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  1. CMC Production The Last 2 Games

    What combine hype? he almost got stuck under the bar
  2. CMC Production The Last 2 Games

    1. most opportunities 2. shitty team
  3. i mean it could have been. we have no idea. seizures are weird. had a dude i worked with last night who had a seizure in an earlier shift. just stared quietly for like 45 seconds while a nurse was bringing him meds.
  4. of course the other interesting thing about the q collar is that it's primary case study in the nfl? He was concussed. Also none of these tests run on like 15 volunteer highschool students or whatever can test for CTE, since that's still in the early stages of being done on living people. THAT more than anythign is going to kill the NFL as we know it. http://journals.plos.org/plosone/article?id=10.1371/journal.pone.0185541
  5. Again, the person making it has done research. There is a study not published in the United States that's never been cited in another study, which means its bunk. There have been no studies on NFL players. Experts in the industry are skeptical of it. It has not been approved by the FDA. sorry the One Weird Trick to cure concussions is snake oil.
  6. gronk committed assault with a weapon and should be out of the league at least he needs to explain why he's allowed to wear barry bonds style battle armor
  7. "I was concussed." NFL players successfully sue for medical malpractice all the time.
  8. No, I'm fuging not. From the article you posted but clearly didn't read.
  9. There's been absolutely no research behind it at all. The only person doing research is....the person making it, and he's only tested it on high school students. It is not approved by the FDA. There have been zero peer reviewed studies. It is on par with Dan Morgan's custom made mouth pieces, or his hyperbaric chamber
  10. CMC Production The Last 2 Games

    is there a metric for that or is it just a number you've pulled out of the air
  11. Who made the decision?

    they'll generally go pretty aggressive when its time to actually end the game on a defensive stand. see atlanta this year as well. but yeah everything up until that point is run the clock run the clock run the clock
  12. he seems a little too with it for a fencing response. generally you have to be out cold for that to happen. it's your lizard brain's last ditch response to defend itself. as far as seeing a seizure, im not sure what they're looking for necessarily. it was also reported he was coughing up blood. regardless he shouldn't have been allowed back in the game.
  13. CMC Production The Last 2 Games

    Make it? What are you talking about?
  14. CMC Production The Last 2 Games

    Lol no they didn’t.