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  1. Protesters

    This was actually very funny, well done.
  2. Another School Shooting- Let's Review Latest Gun Legislation

    Anyone interested in the extent of how big America’s gun problem is compared to the rest of the world should watch this: but but but 2nd amendment, tyrannical government, right to bear arms, raaaaa... You guys are being sold poison by rat catchers and swallowing it up.
  3. Another School Shooting- Let's Review Latest Gun Legislation

    Dude - you weren't on Instagram, you were on Islamagram. Easy mistake, if there are more pics of guys with beards than girls in yoga pants you know you're in the wrong place. Can we ban this clown account already?
  4. Now that is the look of a man that i would trust when it comes to sports news.
  5. Game of Thrones Season 7

    Great final episode, think they handled reunions a lot better in this episode then the last - hound and brienne, bronn and Tyrion, Tyrion and Cersei etc. Lots of succession theories going round now that all the queens are getting pregnant again. I think Tyrion wants to avoid a Targarean ruling dynasty hence his little side eye when Aegon gets with Aunty D. Honestly it will be dissapointing if they all trust that Cersei is actually sending her army to help. After all they know about her they must have some plan to counter her betrayal. Just how many times do you want to get slapped in the face before u set the bitch on fire?
  6. Game of Thrones Season 7

    @Bronn @Porn Shop Clerk Will you two stop running your emo/hipster circle jerk all over a thread started by people that are actually excited about the new season? I've read all the books, know all the spoiler theories and have watched all the shows. Just because I know what's coming and have ideas about what should happens doesn't mean I can't enjoy the most entertaining show on TV over the last decade. @Moorgan the season's been split because they need to film longer episodes and need to film more in winter locations which limits their available time per season.
  7. Wow! We have the same birthday except I was born in 1989. No joke.

    1. London Loves Luke

      London Loves Luke

      Pretty sure that means we have a psychic connection or something. I do feel like a fierce American woman sometimes...

      Congrats on having an awesome birthday.

    2. Cookie Lyon

      Cookie Lyon


      Congrats to you as well! 


  8. Carolina Panthers OTA Notes and Photos

    Effortless swag.
  9. As long as we jump in front of Atlanta again and steal their second round pick I don't care how much it will cost.
  10. Hawks Fans are mad RW isn't MVP

    This needs to be a meme
  11. Who are these casual fans on here? We need names AND answers
  12. Official Panthers - Saints Gameday Thread

    You need to chill dude, NFC South champs and 11-0. We got this.
  13. What Saints Fans are Saying

    Karma is the sweetest bitch saints fans:
  14. Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

    Pied for side gooch on page 2. No pics of the Dallas male cheerleaders? What kind of operation are you running here Igo?
  15. I'm wondering when some Huddlers will evolve into Homo Habilis...