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  1. TD goes after Rodney Harrison

    A-men TD! 
  2. Broncos plan to test Thomas Davis "extensively"

    TD didn't need it, but thanks for the bullet board material.
  3. Man. This Coldplay presser on nfln sucks.

    You were expecting it not to suck?
  4. Brad Hoover: "The Patriots Cheated"

    Buckner said we used alignments in the game we hadn't used all year and the Pats were calling the play out.
  5. Barnwell: Carolina isn't a good matchup for Denver

    Great article, the real football people know how ugly this could get for the Broncos.  I've been telling anyone that would listen how favorable this matchup is for us. That doesn't guarantee a win, but the Broncos will have to play the game of their lives while we just have to play the way we've been playing all season to secure the win.  Everyone is focused on our offense vs. their defense, nobody is talking about our defense vs. their offense and that's the matchup that is most likely to decide this game (in our favor).  
  6. Sanders talking smack on Norman

    Good, good, let the hate flow through you Sanders... this is what Josh wants.  
  7. Cam Newton disappointed me

    I'm sorry for your daughter's disappointment, but from Cam's perspective once he starts signing autographs or taking pictures the whole restaurant is going to be after him. At some point, he's going to have to turn someone down for a pic or autograph and go home, so it's better not to even start down that path. Knowing the kind of person he is, it must be hard for him to cut himself off from people (especially kids) like that.  I've taken my kids to the practice field several times and he's taken pictures with them, signed footballs, etc... The practice field is a more controlled situation for him, but even with that control it's a mob scene these days so he rarely stops anymore because there are just too many people out there with boxes full of stuff they want signed to sell on ebay. 
  8. Tolbert has been good in pass pro, his run blocking leaves something to be desired. 
  9. Destiny - Luke Kuechly toddler pic

    That's awesome. 
  10. It's also important to remember we have two of the best pass protecting backs in the league with Stewart and Tolbert. If the pass rush becomes a problem (and I don't think it will be) we can keep one of those guys in protection to settle things down. 
  11. Wonder if Jerry realizes he only succeeded in making himself look like an ass in a nationally televised press conference? 
  12. KB really does just tower over everyone...

    This team looks really stressed in preparation for the big game (not). 
  13. Bill has always been a class act, I would expect nothing less. 
  14. Favorite Carolina Panthers Opening Night Moments

    I bet Bene showed her more than that... 
  15. Wow Josh Norman and Deion have heat

    If OBJ wants to apologize then he should do it in public... that's how it works. Apologizing in private over a phone call arranged by a 3rd party is a punk move. I'm glad Josh didn't take the call.