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  1. Draft Targets

    Check with Derek Carr on that.
  2. Had some Alphabet soup and...

    Wait, does this mean he doesn't have a MySpace page either? My faith in humanity is shaken....
  3. acquiring Jarvis Landry: "If you add up the numbers, Carolina simply can’t make the math work to bring in a marquee receiver like Landry. This is another area we expect Hurney to address in the draft as opposed to free agency or a trade." I'd argue the statement in bold suggests they haven't been listening to Hurney's recent comments regarding weapons for Cam. Won't be a top tier guy and may also address in draft but WR free agent is on high on the FA priority list.
  4. Other team's moves

    Oakland. We'll find out if John Gruden was just blowing smoke when he was slobbering all over this guy on MNF.
  5. Looking for an endorsement deal? Has to be, no one actually likes Pizza Hut, right?
  6. Chris Carter, Randy Moss, more recently Tyreek Hill. Guys make mistakes, some recover, some don't, but eliminating every single player with any issue is not the answer. When you're on a budget, sometimes you have to take the player with lots of upside and hope you avoid the obvious potential risks.
  7. Another potential owner: David Tepper

    He is one the better options so far. I like that he would be coming from a winning organization and hopefully has some real insight as to how to mimic that here. On a side note, given his affiliation with a team that has a stadium downtown with no chance of ever hosting a SB, maybe he wouldn't be so quick to push for a new stadium in a cow pasture.
  8. I agree, seems like a nothing burger but what if it isn't. What if it's a big ol messy something burger??? Panthers ignored Hardy issue until it became an issue. Never reported JR's payoffs to former employees. Now if they hire a GM and something comes out a month, 6 months or a year from now that suggests Marty has issues and they ignored the "warning signs", new owner would inherit an absolute mess. Given the climate it's a tough decision to make based on inferences and logic.
  9. Yeah, he's interim. No issue there at all. Even if he were full time, the paid leave would exempt the Panthers from exposure. He is unable to perform the job they hired him to do. The NFL on the other hand may be a target of a suit.
  10. The comparison is that before the tape and all of the investigation info was made public, his wife retracted her statement. Just trying to point out that the retraction of her statement doesn't necessarily mean nothing happened.
  11. Ray Rice's wife retracted her complaint. In no way am I saying it's the same thing or even similar but let's face it, the NFLs over reaction to situations such as this started after the Ray Rice fiasco. Just pointing out that the retraction of an accusation doesn't definitively mean there is nothing to the story. I think this is all vindictive BS but I also think if there is any doubt whatsoever, the Panthers have to make tough decision. Imagine if it does come out down the road there is actually something to the story and Hurney is the GM. Given the circumstances created by JR how can they risk it?
  12. Anyone else see the potential hypocrisy here? JR and Hurney often passed on players that had unsubstantiated rumors regarding character. How does the organization justify hiring Marty under these circumstances? Interested to see how this plays out.
  13. Don Shula's son is available...
  14. I don't actually disagree for the most part but I think edge rusher is a perhaps a bigger need than many here. My initial point was really that I think Wilks blitzed frequently because he didn't have confidence in the front 4 getting there consistently. We need a dominant edge rusher that teams have to plan for and potentially double team. Addison is solid and Peppers had a good year but neither of them at this point strike fear into opposing offenses.