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  1. Classy....

    Did I just see a voodoo reference ... lol This just shows doubt.
  2. I wonder if Peppers can hold up 4 quarters with increased snaps? Something is telling me that this will have a Kelvin-type effect .... If so, this D-Line will be much improved. Which is a good situation because if we can get constant pressure, Brees wont have enough time to pick apart our secondary. This maybe a blessing in disguise.
  3. Draft the kid from Notre Dame..St.Brown.... basically a much faster and physical Funchess. Hell I wanted Cortland Sutton last year too... I just pray he neither of those two end up in the NFCS or Christian Kirk as Samuel insurance.. No Dez .... I don't see him meshing well with our locker room for some reason.
  4. So who starts in CJ's place? We know Pep is on a limited snap count and Addison is on the other side. Hall is on IR .. Cox Jr is not ready .. that leaves Wes Horton !?! .. Atleast Horton is above average in run defense..which will be important vs. Kamara and Ingram. Maybe we'll try Butler on the outside? Or KK? Or Leave Star and Love in the middle(although neither is an UT, Love does get penetration from at times), or Star and Butler and push KK to the outside? We are an injury away from no pass rush ... Hurney get on the phone. Side Note: I thought PED's gave an edge ... Jesus, I'd hate to see CJ this season without them.. Again, Hurney get on the phone !!!
  5. Worley.... Not a good game today.

    Yea we got the W, but I must say I am VERY nervous about Brees having a field day with Worley AND Bradberry next week. Bradberry has been on a bit of a slump also lately...Worley's slump is as predicted but hopefully they'll recover after watching some film..... Maybe losing Captain costs more than we thought.. Saints have too many weapons ...Ingram, Kamara, Thomas, Snead, Ginn ... etc .. Hopefully Cam's thumb will be recovered and we will be firing on all cylinders because we are going to need it to match up with the mole. Also, I'm guessing the Byrd will be back, which should help also. Funchess being the only receiver to catch a pass today was disturbing..
  6. Sanchez

    Am I the only one who came here looking for Zach Sanchez?... is he even on the roster? ..... got here n saw butt fumble. ... I'll see myself out...
  7. Get him and rotate him & pep n deactivate CJ lol... No seriously, CJ needs a change o' scenary. After the sweep the leg, he fell off the map.
  8. I told a few a while back that Funchess would be a baller "in time". .mainly because of his age. I recently said, Funch doesn't look like a #1 to me .... damned if he didn't prove me wrong. Proud of this O tonight!!!
  9. "I Mean if you give up a catch or two, it doesn't define you" ????? ... lol really!!??!! I know what he was trying to convey but sometimes it's best to say less. If I'm in an operating room and the surgeon says if I leave a sponge or two in your body, that doesn't define my skills in this profession... I'm getting the hell out of there. After studying the playbook, he might want to pick up the 48 Laws of Power.
  10. Its coming...esp. when Olsen returns. Samuel is heating up...and dont forget Byrd is coming back week 11, I think. Byrd, Samuel, Cmc, Olsen and Funch.. possibilities are crazy. Will Shula utilize his players correctly is the question. And Cam is damn near unstoppable in Nov/Dec.... the Lions and Patriot games were not flukes.
  11. The Fire Sale Theory

    Maybe at the bottom of the roster but for the most part No. Infact, if it was left to Hurney, Tre Boston would still be our starting safety. Kurt- safe Adams- gone Thompson - I could see this being a suprise Hurney move. Star - maybe Norwell- Safe Williams- Safe Matt Kalil - Gone after next season Butler- Traded for 5th Cb's - Safe Etc ... maybe a couple moves. We still have the same scouting department from when Hurney orginally left. The only time I really think he hit the "GM choice" was the '16 draft Idunno, I'm still shocked we let KB go for basically a 3rd. Wasn't the 7th, basically the same pick we gave them in the Clay-Seymour trade? Also, I am still holding out hope that JR isn't dumb enough to let him get the full time gig.. but I wouldn't be suprised in the least.
  12. As a fan are you disheartened today?!

    I'm serious...as ugly as it sounds: Clay #1 Shep or Samuel #2 Funch or Bersin #3 (Cotchery roll) ...lol wouldn't that somewhat match Ginn, Philly, Cotch/Funch in '15?? It's so krazi it just might work ... Bottom Line: Funchess it not ready (at this time) to be #1.
  13. Ginn, Philly, Cotchery, Funchess vs Funchess, Sheppard, Bersin, Samuel .. Imo, closest we can get to 2015 -receiver wise...as poo as it sounds: Clay #1, Samuel or Shep #2, Funchess or Bersin #3... Add in Mcaffrey = that might just work ... Funch is just not a #1 to me... not ideal anyway...not fast enough or physical. Hurney... silly little guy
  14. Marty Speaks...

    Correct!! Originally from D.C, but correct!!
  15. Marty Speaks...

    Literally every football head in my building has made a special trip to my department ...almost sync'd with the same damn gesture... Shaking there head ..followed by "that was fuggin dumb" ... Me = speechless If Cam doesn't drink... tonight...it's time to Meet The Browns.