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  1. More signs that the squad is loose

    To be fair they do this every day in practice on the Panthers snapchat. 
  2. The Keep Pounding Drum

    Braylon? Rivera? Not many people left to pound the drum this season...
  3. If you're not following the Panthers on snapchat...

    You just search for stories, the user name is Carolina Panthers
  4. You're missing out on behind the scenes of Superb Owl practice and media day. Watching the team playing Madden before media day was awesome. Unfortunately it's impossible to download videos and put them here so this is more of a psa, but download the app and follow the panthers account (run by Stephanie Rivera) or you're missing out.
  5. Super bowl media day is tonight

    You guys sure? I cant see it listed on Monday anywhere and its normally a full day thing on Wednesday?
  6. Voth looking for Gettleman mea culpas

    Scot isn't the problem here, you are. No one is making excuses for Gettleman and no one with half a brain would think excuses would have to be made for a guy who has picked most of the personnel on three super bowl teams. What exactly are you trying to prove with your contrarian attitude?
  7. Just realised that this game vs the Broncos features "son of Bum" vs "son of Don" as well as two of only 4 coaches in history that have been to a Super Bowl as a player and a coach (Rivera and Kubiak). Spooky.
  8. Panther Fans Walking Into Work Today

    Well the game finished here at 4am and work starts at 7 so this was me this morning...
  9. Defensive let downs

    It's called momentum. Play some sports and you'll understand it.
  10. Peter King.. You had one job...

    To be fair, judging from the reaction of half the huddle I thought we'd lost too.
  11. Survive, hehe, and move on, hehe

    You can tell Panther fans don't watch much playoff football...
  12. Mike Shula

    Stupidest thread of the year. just saw who posted it, makes sense.
  13. Excellent Coaching...

    Why win when you could lose aggressively? 16-1 to all the Dumbasses out there questioning the play calling.
  14. Our playbook leaked

    This was actually Really interesting, page 31-33 are eye opening and this golden rules on proper RB pass protection are pretty good:  
  15. Hue Jackson to the Browns, McDermott DC for now.

    Well this was a weirdly worded title.   Jackson probably highest paid manager in the league.