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  1. i live in Maryland also man And I used to tell redskin fans that he was a weak link. Im not to bothered by this situation everything happens for a reason. Maybe the football gods will bless us with the badger
  2. Someone pls explain this because im also a confused individual...
  3. Im fine with any of these scenarios!
  4. Moncrief to Jags

    This is the cost for receivers now, panthers need to adjust to 2018 IMO it seems other teams are.
  5. Developing Trade pending with Raiders

    Yep and its sad that the fans who pay there money have to beg for there team to get a true number 1 receiver.
  6. Im starting to question if players actually want to play in charlotte, are the Panthers actually attractive to the players?
  7. Ive been a fan of this team for a long time and I would have to agree with you, its getting very old and everyone keeps finding someway to defend against this. At SOME point we have to Atleast TRY to give cam proven weapons. I would rather atleast try and grab weapons than to sit back n still fail without them.
  8. Hey troll or not that is valid, He could want to play for the Lions for all we know
  9. That just blew my mind man and im sure out “gm” has seen these stats.
  10. Well doing the same thing every year will land you the same results. Its almost as if we dont even put forth any effort. Im not ok with mediocrity and you shouldnt be either, This is getting old.
  11. I agree neither of them are playing at a pro bowl level