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    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    If they do that they’ll just raise the prices. Tips are essentially a sales commission. Good waiters/waitresses/bartenders make more than bad ones and I’m okay with that. Always heard the word “tips” was actually an acronym meaning To Insure Perfect Service. Don’t know if that’s actually true but I like the logic behind it. Bad service = bad/no tip but I do agree that customers shouldn’t punish servers for kitchen or staffing level issues.
  2. So Charlotte and the state of North Carolina foot the bill for millions of dollars in stadium renovations, eat the tax dollars for the stadium and will likely be squeezed for more in the near future for a new or heavily updated stadium but SC will benefit from a privately funded mixed use facility that will generate visitors and tax $ for the state that contributes virtually nothing to the financial health of the franchise? Sounds about right...
  3. FWIW- I appreciate the content you've provided during this process. I hear ya, I certainly think Tepper was the preference. That said, I question whether those statements were actually made to Rubin or if so, what was the context, who delivered the message? Regardless, I'd argue that Rubin would have the same challenge as Navarro to come up with the cash needed. If he was actually told that I think the advice was probably right. A Heavily financed (in relative terms) offer from an owner that would struggle to put up the cash needed up front would need to significantly outbid the guy that has enough to pay in cash without partners. The other owners wanted the price to get to $2.5b and they knew Tepper could swing it and was already "in the club" so yeah he was very likely the preference. However, If someone else was able to put up 2.5b in cash and Tepper didn't move, I don't believe it would have been Tepper. On a side note i don't think we can underestimate the importance of speed in this process. The league wanted to put JR behind them. Already vetted, no risk of stuff coming out about a selected candidate during the vetting process, no potential financial issues, etc. Tepper was the safe pick for sure. Incredibly important for a league dealing with a lot of noise the past couple of years.
  4. I get that Tepper was the favorite, for several obvious reasons (cash on hand, in the club, previously vetted, quick turnaround, etc). But I don't buy that he was going to be the guy regardless. If Navarro was able to lay down $2.6b in cash and Tepper didn't match, he would have been the guy. Setting the market price for franchises is more important to the owners than any one particular guy getting a team over another.
  5. Navarro isn't the pick because he wasn't liquid enough. Tepper was preferred because he's got plenty of money and the other owners aren't inclined to prop up a franchise if things get tight. Pretty sure some are still bitter about Jerry Jones using their funding to make money he pocketed. JR was a yes man, Tepper??? TBD. Doesn't seem like the type to me.
  6. Like it, time will tell if I love it. Seemingly couldn't ask for a more different personality than JR. Hopefully he brings a knowledge of how successful franchises work. Doesn't strike me as the type that will be yes man for the league or anybody else. Hope his experience with the Steelers has shown him the value of uptown open aired stadiums... if there is any real concern, he has been portrayed as a guy that might have the tendency to meddle in day to day, but hope not. Don't think the team moving should be a concern.
  7. shulasmyhero

    Reading up on Tepper

    One thing that's clear about Tepper, or those of us looking for someone unlike JR, welp here ya go.
  8. shulasmyhero

    Andre Smith next TD 2.0?

    But wouldn't that this guy TD 3.0?
  9. shulasmyhero

    Andre Smith next TD 2.0?

    Who was the first TD 2.0?
  10. NFL already gifted him a SB, maybe now they'll gift him a stake in. Franchise...
  11. Originally wanted Tepper and was okay if it was Navarro. As time has passed and we learn more about Navarro I think I have flipped my order of preference. The simple good sense to avoid involvement with Felix Sabates is an indicator of sound judgment. That said, I've read all the theories and profiles, etc but none of it really rings true to me regarding the delay. Seems like there is a group of owners that do not support Navarro, otherwise i think this would already be done. As for the GM comparisons, who gives a crap? DG is gone, Hurney is the GM. Hope he does well while he's here. I wasn't supportive of his return because of the absolute mess he left us with last time but I hope he does well. I still don't trust him long term but I'm really trying to give him the benefit of the doubt. Too early to make any declarations on anything he's done so far other than they don't apprear to be irresponsible at face value. We have to wait to see if it works on the field before we can definitively say either way. One thing that hit me during the draft that I hadn't really thought about before was, usually when teams suck for long periods of time (5+ seasons), they have lots of cap space and accumulate lots of picks. Somehow Hurney managed to field a horrible team for several consecutive years while maxing out cap space, you have to hand it to him, you really don't see that very often.
  12. shulasmyhero

    Official 2018 NFL Draft thread - Round 1

    You have a point with Buffalo, Giants took BPA.
  13. Yeah, I'm still onboard with Tepper but at least Navarro is on the record. I'd like to think that coming from the Steelers, Tepper would value the outdoor uptown location. All in all I think Tepper would be the better owner and not really worth worrying about where the stadium will be in 5, 10, 15 years from now. More important to create a winning culture and to me, Tepper feels like the best candidate for that. That said, Wouldn't hate it if Navarro is the guy.
  14. See bold. This is the only reason I'm even a little conflicted. I think Tepper would be a better owner but hate the idea of a domed stadium in the middle of nowhere. Heard that Sabates interview too, seriously who gives a crap about a Super Bowl in Charlotte?
  15. shulasmyhero

    Jordan Howard RB Trade Target

    Two key things at play IMO: 1. as someone mentioned he's not a great receiver 2. They have lots of holes and gave up picks to move up last year (no 3rd or 4th this year). Deep RB draft and probably think they are still a few years aware and thus Howard is expendable.