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  1. Evangelicals can go fug themselves. Just not the kids, Roy.
  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA. Suck it libtards!!!
  3. He's the same one who said kneeling football players were not respecting the rule of law...hes a pedo, and his son has been arrested 9 times now. lol he's trash. And, I read they cant take him off the ballot because voting materials have been printed and absentee ballots have already been distributed (for the early December special election). But it's Alabama were talking about so he will probably still win. EDIT: Now, repubs (including Mitch "Turkey Face" McConnell) are saying Moore should withdraw from the race....would that mean that the Dem candidate would be unopposed? Trump's head would explode.
  4. Let's honestly talk gun control...

    Its a very bad look at best, and at worst it defines you as a bigot. There's no reason for the tags dude.
  5. Let's honestly talk gun control...

    It clearly undermines any potential tiny bit of sanity you could possibly be capable of bringing to the conversation.
  6. Let's honestly talk gun control...

    Dave Chapelle talks about this in one of his old stand-ups: Have all the guns you want, but make the bullets cost $10,000.....that way if some one gets shot, you know they realllllyyy fugging deserved it.
  7. Trump responses to attacks at home

    It is pretty crazy. I work right by the chambers st station and go to the whole foods at west street and chambers almost daily. Thankfully I was in red hook.
  8. From FiveThirtyEight: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/kelvin-benjamin-is-the-nfls-clutchest-receiver/ "According to TruMedia, Benjamin’s been thrown to on 30.6 percent of the fourth-quarter routes he’s run. That’s tops in the NFL over the course of his career. Factor in his league-leading touchdowns-per-route average (0.034) and eighth-best yards-per-catch average (16.3), and Benjamin produces more offense every time he goes out for a late-game pass than anyone else on the planet."
  9. Trump wanted 10x more nukes

    I find it really ironic you use JPep as your avatar considering the poo you post here. JPep would bitch slap your sorry ass if he had the chance. Change it to Mike Ditka, for accuracy's sake. Thanks.
  10. NFL vs Trump, who wins?

    When did all these white trash, oxy-snorting, hillbillies get internet?
  11. NFL vs Trump, who wins?

    ^ Probably a Cowboys fan
  12. NFL vs Trump, who wins?

    Go to North Korea then, fugtard
  13. Canceled NFL Sunday Ticket

    Do some homework doofus...Buncombe County (ala Asheville) also went to hillary. @Dr. Doofus
  14. Panthers in NYC

    Hi, I jokingly posted a few weeks about my disdain for Amity Hall as the venue for the big apple riot. I live in Brooklyn as I said before and we have kinda turned our local bar into a panthers bar (We had 6 crockpots for our barstool pot luck vs the Lions). I was wondering what the process or requirements would be to start a chapter of the roaring riot here. The bar is called "American Cheez" (address is 444 7th avenue, Brooklyn NY 11215 if you wanna take a look at it on line). I spoke with the owner and he said he'd be willing to have the panthers game on WITH audio (which is something he hasnt done in the past for anyone). What would be the next logical step in this process? Thanks man. --Jon (BTW my gf and I just received our member package for the 2017 season--The shirts are awesome!)