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  1. Garrett > Rico Wallace?

  2. Congrats to sister club Leicester City on winning Premiere League

    Yeh but I don't really think 5000-1 was (obviously in hindsight) as out of reach as 200-1 is for the Browns winning the Superbowl. Given in the last 20 years teams like Leeds, Blackburn and Newcastle have all got to touching distance of the premier league title, and I can't remember the last time there was a completely shocking superbowl winner, I think those odds are too far apart. I would put the chances of the Browns winning the superbowl closer to 2000-1 if the odds on Leicester at the beginning of the season was 5000-1.
  3. Congrats to sister club Leicester City on winning Premiere League

    This is literally like the Browns winning the SuperBowl this year... Except for people are actually happy for Leicester City.
  4. Josh Norman (Player's Tribune Column) on the Panthers

    Given we still have bring back hardy and Fug Gman, he did Smitty wrong threads, you really think that's gonna happen?
  5. Your biggest concern going into the season?

    No chance mate, I just can't see how we get past the big bad Falcons that absolutely dominated us 0-38 last season. That Julio Jones has 14 arms and can run 100yards in 5 seconds. And don't get me started on Matt Ryan, a beast of a man with the courage of a Roman gladiator.
  6. Your biggest concern going into the season?

    Lol. This guy.
  7. It's Up to Steve Now (Mod edit... must read re: round 2&3 picks)

    This is amazing info guys, thanks a lot @SCPantherFan90 and @KB_fan. It really does look like Dave has aligned to these metrics for all the positions where athleticism > mental in the evaluation. Do we have any of these stats from last year or two years ago to check how we did for people like KB, Shaq etc? Particularly like the final paragraphs in his scouting report: Of the fifteen “Blue” TLP’s in this class, eight are defensive backs. It’s slightly easier for DBs to end up there, but controlling more than half of the TLP list is still impressive nonetheless. It’s a great year to grab a DB late in the draft. Laquon Treadwell, Hunter Henry, A’Shawn Robinson, Adolphus Washington, Kalamei Correa, Su’a Cravens, and Mackensie Alexander are some notable players I wouldn’t be comfortable taking, especially where they currently being projected. Looks like we nailed it.
  8. KK Short - Vernon Butler - Star Lotulelei - Kony Ealy

    Got me thinking here, for some reason my mind skipped over the fact Suh and Jackson have been paid 100m contracts the last two years. It will be interesting to see what happens when its time to sign KK, It may be the Norman effect but I feel like this move is in anticipation instead of addition.
  9. KK Short - Vernon Butler - Star Lotulelei - Kony Ealy

    That's a fair point. I know we say everytime we draft a DT or LB but what are the chances we line up some 3-4 looks too? It looks like some of the DEs that are on the roster at the moment are slightly lighter than Ealy and CJ, Could we see something like : Butler/ealy-star-short/cj CJ/delaire/cox TD/Shaq/Addison We wouldn't need to rush 5 but would could line up wider and get QBs thinking.
  10. KK Short - Vernon Butler - Star Lotulelei - Kony Ealy

    Yeh and he absolutely wrecked face against Seattle, Philadelphia and Indy from the DT position. I'm not saying he can't be a great DE, just think he's already an incredible DT at his current weight/strength.
  11. KK Short - Vernon Butler - Star Lotulelei - Kony Ealy

    To be honest with you i really don't like the idea of Short spending a lot of time at DE when he is so good as a 1 gap. But from a money term (which I'm sure Gman may be thinking about) imagine if you can sign Short at DT money long term and he pans out at DE? That would be incredible value given the current DE market.
  12. 4-3/3-4 hybrid

    I don't get how the title relates to the post but the first thing I thought was how good a 3-4 front line butler -star - short would make, especially with some of the faster, slimmer DEs we have on the roster in delaire, cox, miles and Addison. would not be surprised if we threw some looks like: Butler/ealy-star-short/cj CJ/delaire/cox TD/Shaq/Addison i know now it's not something we can sustain if teams put multiple TEs/slot looks, but it's exactly the sort of curveball you could throw in to keep teams on their toes.
  13. Let's talk about safeties

    You know which safety we're going to take? The guy with the best ball skills. Whichever of these guys has the most interceptions and ability to track passes through the air will fir in our system.
  14. Star's 5th year option picked up

    You shouldn't have Stah'ted this thread without checking buddy.
  15. It has happened! Gettleman has tamed the Huddle beast!

    Wait until the first loss of the season mate, you'll get all the fights you can handle.