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  1. Yet another panther threatening people with guns on a bed cant wait for huddlers to claim the school was asking for it.
  2. So.....

    maybe...the real rookie kicker was the friends we made along the way
  3. Hi there

    waiting to hear on grad school
  4. more simple solution: put marty hurney against a wall
  5. Matt Kalil's wife in SI Swimsuit issue

    matt's doing okay
  6. i remember driving to chapel hill to grill out on saturday with my friends and watch the draft all day sigh
  7. CMC got pushed down by a 19 year old girl.
  8. LB Reuben Foster arrested on DV charges

    Weed and domestic violence two sides of the same coin
  9. dude these guys can lose or gain ten pounds in a day.
  10. Well stallone got his start in porn, and gronk banged bibi Jones, so.....
  11. Andy Benoit on Panthers O-line/Andrew Norwell

    I used to really like Andy but he’s turned into a hot take artist.
  12. No one else but the rock can stand up in a hospital room, rip a cast off his arm, put on armor which is inexplicably right beside him, and mutter “toretto.”