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  1. Duddeeeeeee ... this!!!
  2. Dhagans06

    More run plays?

    There needs to be Moore plays period
  3. Dhagans06

    Early game discussion

    Kaelin Clay just fumbled the punt for the giants WOW
  4. Dhagans06

    Early game discussion

    Dude this is the funniest post EVER
  5. Dhagans06

    Early game discussion

    Eli apple is ballin
  6. Who else besides me LOVE this color combo?!?
  7. Dhagans06

    Cardinals - Cowboys

    I was excited to watch and then Insaw no dak or zek smh
  8. I dont think KB has caught anything in this game. Bills have been sacked 5 times
  9. I was thinking abt this too, but something tells me that Norv doesnt want to show all of his cards.
  10. Payne and Allen are looking really good for the redskins.