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  1. Tillman Most Likely Out

    Just reported on the radio. Will update with a link or tweet when they come out. Colin Jones on Cole Beasley? That could be a problem if Big Money and the boys can't get home. With Ras I Dowling signing, could Peanut's injury be more long term?
  2. Collins was passed over 256 times by 32 teams.  Greg Hardy would have to have a LOT of influence. 
  3. Lolz I did the hands up don't shoot today

    By that logic you are posting from beyond the grave.
  4. Hardy evidence photo somehow leaked

    Greg Hardy is a sexist P.O.S.  Not surprisingly so are most of his defenders. 
  5. Didn't know Payton sent e-mails about bounties FROM HIS NFL E-MAIL ADDRESS.
  6. Delhommey: "Piss off mother f**ker- get a f**king life -" LOL.

    1. IamSoClutch

      Can you help me get validated

  7. Anytime would be great.

  8. Sure, when I'm the one actually breaking the rules I'll go away. In the mean time I'd rather get you to do your fuging job right. PFFL.

  9. You must be a WVU fan haha

  10. Hey man. I saw what you said about the rate of 89 a night. Did they give a rate plan ID? I'd like to know what it is.

  11. Whos the backup qb?