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  1. Newton made a business decision not to get after the fumble.
  2. Official NFC Championship Game Thread

    This is fuging necrophilia at this point.
  3. End of season Shula crow

    He's orchestrated the best offense in the league with: A WR that couldn't crack the field in AZ and widely considered a bust the second he steps outside of North Carolina Jerricho Cotchery A raw as fug rookie Philly Brown And I don't mean that as a slight towards anyone playing WR, who all have done what we've needed as the season has gone on and all deserve credit. The only "star" players on his side of the ball are Newton, Olsen and Kalil. Maybe Tolbert. Without our top WR, we just churned out a pro bowl/league MVP performance at QB and went over 100 yards rushing every game this year. Our TOP and turnover ratio was obscene. Cam, Olsen and improved line play has done a lot, but Shula has done a masterful job calling games. How many times did we go over 20 this year? I'll eat crow, I wanted Hue Jackson over Shula and wasn't a fan. This year has been eye opening and he deserves a lot of credit for what he's done. He's been our best coordinator and it isn't close. Add to that the fact that he's declining interviews and hamstringing himself as far as HC promotions until our season is over so as not to distract and yeah. Thanks Mike. You're a badass.
  4. The defense only gave up 17 points

    Falcons had 60% 3rd down conversion and we gave up almost 400 yards. Also were bailed out by a missed FG and a gift fumble. They were easily as bad as the offense.
  5. Cam Wins 4th NFC OPOW This Season

    Looking like a genius move to sign him when and for what we did. Guy has put up an absolute monster of a season and has drug the team to 2 or 3 wins on his own. Edit: Keep in mind we're paying him about a nickel more than what the Falcons are shelling out for Ryan.
  6. Seattle's offense getting hot would worry me if their defense hadn't fallen off a cliff. You pretty much get 20+ points for getting off the bus here lately.      
  7. Game ball, who gets it?!! Turkey edition!! 11-0

    Luke with Coleman running second.
  8. Answered in another thread that I'm far more worried about the defense right now than the offense. That said, I think Cam's mechanics being.. uh unconventional.. is something that's always going to be a thing because he's so fuging big he can get away with it a lot of the time. Not sure if Dorsey sucks or if the coaches are just in "let Cam be Cam" mode or something, but he falls back a little once he gets wound up. Just quoting his accuracy % isn't completely fair. He's no surgeon and I think will always hover a little below 60%, but we ask him to throw longer/lower percentage passes that some other guys too. If he wins more than he loses and keeps propping up the run game while doing it, whatever. He lead the offense on a tear the last two weeks. It's the focus of our team, the defense, that have been collapsing and trying to piss the game away.
  9. Threw for 300 and 3 td on the pack while hanging 37 points. More worried about our "top tier" defense blowing massive leads than anything else.  
  10. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    The NFL claimed they hadn't seen the camera footage (lol) when they made the initial Rice ruling and used that as reason for changing his suspension. This is all poo that they got from the police and it's on record that they got and reviewed it before issuing his suspension. They'll be sued right away if they try and change/add to his punishment I think. Hardy is worthless trash. So is anyone still trying to blame Holder because they wanted their football team to be better.
  11. Chud new OC of Colts

    So after reading up a little, Colts fans were pissed about Pep fixating on the long ball over a timing/short passing game. And they think Chud is going to change things up. And I don't have the heart to tell them because they're so fuging happy right now.
  12. It's hard to judge games like this because the weather affected so much. Guys wear out quicker, all we could do was run and pound the ball for a half, trying not to slip and tear some poo in your knee, etc. And as insecure people are about Luck around here, when he's on he's a good QB and he caught fire in the 4th. We also had every single call go the other way which was back-breaking. Just be happy our team can fight through poo like this with a limited roster and actually win. It wasn't so long ago that we'd have lost this game at the end of regulation or after they scored first in OT. I'm still blown fuging away that we're as good as we are. We'd be a monster if KB was healthy.
  13. Game ball, with a huge fug you to the refs!!

    Coleman for me
  14. Watching Brown grow up this season. He deserves a ton of props for improving from his terrible preseason.