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  1. It doesn't really matter honestly. Even if he's only out 1 more game, a team serious about winning now is going to make a move for that 1 game, rather than keep it as a weakness.
  2. Sarcasm doesn't work well when you just say things people say here every day anyways lol's_law
  3. lol calling Jangler a liberal. Somebody is new here. He's referring to the GOP nomination polls. Those aren't the people who voted for Obama.
  4. Did Anybody See Travis Kelce Dance?

    Cam does almost the exact same first down celebration that Tom Brady has done every time he's ran for a first down in his career. How many times have you heard Brady's whined about? Yes, it is a QB thing. It's a black QB thing.
  5. Williams has better YPC and more touchdowns :D
  6. Panthers sign CB Cortland Finnegan

    Wikipedia says we actually signed him before Thanksgiving. Awesome beat reporters we have.
  7. Could we lose Shula and McDermott?

    The notion of making Dorsey OC is absurd. He has 2 years of QB coaching and that's the entirety of his experience. He's never called a play in his life. He has about another decade of experience to gather before he's even considered for an NFL coordinator position.
  8. Falcons shittin the bed (gameday thread)

    Not watching the game but if ATL looks terrible and MIN can only score 13 on them, wtf is with all this "The Vikings may be the best NFC team" nonsense.
  9. Mike Huckabee calls it what it is. Domestic terrorism. Tinderbox posters, though? It's just local crime. What a state of affairs when Huckabee is more moderate and willing to see with clarity than you guys.
  10. Ahhhhhh here comes the mental health issues. Kill in the name of a cause I oppose, you're a horrible human who reflects on those who share your views. Kill and share my idealogy, well you clearly just have mental health issues.
  11. And the Paris attack mastermind loved Playstation and wasn't very religious according to the people around him. But you still wanted 100 muslims he knew deported.
  12. Time to Believe Says Gregg Rosenthal

    I'm still sticking to my preseason 6-10 prediction. I will never eat crow. I was right all along.
  13. Cam to Bama Hater:"I'll slap the S*** out of you"

    If you also think Cam would look good with a full beard pie this post
  14. Cam to Bama Hater:"I'll slap the S*** out of you"

    I wonder what Cam would look like with a full beard. I bet very handsome.