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  1. ColumbusCounty


    Wait...if Alex Armah and the fullback position are getting action this season and preseason ... Why do we currently have only one on the roster heading into training camp?...Wouldn't it make sense to bring in a backup??
  2. ColumbusCounty

    DJ Moore is smoove

    Go back and look at him run the 40 at the combine.. He ran a 4.42 but it was an oddly smooth run. I remember thinking, dang that dude looks like he's gliding on the clock. Very smooth runner
  3. So Seymour is currently starting? ... For some reason I don't see it sticking, much like Amini at Left Guard. Although Seymour is more capable than Worley...I just don't see him beating out Cockrell. When Ross eventually gets comfortable with that playbook....the spot is his IMO. Tbh, another db flying under the radar is Gunter. It'll probably remain that way until preseason but dude has talent. Idunno how many spots we usually carry but corner should end up being the toughest battle at camp.
  4. Even more crazy ....that was with Shula.... Good times ahead !!!
  5. 3rd.....3rd....3rd!!!!! We get a comp pick for Norwell right?????? ... Serious talent .. But then again, we are already so young at that position .....
  6. Learned a lot from this interview... The Funchess promo has picked up these last couple weeks. I'm still trying to figure out how I missed him and Antonio Gates being cousins.
  7. ColumbusCounty

    Carolina was one of THREE teams in 2017 to..

    Outside of a couple outlets, I have zero doubt our Dline is being slept on. Honestly I'd prefer we were under the radar. I like the underrated aspect. KK: xPro Bowler/xSecond team All Pro Poe: xPro Bowler/xSecond team All Pro Pep: Future HOF ...aging but he shows up... Addison: 20+ sacks the last two seasons (Most on the team) and currently tied for 1st in the NFL in Qb pressures at DE. The Star and Charles Johnson moves should immediately make us better. And I agree, Addison is underrated.
  8. ColumbusCounty

    Possible changes to anthem guidelines

    "militant players" ...smdh...
  9. ColumbusCounty


    Speaking of field goals... I can't remember 100 percent but pretty sure in that last Saints game Gano I missed a FG early..if made it would have had us right in position to kick the game winner. Then again, right after that miss he later came back and hit a 56-58 yard kick. A lot of missed opportunities... Klay drop....Funchess failed foot plant, etc.. Also, iirc The falcon beat us that undefeated season then twice the next year. We have the blueprint...we just have to execute.
  10. ColumbusCounty

    Cam Jordan vs Matt Kalil

    Smh, I was optimistic until those images brought me back to earth. I know Matsko is the lineman whisperer but you gotta know when to fold. Our Oline = Matt Kalil (Garbage), Amini (More Garbage), Ryan Kalil (Good when healthy - Seldom healthy + Last Year of career), Trai Turner (Good), Williams (The bright spot). The OC Effect: IMO there is NO WAY IN HELL Norv Turner came back to coaching with the intention of running his offensive scheme with Amini starting next to Matt Kalil.. One weak link you can scheme around as he should be familiar w/ Matt from his Minn days. Having 2 on the same side with a possible question mark in the middle is a different story. Some changes will be made by game 1. At the least Moton will get the nod at guard. What good are all the resources we've put at WR and RB the last couple years if the oline is trash. We had 11 wins last year with a Shula, an injured Qb, a horrible secondary, a declining RB, and a Kalil at LT (mind blowing). That LT also had an All Pro with a mean streak next to him ....now that projection is Amini. I just don't think the "Riverboat" wants to take that risk. Of the above 5 setbacks we endured last season, 4 have been upgraded this offseason. All that said, hopefully by this season's start our LT situation(or the left side for that matter) will either look or perform better than we all expected.
  11. ColumbusCounty

    Breeland visiting other teams

    Cockrell is an upgrade...esp over Worley. No question. Apparently, we beat out the Giants and Vikings in signing him. Dunno how much stock to put into pff ratings.... but per last season Breeland was the 54th ranked CB in the league while Ross was the 39th. He also finished the year "first in Football Outsiders’ success rate, which measures cornerbacks on their ability to consistently stop opposing wideouts short of the sticks". https://www.profootballrumors.com/2018/03/panthers-to-sign-cb-ross-cockrell
  12. ColumbusCounty

    Breeland visiting other teams

    Breeland & Terrell Mcclain vs Cockrell & Poe Don't know the numbers and its possible we could have ended up squeezing in both Breeland & Poe. What I do know is, one of the above pairings upgrades a single position while the other upgrades two.
  13. Moves we should have made long ago. Either we have a lot of faith in Searcy or the coaching staff thinks very highly of either Parms, Southwerd, Cox or Colin Jones. Gaulden won't be ready ...and God forbid Adams or Searcy have to miss time. We will probably release Shep and hopefully maneuver the cap to pick one up before Game one. You would think in a division with Julio Jones, D Jackson, and Michael Thomas, we would have put more emphasis on our last line of defense... We seriously haven't the learned anything since the Nakamura era...smh
  14. ColumbusCounty

    Players signed from Tryouts?

    I'm hoping Watson gets a job
  15. ColumbusCounty

    Donte Jackson on Punt Returns

    Byrd and Donte on kick returns..... Corn and CMC on punt returns .....