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  1. What is going on right now
  2. Damn look like moore will be the only starter
  3. Soooooooo again... anyone mind telling me the number of picks we have left at what numbers?
  4. How many more picks do we have an what are the numbers guys?
  5. Ridley please! Atleast we will see the effort for cam!
  6. If we get a OL i will chug vodka
  7. If carolina picks an olineman in the draft when we just found an all pro in the undrafted pool ill go crazy
  8. I believe Cam wants to be on a big market team where he can be a bigger star to be honest. Maybe could make a case to keep him if we would have given him half the weapons that these young qbs get now and days. His left and right tackle was Byron brell and Chandler...
  9. Dhagans06

    Interesting Mock Draft via NFL.COM

    If we are going to continue to have a mediocre WR corps then we will need to have an ezekiel elliot esq type running back
  10. If i was OBJ I would try and go to the 49ers
  11. Dhagans06

    Comp Pick after Clay signing with Bills

    Im pretty new to this comp pick thing, can someone explain how this works?
  12. Dhagans06

    OBJ on the block

    Not taking a risk Is why we have a unproven mediocre wr group. Same thing year in and out. Im all for it