carson Palmer Cam Newton threads a needle to Ted Ginn for a big pass completion Kurt Coleman snags his 2nd INT of the game, Mario Addison with the pressure Cam Newton dishes out punishment as he runs for a 1st down Superman flies into the endzone for his 2nd rushing touchdown of the game Cam runs for a 1st down. What else is new? Devin Funchess catches a quick slant from Cam for a touchdown and dances Luke picks off Carson Palmer and takes it back for a touchdown Tre Boston joins in on the Carson Palmer turnover party and snags an INT Ron Rivera gets the Gatorade bath as the Panthers advance to the Super Bowl Dave Gettleman celebrates Super Bowl birth with the Hog Molly dance