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  1. Happy Memorial Day Everyone

    Not to tell you guys how to celebrate your day and that, but there are also plenty of non-military sacrifices made for freedom. Would be good to remember those brave men and women too.
  2. Coleman

    Troll level: PanthersUnited Well done Igo.
  3. Wednesday OTAs

    At least we're not the Bills. No media coverage throughout offseason practices.
  4. I finally did it

    Are you an Asian escort that preys on gullible young businessmen in the Charlotte area?
  5. Huddle Exclusive: KK Short Discusses Desserts

    Just how weird did all the other beat writers look at you when you asked that question?
  6. Carolina Panthers OTA Notes and Photos

    Effortless swag.
  7. Got a relationship question...

    Incredible thread. Loved every self and third party loathing post. 10/10 would read again.
  8. Great piece on Mario Addison

    Good article. Interesting about his value in special teams potentially being the reason he can't progress from a limited D line role, but excited to see how many sacks he can get this season.
  9. Atlanta, L.A., Miami likely to host 2019-2021 Super Bowls

    Surprised no ones more excited about a potential Atlanta SB.
  10. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Is anyone worried that Arya's lack of family ties is leading to bad intentions for one of the beloved Stark characters? I remember reading somewhere that part of GRRM's initial plans for Arya had her falling in love with and killing a certain half brother.
  11. Cam Newton's Car

    Cam and Gman been cruising Charlotte?
  12. Braxton Deaver and the #89

    I can't wait until we retire threads about retiring #89
  13. Article: Carolina Panthers Four Deepest Positions

    Good teams don't rely on number 1 running backs any more. That's just been proven as a rule in the last couple of years. Who'd heard of Charcandrick West, Thomas Rawls or Dion Lewis before last season started? Who'd have thought the Steelers would have a succesfful running game when Leveon went down with a 31 year old Deangelo? That said I do think it takes a fair amount of practice for our RBs to get used to the 'extended' read option Cam plays. There isn't another system in football where the QB holds the ball during the read for so long so it can't be easy for a young RB to get used to it without game time.
  14. Wait, is Daryl Worley trying to tell us something?

    Is his mum's name Martha?