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  1. Falcons Fans: Carolina Gets It

    This must be how the Patriots have felt about the Bills and Dolphins for the past decade. I don't even consider the Falcons a thing anymore.
  2. He did a subtle dab walking across the stage, too. That's when I knew.
  3. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    This is starting to piss me off. Gettleman does not trade down. He said that poo before he ever drafted his first player for us. He said he would rather hvae a dollar than 3 dimes. Gettleman does not trade down. He takes the best player on the board. A bunch of mid-round guys would not make this roster.
  4. His game is disruption. 3 sacks isn't eye popping, but 22 tfl over the past 2 years is. He is a monster bullrusher, he drives guards back into the QB regularly, which doesn't add to his sack total but it adds to everyone around him.
  5. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    KK and Butler lined up on 3rd downs is absolutely terrifying. Beautiful pick. Give me more defense in round 2.
  6. Have you guys calling Butler 'depth' been paying attention to how our d-line works? Heavy rotation. A million different packages and personels. This is not 'depth,' this gives us Ealy, Butler, KK, CJ on 3rd downs. That's the best pure pass rush in the league. He serves the same purpose as a DE would.
  7. Dear lord he just dabbed
  8. This is the longest we've ever taken. Gettleman turns our picks in in like 30 seconds. Maybe we really will trade down :(
  9. woah commercial for the Cardinals with us up next. Could this be the first year since I started watching the draft a decade ago that they don't go to commercial for our pick?
  10. uh oh who is trading
  11. I'm not excited about a DT honestly, but I'm fine if we draft one of these ten thousand available ones like Igo's Butler prediction.
  12. That has crossed my mind too, but they weren't exactly able to get Frank Alexander straight
  13. wtf this dude can't even cook and you're gonna waste a draft pick on him?
  14. I know it's page 21 so it's not exactly dead, but I don't see a lot of face/avatars on the Huddle tonight. Is it the All-Pro draft party or something