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  1. Wilks on Luke's condition

    If this is even half true it's just made my week.
  2. Official Eagles at Panthers Gameday Thread

    3:30 am start here... arghhh gotta stay up. Need some entertainment from the huddle.
  3. Video - Baldy Breaks down Christian McCaffrey

    Good summary, one thing to add to this is that most (if not all) of Bellicheks most used receivers and catching RBs are ex-punt and Kick returners. He's made now secret if saying he loves picking up receivers who are ex returners because sure hands, quick feet and running to gaps comes naturally.
  4. Shaq Thompson Blitzing. We Found Something?

    Nice one calling CJ out and praising Shaq Thompson using two plays that show CJ running textbook outside contain and one where Shaq loses gap control and misses a tackle to let Stafford escape the pocket.
  5. If that angers you stop looking at the stats and look at the players instead. That's a stable of Goats right there.
  6. Clinched Fist

    Loved it.
  7. You officially have the hopes and dreams of two states worth of panther's fans (and a few in london) resting on your shoulders. Love you you glorious SOB.

    Pie me boys, biggest win since nfc championship 2 years ago!
  9. Panthers players to meet with Richardson to discuss protest

    Anyone that doesn't get it yet needs to watch this:
  10. Panthers players to meet with Richardson to discuss protest

    What was the similarity between the steelers (showed disunity by not being able to express themselves the way they wanted and with Villanueva throwing his teammates under the bus) and Carolina (prevented from expressing themselves the way they wanted by their terrible team owner) this weekend? They both played terribly against teams they should have easily beaten. Maybe an organisation showing their players that they don't care how they feel isn't a great way to motivate those players play hard for you.
  11. Jerry Richardson takes the piss

    The irony of priding yourself on saving the world from nazis and then valuing symbols and patriotism over human life is not lost on the rest of the world...
  12. Jerry Richardson takes the piss

    Yeh that's a bit of a stretch mate, It's a bit late to protest the Victorian era...
  13. Jerry Richardson takes the piss

    I mean i guess he got fired so he's even more ahead of his time.
  14. Jerry Richardson takes the piss

    I'm genuinely interested, if someone told us in the UK that we had to stand for a national anthem that was paid for by military recruitment at a random sporting event we'd tell them to stop being a wanker and do one.
  15. Jerry Richardson takes the piss

    Do you have to stand for a national anthem at your place of work too?