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  1. London Loves Luke added a post in a topic Could Beast Mode be out against us week 6?   

    Hamstring injury on an older player, where have we heard that one already this season ...?
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  2. London Loves Luke added a post in a topic What games will you/have you seen live this year?   

    Had a hell of a trip getting to Jax to watch the opener (got to the tailgate a couple of hours late :().
    Just watching the late games on TV in the UK is a struggle, have booked days off work after each of the late games so I can stay up until 4.
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  3. London Loves Luke added a post in a topic What is hindering the running game?   

    I'm starting to think that the strong end to the seasons aren't a coincidence? Could we be saving the full playbook until the end of the season to avoid teams getting film on us?
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  4. London Loves Luke added a post in a topic Since we are on the subject of stupid ideas and thoughts...   

    Lets start by winning one first buddy.
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  5. London Loves Luke added a post in a topic Huddle Kitten Extravaganza....   

    This must have been very hard for you to put together Jeremy...
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  6. London Loves Luke added a post in a topic Goal post Praying Newton/Panthers 4-0   

    You guys at least get the context of the time it was posted, I see these drunk ass posts at 7am when I'm heading to work.
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  7. London Loves Luke added a post in a topic Ted Ginn Jr. Appreciation Thread   

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  8. London Loves Luke added a post in a topic The Maturation of Ron   

    so the growth of the team and success on the field has nothing to do with the head coach? Seems pretty pointless having one of that's the case.
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  9. London Loves Luke added a post in a topic The Maturation of Ron   

    I think the Shula "blunder" is a little unfair - remember when Shula was hired Cam was struggling with Chud's over complicated playbook and everyone in the organisation at that point wanted to put Cam in the best position to succeed.
    Imagine being an OC with a defensive minded coach that wants you to play possession, sap-the-clock football, with a young QB that needs you to simplify the playbook and develop a new (at the time) read option type pro offense, and very few weapons in the receiving game.
    We love to poo on Shula, and I get the head scratching decisions sometimes, but its HARD to deploy a possession-first offensive system with limited playmaking talent.
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  10. London Loves Luke added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    The Maturation of Ron
    The Panthers are currently on a nine game regular season win streak, are back to back winners of the NFC South and continue to win through injuries to some really key playmakers on the team. 
    Players are getting noticed. Norman and Cam are all over the national media, Klein, Ginn and the O line are getting love for stepping up and replacing key injury losses. We applaud Cam for doing so much with so little and the defence for being a tough, 'no quarter given' group of guys but we fail to realise that the team has completely adopted coach Rivera's personality and has truly become his team.
    Rivera deserves a hell of a lot of credit for forging this team in the fire of last year, with all of the on and off field issues going on, Rivera was the one constant. He continued to make sure he wasn't the focus of the team, praising the fringe players to boost their confidence and putting pressure on the leaders to galvanise their position and getting the team to rally around them in the locker room and on the field.
    The biggest thing that Rivera has fostered is the tough character and consistency of the team. The way he deals with the media and in his personal life, you can tell he's a mentally and physically tough guy, and he's made sure the guys in the locker room that most represent his philosophy are the loudest and most influential voices. When there have been people who have not followed the agenda or tried to disrupt this message, they haven't stuck around for long.
    The thing that, for me, most defines the make up of his team is the trust that the leaders in the team have in him and the trust that the other members of the team have in the leaders. This can only be achieved by being consistent in the team building and coaching aspects, what we often define as his faults - not dropping players after a couple of bad performances, or not playing new players immediately if they're not entirely ready, even the consistent slow start to the seasons and strong finishes, these are all things that build consistency and help players feel comfortable in a certain system. You only have to look at the teams with the highest turnover: Miami, Buffalo and Philadelphia to realise that consistently successful teams aren't built on star names or big personality coaches, they're built on a sound, stable foundation in the front office and coaching room.
    The most impressive thing to me is that Ron still realises that he's a relative newcomer to the head coaching position, he recognises he has issues after bye weeks and early in the season and has potentially taken too long in the past to get young players on to the field. But the key thing is he recognises these and is looking to address them - in his last press conference he confessed that they'll be trying different preparation approaches during the bye week, and that he probably wouldn't have introduced Delaire so early in the past. These small changes in his thinking are what makes me very optimistic about the future with Ron, he's not a massive overhaul kind of guy, and I think the players absolutely respond to this much better then if he was a knee-jerk coach that they struggled to trust. Slowly but surely he's working to improve the faults in his team in a way that the players can respect, and we're not too far from being a consistent dominant force in the league.
    TLDR: You're not perfect yet Ron, but you are one tough mutherfugger and you've built a tough mutherfugging team. After two play off seasons in a row and a 4-0 start, I'm willing to give you the credit I think you deserve and trust that you're ready to lead the Panthers to the promised land.
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  11. London Loves Luke added a post in a topic The Devin Funchess "drop"   

    Sitting here waiting for the GIF to move...
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  12. London Loves Luke added a post in a topic Should the Panthers make any moves over the bye week?   

    His base is 5.5m and he's had a 1m signing bonus so far, I'm not sure if that's next to nothing.
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  13. London Loves Luke added a post in a topic Should the Panthers make any moves over the bye week?   

    I'm just wondering how the people asking for trades would react if we can't sign KK, Star or Norman next year because we got Anquan fugging Boldin to turn us into immediate Superbowl contenders. Really, how far removed from current NFL can you be and still call yourself a fan?
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  14. London Loves Luke added a post in a topic Delaire Article   

    I love this fanbase sometimes...
    Good roster move = "Gettlemagic!!!!q1111q11111"
    "Bad" roster move = OMG why doesn't Rivera give him a chance!! Fugging Riversh!t Rivera!
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  15. London Loves Luke added a post in a topic Should the Panthers make any moves over the bye week?   

    Literally the slowest man in football coming into our offence sounds like the worst idea ever.
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