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  1. The look on Stewart's face.....

    Also his face when he gets the playcall in the huddle.
  2. i have no idea whats going on in the nfcs, and much of the rest of the nfl, this year.
  3. ZOMG! CMC iz uh BUZT!!

    if zod is going to the mat for him that's basically the death blow for his career.
  4. Anyone wish we had Fournette instead of CMC

    yeah without a qb like blake bortles to take pressure off of him,
  5. Anyone wish we had Fournette instead of CMC

    lol is there anyone that doesn't?
  6. Stewart has in fact rushed for more than 20 yards 5 out of 6 games.
  7. all these threads for a guy who's done nothing at all. imagine what saca will do once CMC tops that elusive 20 yards rushing in a game plateau
  8. Rosenthal with GOLD

    i mean yeah when your defense is predicated on playing tight man and being more athletic, 2 3 and outs in a row from your offense or playing into the fourth quarter aren't ideal.
  9. Worley has bigger hands than All-Pro Josh Norman, therefore
  10. Norman came into training camp poo talking steve smith he was born to be great
  11. only if some rando on twitter tells saca to like him
  12. Daryl Worley Posts Cryptic Tweet...

    Means you were hilariously wrong again but that won’t stop you from mashing that post button.
  13. Martavis Bryant requesting trade

    Oh man he’s faster Benjamax?