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  1. Looks like Players are getting pretty fed up of training camp at this point... Skins vs Jets almost getting into the crowd Jags Dline fed up with each other
  2. Kelvin can’t handle Cam’s sauce... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=529663424117447&id=303756333374825&refsrc=https%3A%2F%2Fm.facebook.com%2Fdjmeechymeech%2Fvideos%2F529663424117447%2F&_rdr
  3. London Loves Luke

    Guice is done!

    In all honesty offering CJ Anderson for Norman wouldn’t be the worst idea. For those saying offer CAP you need to wake up and see how many proven RBs are on rosters at the moment. No ones bending over to grab CAP of us.
  4. Holy poo that is the definition of ownership.
  5. London Loves Luke

    Official Fan Fest Thread

    Well he was walking around at pointing at the midfield area with the director of stadium affairs and then Steve Drummond also tweeted it out so I’d say it’s very likely to happen. Just not for fan fest.
  6. London Loves Luke

    Official Fan Fest Thread

    According to the Panthers podcast they don't normally prepare the field much for Fanfest so people expecting the logo unveil might be disappointed. Still, its the first Panther football at BoA for 8 months so can't get too picky.
  7. London Loves Luke

    The evolution of Christian McCaffrey

    1. I don't understand how he's proved it and i don't think he needs to to be an elite running back. 2. If you slammed Todd Gurley into A or B gap with linemen that can't hold their gaps then he wouldn't be very successful. Instead, you stretch horizontally or trap and give him openings to choose from and you let him use the vision and timing he's got. Again, this isn't a criticism of Cmac, but I wish we were hearing write ups of how our line is working on blocking schemes that work to his strengths instead of treating him like something he isn't
  8. London Loves Luke

    The evolution of Christian McCaffrey

    Its been too hot for too long in London, we Brits don't know how to handle it.
  9. London Loves Luke

    The evolution of Christian McCaffrey

    I absolutely hope you're right, but I'm not suggesting Cmac is talented enough to do it. I'm just annoyed that this could be another example of fitting your players into a scheme instead of scheming to your players' strengths (and weaknesses).
  10. London Loves Luke

    The evolution of Christian McCaffrey

    I'm not an expert on Stanford but from everything I've seen they definitely weren't running Power-O or ISO in most of the clips I've seen of McCaffery's college career. Most of his big plays were in single back outside zone schemes and the power runs that you see show a pretty dominant Stanford line that can extend blocks which our line simply can't do.
  11. London Loves Luke

    The evolution of Christian McCaffrey

    Well then you probably wouldn't have been very happy watching Le'Veon Bell's rookie season with the Steelers. In fact Bell was actually criticized quite a bit for being stuffed behind the line of scrimmage as a rookie. But the Steelers saw his potential and actually worked on allowing him to have even more space in the backfield turning him into one of the best RB in history. They didn't force his skillset and try and turn him into something he wasn't. God i hope we don't make that mistake.
  12. London Loves Luke

    The evolution of Christian McCaffrey

    This actually pissed me off quite a bit, and I never get emotional about our coaching decisions normally. We’ve taken a runner who was very effective at exploiting gaps with patience, quick cuts and acceleration in zone running schemes and put him into a power scheme last year. Then we all scratched our heads as to why he didn’t look as effective as we expected when he was hit within 2 yards on every run. Now we think the answer is to ask him to bulk up and turn him into more of a downfield one cut runner. Be ****** creative for once and scheme the o line to actually shift and block horizontally to make the most of your top 10 running back. Jesus this is backward thinking.
  13. I don't know what this means... but it kinda sounds gross?
  14. London Loves Luke

    Dont let your pecker ruin your life.

    Anyone see Torrey Smiths tweet on Jimmy G? #murderedbywords
  15. London Loves Luke

    Dont let your pecker ruin your life.

    Ooops I meant Cali. I'm from 4000 miles away though so it's ok.