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  1. Steelers are desperate for help in the secondary and they've shown no interest, he used to play there...
  2. Can you even imagine how sweet it would be to win a SB in their house? Bragging rights FOREVER.
  3. Carolina Panthers OTA Notes and Photos

    Great pics and notes, thanks!
  4. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    Glad to hear everyone is reasonably "ok" and alcohol was not a factor. Driving tired can be as bad or worse than driving drunk so hopefully Shaq learns something from this. I had a similar experience (vs. a tree) driving home early one morning after a long night when I was 22 and thought I was superman. Taught me to be a little more cautious.
  5. OTAs start Tuesday

    I'm interested to see who gets snaps at SS and who takes over the slot for Cotchery.
  6. This. Boykin was a band-aid and we were able to rebuild the position group from the top of our board.
  7. That sucks, hopefully he finds him.
  8. Saints stealing ideas from The Huddle

    Because a lack of wide receivers was the problem...
  9. Panthers Release Boykin

    I guess I could start with the 3 corners we just drafted, or Vernon Butler? But it's May so I don't know for sure either, none of us do and that was my point. If Boykin was so great, why was he on this 3rd team in 8 months?
  10. Panthers Release Boykin

    Not sure how you can know this in May?
  11. Panthers Release Boykin

    Only time will tell.
  12. Panthers Release Boykin

    There's more to rookie mini-camp than just the non-contact drills, they give these guys a playbook to study and then see how they much they retain and how well they execute and take coaching. To your point, I don't think the decision to cut Boykin was based solely on the mini-camp, I think Boykin's roster spot was in danger the minute we drafted 3 corners and what we saw in mini-camp made us feel comfortable at the position while wanting to add a few tryout players at other positions.
  13. Panthers Release Boykin

    Yeah, this tells me we must have REALLY liked what we saw this past weekend... feel bad for Boykin but when we drafted 3 players at his position in the first 5 rounds he must have seen this coming.
  14. Good enough for me, sign him (at the right price). Look at every championship caliber team and you'll find one or two extremely talented players with questionable character. You have to be willing to deal with those guys to win the ultimate prize.