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  1. The Biggest Issue That is Being Overlooked

    Side note: ... our current dbs aren't exactly known for INT's...atleast not our corners. Bradberry & Worley : They combined for 3 last yr iirc. Solution: Pair up Coleman wit Byrd & get Luke back healthy. Keep Shaq and Davis in coverage more assuming our front can get to the qb alone. Most of INTs last year came from the safety and lb position. 2017 season: Boston is gone, Kurt is hurt, Luke has our only Interception, and Wilks is sending the OLB's on the blitz like crazy. That leaves Colin Jones(not a playmaker), Adams(40 percent playmaker but not fully comfortable), Bradberry(crazy potential, but doesn't look for the ball), and Worley(see Bradberry w/ less potential). Recipe for only fumble turnovers, if any. Training camp gave indications of increased awareness.. we just haven't seen it in-game yet.
  2. The Biggest Issue That is Being Overlooked

    Remember... Last year I believe, we couldn't get a sack to save our lives. This was our problem to start the first half of the season. Suddenly after the bye week, we transformed heavily. Looking for that this year, and as Seymour said "when they come, the come in bunches". No way in hell we finish the season with 1 int... they're coming.
  3. PFF: KK Short unstoppable

    Thought Short had 2 sacks ??? Also, 3 for the season?? ...anyway he's hitting his stride, which will be very important against this Eagles line who is damn near top 3. When KC beat Philly, pressure up the middle on Wentz was the primary reason. Our D-line must be motivated & angry. One thing for sure ...they are 2-8 whenever Lane Johnson doesn't play and 9-2 when he does... he's currently in the protocol on a short week.
  4. Luke Kuechly

    Most of his missed tackles were on VERY shifty rbs... I wouldnt put too much stock in it. Even with 65 percent Luke, take him out of the game 4 quarters and the outcome may have very well been different.
  5. Cam Newton in the last 2 games

    This needs to be FWD: To Colin Cowherd and Chris Carter lol
  6. Great Job Pep...5th in sacks so far.

    If he ends up with double digit sacks or we atleast make the playoffs ...Im almost certain he will stay here 1-2 more years.
  7. Unique fact about this game

    Sanders, Labeau, Night train, Megatron, Doak Walker... Stafford "might" be somewhere in there. Last week was a prime example though
  8. There is no way someone could read that and think that he's only thrown 5 TD's over his whole career. But then again I could never underestimate the stupidity of some.
  9. Help me find a player

    Thought he had a TFL vs Pats..
  10. Cash cut (updated)

    He should have been moved to SS. Dude had alot of promise, I think he was just played out of position. He's not the greatest in coverage but neither was Harper. Seriously doubt he would have been worse than Colin Jones. But hey, thats just my opinion.
  11. This is top notch QB'ing by Cam Newton

    The whole oline looks like they were struggling on that play...JESUS ... On the brightside, it looks as if Cam finally has confidence in the short passes and/or the receivers to get YAC.
  12. Shula...

  13. Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Does Sweet Caroline get played at every injury?? ...
  14. CJ..CJ..CJ ... do better !! 1 pressure ??? Might as well start Horton ...
  15. We will hold them to 17-21 points. Most important factor will be controlling the clock on offense and limiting Bree's possessions. Tedd Ginn will burn us a couple times but he's 25 percent in the hands department anyway. Very nice find.