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  1. London Loves Luke

    Julio Jones holding out

    The amount of people missing the joke in this thread is crazy. @Dave Gettleman's Shorts
  2. London Loves Luke

    If our offence played our defence tomorrow...

    Teams often struggle to see the issues in their positions of strength, I hope I’m wrong but our LB group could come crashing down if the pieces around Luke can’t keep up.
  3. London Loves Luke

    If our offence played our defence tomorrow...

    We have a very new defensive co-ordination too. And if we wanna play coordinator games then you could say that Norv knows Ron’s defence better than most. I reckon on talent alone it’s getting a lot closer. @MHS831 I’m glad I can bring the queen’s English to the huddle.
  4. Who would win? For the first time since Cam’s rookie year I think our offence might edge it. With two crazy talented RBs, explosive WRs and Olsen I don’t think our secondary would match up very well. I’m not even that worried about our Oline, Moton and fit Kalils should be able to hold the left side well enough. Worrying or exciting - depends how you look at it. But I do think both units have the potential to be above average which could lead to very good things.
  5. Honestly the only thing I hope this rule does is improve the situation for Kaepernick, Reid and the other players that took a massively courageous step to protest what they believed was injustice and have paid a heavy penalty as a result.
  6. It’s basically the same as going to Vegas with a mate and a calculator.
  7. London Loves Luke

    Deadpool 2

    Lol. I can’t tell if you’re joking but it’s deadpool so I expect the ludicrous.
  8. London Loves Luke

    Cam Jordan shows Newton Respect

    I had the wrong vid, its in part 2:
  9. London Loves Luke

    Deadpool 2

  10. London Loves Luke


    That was incredible, easily one of the best analysis videos I’ve seen, confirms to me though that both Atlanta and New Orleans have been giving us trouble with zone blocking centres out maneuveing star for the last couple of years. Slightly annoying that we couldn’t squeeze that last game out the bag but was entertaining watching the Saints fail so miserably in Minnesota. thanks for posting this vid.
  11. London Loves Luke

    David Tepper another Jerry Jones?

    You mean our new owner that lives in Miami and is already making moves to install a president is the same as the owner that basically lives at his team’s HQ and has been president, GM and lead scout for the last 30 years? Sanjay bro, this is dumb.
  12. London Loves Luke

    Daniel Jeremiah with a staffing suggestion

    I think Ozzie Newsome would be a fantastic team president. He's got the the respect of football people throughout the league and would be a great figurehead in the Carolinas. Really good suggestion.
  13. London Loves Luke

    Mike Rucker

    Jesus wtf is wrong with you lot.
  14. I’m fine with the analytics part of your write up, athletically he’s a freak and I expect huge things from DJ. But you see football as science a little too much. ‘Route running is not just route running’ it’s an art that seperates the greats from the goods. It’s as much acting as it is athleticism, how a wr used his eyes, hands and hips to get a dB to play slow and gain seperation. Because DJ has had so many different qbs, he’s had to focus on a limited tree and I can’t imagine the we coaching is the best at Maryland. He’ll develop, no doubt about it, but you should consider adding the art of football in to your analytic write ups a little.
  15. I also agree his route tree is pretty limited and he was picked on potential and athleticism way more than polish. I don't know what Smitty was saying when he said he can run all the routes because nearly all the draft analysts disagreed with him. I absolutely think with QB continuity and good coaching he's gonna get there, but at the moment it would be crazy for anyone to say he is a polished route runner.