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  1. like im in grad school and the sheer amount of studying i have to do outside of class makes it hard to justify taking 3 hours off to watch ron rivera punt on fourth and 1 from the washington side of the field.
  2. electro's horse

    Did Vegas have some insider information?

    But it's not that surprising. Panthers were on the road, and the team as a whole hasn't been performing that well, record not withstanding. Honestly the Panthers have been playing like a 7-9 team that's pulled out some wins, and their stats and rankings reflect that. They're not that good, and got kinda exposed today.
  3. electro's horse

    Did Vegas have some insider information?

    if you're asking if vegas has inside information, you shouldn't be betting on sports.
  4. electro's horse

    Dylan McCaffrey

    that was probably just the defenders hitting the wall
  5. eat some raisins jesus christ
  6. electro's horse

    Ryan Kalil

    time to send ryan to the farm where the air is better and he can breathe well.
  7. electro's horse

    What's up with Luke?

    And a lot of their offense yesterday came on one trick play and a whole lot of one of the best receivers in the nfl making plays. ODB is really freaking good. Like they practice too.
  8. electro's horse

    What's up with Luke?

    I mean, it's been successful up until this point.
  9. electro's horse

    What's up with Luke?

    can't lose if you don't play
  10. whatever the opposite of the depth chart put out by the coaching staff.
  11. electro's horse

    What's up with Luke?

    there's a lot of wear and tear on him. father time is undefeated
  12. electro's horse

    17-3........pass rush

    team looks real old in the front.
  13. electro's horse

    Matt Ryan Got X-Rays After The Game

    i mean what can the falcons realistically expect at this point? their entire defense is dead fans hate to think these things but at this point it might just be smarter for ryan to fake an injury
  14. gritty veteran something something kill me