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  1. ColumbusCounty

    Could Saints be trouble this season

    A lil bored so I'll give u the run down. A lot of our off-season moves centered around competing with New Orleans. Breeland: Kept Kamara in check pretty damn well iirc. Sadly it fell through. D.J Moore, Wright, Smith: The Insurance .... To make sure we aren't stuck EVER again in a game or playoff situation w/ Bersin, Klay and an injured Funchess as our starters. Donte Jackson: CB to stick w/ Ginn ... Gaulden: Powerful tackler on first contact. Ironically the same guy we've had problems taking down is the same guy he practiced against in college: Alvin K... Will it translate? We'll see as since we play the Saints at the end of the year. Around the time, Gaulden will have probably earned his starting spot. CJ Anderson: Can help the line with blocking. Luckily our new last line of defense was the best blocking RB in the league last year. Cam Jordan has always presented a problem for our line. That said, I could probably manipulate the above players role vs any team. But to answer the question..Hell Yes, the Saints are a problem. They beat us 3 times last year, which is extremely hard to do. Luckily, we play them late in the year...usually around the time when we a VERY hard to beat. Bottom line: As long as we have a healthy front seven, Cam and Norv, we have a chance to be contenders. Our season is literally in the hands of our Oline and dbs.
  2. ColumbusCounty

    Brother McCaffrey

    More like the leader of a cult
  3. ColumbusCounty

    Preseason Game 3 - Winners/Losers

    Moton ..impressive
  4. ColumbusCounty

    Thoughts on Trading Funchess?

    No you don't trade Funchess. Dude is 24 and still hasnt peaked yet imo.. Resign the man for a reasonable amount... He's improved every year and he's pretty reliable.
  5. This .... coming from the guy who said he purposely ran slower so the Panthers would draft him ...Wow. Right about now he's probably wishing this stayed under the radar. Bad look all around. Blame it on the Ambien Thursday night should be pretty entertaining.
  6. ColumbusCounty

    Don't sleep on this dude right here...

    I've said this about a dozen times since he signed here.... glad people are starting to notice. Also btw, he is NOTHING like Shep
  7. ColumbusCounty

    Norv is going to energize this offense.

    I agree..Also Greg Olsen and Shockey was a nice combo... Although, Shock was at the back end of his career he was still effective .... Olsen was also a different animal, his speed was actually shocking.
  8. ColumbusCounty

    Pacman Jones fight at airport(video)

    Ignorant ass comment. I hope you don't talk like you type.
  9. ColumbusCounty

    Watch what you say....some sensitive ears

    I don't think it was the Huddle, Rivera or Tepper .. I'm guessing dude probably saw that Undisputed clip wit Shannon Sharpe & Skip talking about it.
  10. ColumbusCounty

    Pacman Jones fight at airport(video)

    From a strength standpoint...this has to be a faskmask right? right ? And it was uncalled ..lol
  11. ColumbusCounty

    Pacman Jones fight at airport(video)

    Still amazes me how TMZ is everywhere yet nowhere at once.
  12. ColumbusCounty

    Why the Panthers should trade Damiere Byrd now

    Norv calling plays now ... lol ...if he stays healthy Byrd is balling out this year. His progress every year is undeniable and he's probably our fastest player. Not to mention our punt returner....the one who can actually get it in the endzone.
  13. My coverage picks...Haynes (Who I think will end up being the steal in the long run), Butler's improvement, Hall, Obada, Horton's improvement...DB/G/WR competition. Could go on & on..
  14. Idunno, I like Smith ALOT but considering Jermaine Carter Jr was a Two-time All-Big Ten selection(HM) and on the Bednarik Award watchlist for best defensive player in the nation... I wouldn't count him out. Should be interesting competition, to say the least. If they both pan out ... Hurney will have redeemed himself in my eyes.