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  1. Knowing Hurney: R1: Sony Michel R2: Deshon Elliot or R1: Ronnie Harrison R2: Nick Chubb ............. My Dream Scenario (unlikely): R1: Derwin James R2: Guice
  2. Jaire Alexander

    Not sure of the exact percentage but just off the top of my head, Hurney's success rate with Corners is pretty good iirc. That said, whoever we pick at the position, I'm looking forward to it.
  3. Wr..maybe ...pobably Vet CB and Safety ....We dont have the money but I can still wish.... Bring Norman & Mitchell back. Prediction: They both will be released by Monday.
  4. Future Cleveland Browns Draft Pick

    No chance in hell that doesn't leave a mark.
  5. REPORT: Andrew Norwell to Giants a "done deal"

    Norwell was a good one but I personally have a very good feeling about Moton. We can't pay big $$$ to this dude, Trai, and both Kalil's. Daryl is around the corner too and he's already top 10 at his position and still developing. Can't lie, I'll miss that meanstreak though.
  6. While we are at it.. Mike Mitchell?

    He may take bad angles at times but he puts that fear in a receiver that can linger all game.
  7. Raiders cut former NC State CB David Amerson

    Lol, Hurney isnt signing anyone ... I don't see what we have to lose and after watching every playoff game.. the secondary is seriously lacking some confidence/talent/temperment/ball skills/overall awareness. Also, alot of people seem to disagree but personally Adams was our only decent player consistantly. He's past his prime though.
  8. NFL Man of the Year

    I know its for Charity but as a man it I wonder how Greg feels behind closed doors. This could be his third straight year of the camera zooming into his face after losing to another player. I know just being nominated is honor but I guarantee you he wants to win that award. Esp. After the BS they pulled last year... I'm expecting JJ to win but I wouldnt rule out another tie w/ Greg winning also. Unlikely but possible. No way in hell does JJ walk out that building without that award.
  9. Will now have to see Washington's scheme before we cast either one out... New scheme, offseason training and 3rd year may equal promise. We do need quality depth to push these guys though. Gunter impressed me when he came in for his limited snaps during our last game...Seymour is up in the air. Munnerlyn seems to have lost a step but hopefully Elder will contribute next season. We need a vet who still has wheels and maybe a draft pick.
  10. Backup OL Van Roten re-signed

    I'm can't remember how this guy played? I can remember Larson Would you say this is good depth move? ....I'm guessing it was more for his center play instead of Guard play considering Kalil's neck may be a question mark long term.
  11. DE Prospects 2018 Draft

    Landry has alot of potential IMO ... better than Addison potential.
  12. NFC Unsung Heros. Panthers: Star Lotulelei

    I literally just posted on this
  13. NFC Unsung Heros. Panthers: Star Lotulelei

    Let me start this by saying ...first of all, I appreciate Star and all that he has done while he's been here... I know his stats don't do him justice. That being said, please tell me I'm not the only one who has seen his play drop off slightly every year since his rookie season. I'm not sure if it's from the weight that he lost following the rookie year or just Short overshadowing his play. He didn't quite seem motivated, almost as if he didn't want to be here .... anybody remember his rookie press conference. I promise I came away thinking this wasn't his destination of choice for whatever reason. Idunno, maybe it's just his personality. I do remember seeing him play with FIRE at times @ college in Utah. Short HAD to be resigned... Star ...IMO can be replaced unless he's willing to take a team friendly deal. From his comments, I think the writing is on the wall. Sad thing is, he's probably going to leave from here and suddenly become an all-pro.

    Although his first round picks were meh ... this season we may actually see his genuis. In all honesty, I think Shaq was picked because they secretly didn't believe TD would hold up this long. With this being Davis's last year and Shaq's last contractual year ...I actually would try to lock up Shaq this year if possible incase he balls out. That being said, the basic rule is to get your most talented players on the field. Talented Lb but he probably could have been a pretty good SS after adapting. I have zero doubt he would have out performed Coleman this year. Kb was picked because of his catch raduis and Cam's tendencies to overthrow. WR was our biggest need so he checked off that box after releasing Smith. While he showed #1 potential, dude was just too slow. Butler's Value will be come in handy this season, as I don't see Star coming back. I LOVED Star his first year and while he does free up the backers, he has regressed every year since getting in Carolina. If we don't resign him, I can see the FO trying to plug Butler in that slot. While Gettleman made his mistakes, you must give the man credit. Without his FA pickups we wouldnt have sniffed the Superbowl. Tillman, Allen, Coleman(previous years), Kyle Love, Oher, Cotchery, Ginn...etc. That being said, his ego was his downfall. I still can't wrap my head around the Ginn situation. Although, I think he thought that speed could be mimic'd with Charles Johnson, Samuel and Byrd. I just don't understand how you let Ginn walk yet sign Sheppard. Ironically, at this point the only thing holding us back is Wr, CB, LT, Physical Rb and Safety....we also need Dline help. A couple of these positions may be in an "ok" position but we have to keep younger and faster. We solved the OC problem so thats one thing off the list. Hurney probably has 1 year to prove his worth, so prepare yourself this offseason. Gettleman gets praise because he took us out of CAP HELL and his scouting talent for late rounders and UDFA's.
  15. Only backs I'd draft in the first are Barkley and Guise. As for the rest of the draft .....Depends on what you want. Physical Back: Chubb, Scarbrough, Royce Freeman. Watching how hard is was to tackle Kamara...Freeman would be my choice. He has some wheels on him too. Speed: We have CMC but just incase ...Lavon Coleman, Mark Walton, Freeman(see above)...Guise and Barkley Obviously, If we go Rb in the 1st Barkley wont be there. So if I had to pull the trigger in the first, I'm getting Guise. Freeman would be my ideal choice in the 2nd but its a chance he's gone by the time we pick. P.S... There is literally ZERO chance we dont pick up a rb this draft. The class is TOO deep and Hurney is picking. Hell, I wouldn't be suprised to see Ohio State and Stanford called again this draft. Bryce Love early and Weber (Norv's dream FB conversion) late. Idunno how I feel about that but its possible.