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  1. This metric would also favor bad teams as theoretically they'd have more opportunities for rookies to start. like obviously everyone for the browns got to play in 2017. Players, coaches, random fans, EVERYONE GETS A HELMET
  2. While I appreciate what you're doing, this kinda boils down to "who was healthy." The Panthers rookies were far and away not. Gotta give these things like 3 years to look at. So for example, 2015 isn't looking too shabby.
  3. electro's horse

    Players are getting in on the logo fun

    can't wait until they're all kneeling on it and the obese boomers soil their depends en masse
  4. electro's horse

    Jason McCourty is on the roster bubble

    this forum has the shittiest goddamn interface on the internet how the fug do you edit a post in this web 3.0 crap? why did the whole post quote itself? why does it auto format? this is me but im flipping off this UI while I do it
  5. he's going to get bodied a lot but he has such absurd speed he's always going to be there on jump balls so he's got that going for him
  6. uh no and i was at every home game
  7. some players look like they belong right away.
  8. Steve Smith didn't get to play much in 2001. The whole team fell apart, none of the coaches cared, none of the players cared, and after that redskins game the entire team fuging quit. On top of that, the coaching staff didn't like/want him, so they just stuck him on returns. It was very clear to see when smith got the ball he was the best player on the field. A whole lot of people didn't watch panthers football in 2001.
  9. electro's horse

    DJ Moore is legit.

    im watching a baby steve smith
  10. electro's horse

    Colin Jones...

    his tyranny will never end
  11. poe also has a problematic lower back.
  12. electro's horse

    Luke Kuechly's memory

    there was some interview with bill belichick where he casually broke down a play from when he was a college lacrosse player in perfect detail. it was at least 5 decades in the past.
  13. electro's horse

    Best mascot for actually playing football

    eagles just kill for fun