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  1. He sounds Corny, Privileged and stuck in 1952.
  2. So he has a dui and a car chase/resisting arrest? Some thug he is. Im pretty sure you wouldnt call him that if his skin wasnt black. You act like hes a rapist or has gun charges SMH
  3. And why is he a “Thug” please explain yourself.
  4. Mike Shula is obviously throwing at this point
  5. Jesus Christ shula not one run. Your are awesome my friend.
  6. I fine with Shaq never covering the slot again
  7. We are up 7 now its time for Prevent Offense.
  8. The Offense is finally stepping up for Cam
  9. So how many of you guys will be yelling to fire shula during the game and then defending him later during the week this time?
  10. This is exactly why I want Shula gone. SMH
  11. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    Byron Bell lmao
  12. General Gameday thread...

    Im still excited about Corn Elder.
  13. General Gameday thread...

    Lets go Billlllls!!!!!