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  1. Dave's undoing in Carolina appears to have been his handling of veteran players in contract negotiations. Different ownership and different culture, Dave will thrive with NYG.
  2. Who made the decision?

    Question occurred to me watching a replay of the game, do you think Ron and Shula were playing for a FG, or at worst OT, on the drive that Cam broke the big run? If Cam didn't have the big play what would they have done? Obviously we'll never know but the play calls were very conservative on that drive. Seems like it might have just been another case of Cam making the coaching staff look good.
  3. Gettlemen gets too much credit here in general as an overall GM. Actually, in this case, I don't think you're giving Gettlemen enough credit. Sure the scouts do the research but the GM decides who fits and who to pursue. Gettlemen was very good at finding guys that fit at a bargain. His biggest weaknesses, in retrospect, were player relationships and the draft. You can't be a great GM if you don't draft well and make mistakes like pulling the tag on Norman. Three draft picks on 2 bad and 1 TBD CB's, left gaping holes in the roster.
  4. Maybe we'll see a bit of Butler at DE or Short moved over to the end spot to spread the snaps around.
  5. December Home Games

    Interested. PM sent.
  6. 35-34 Panthers Saints lead 34-27 late 4th quarter. Cam leads a makeshift offensive skill position unit comprised of CMC, Funch, Olsen, Fozzy, Armah to a potential game tying score on a screen pass to Armah. Down by one, Riverboat Ron makes an appearance, they go for two and get it on a Cam RPO!
  7. Kelvin tore his meniscus

    The idea of trading KB and moving Funch to the no. 1 spot has never been the issue. The problem from day one was that it appeared to be a spur of the moment decision and that we got no immediate replacement in return. Before we annoint Hurney with the "win", one WR with a catch Sunday...
  8. I think it's fairly obvious his accuracy issues yesterday were mostly related to the thumb injury. Hasnt been that inaccurate without an injury effecting his throws. Throws were late and behind due lack of velocity and possibly a momentary flinch because he had to think about gripping the ball. Which makes all the long sideline throws even more puzzling. The middle of the field was ignored for the most part yesterday. I guess they were worried about him floating one across the middle but if he's having trouble putting anything in his throws seems like the outside pass is more dangerous.
  9. Game Plan?

    According to the Riot Repot, Ron said Armah was deactivated b/c the "game plan" (I added the quotation marks for emphasis) dictated they wanted 3 TEs active. They should scrap the so called game plan used Sunday and go with something closer to what was working the previous two weeks.. You have a run game that has struggled all season and you switch it up after it finally started to come together? So many other options. What can Manhertz provide that Armah can't? Why activate R Kalil with no intention of using him? Why have Fozzy active just for KO return? These are the types of head scratchers that seem to be a staple under Rivera.
  10. Game Plan?

    Speaking of game plan, did Shula forget that the area between the hashes is infact within the field of play? Seemed like every pass play was on the sideline. If Cam's thumb was an issue, even dumber.
  11. Game Plan?

    Yep. I am okay with having Fozzy active but Armah is a better option than Manhertz.
  12. Time for some consistency.

    Saints are losing to the Rams this week so we can all let the epic Skins collapse go.
  13. Time for some consistency.

    Here are the procedures for breaking a 3-way tie: Head-to-head (best won-lost-tied percentage in games among the clubs). Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the division. Best won-lost-tied percentage in common games. Best won-lost-tied percentage in games played within the conference. Strength of victory. Strength of schedule. Best combined ranking among conference teams in points scored and points allowed. Best combined ranking among all teams in points scored and points allowed. Best net points in common games. Best net points in all games. Best net touchdowns in all games. Coin toss Philadelphia owns the head to head win. Minnesota and Philly do not play in regular season. Panthers would lose out in virtually any tie breaking scenario with the teams currently in the playoff picture.
  14. Jones is an arrogant loud mouth but he's right to question the renewing of Goodell's contract. What's the hurry? The NFL is kind of mess at the moment (sliding ratings/attendance, CTE, protests,etc.). If they renew his contract they're basically stuck with him for another 5-7 years. I don't think there's any love loss for Goodell from most of the owners. They're keeping him around for three primary reasons: 1. He's made them a lot of money 2. There is no heir apparent 3. Upcoming CBA negotiations I think the CBA negotiation is the most important to the owners. Goodell got the owners such a favorable contract last time, they are hoping he can repeat that type of result. At a minimum, the idea of leaving those negotiations up to an unknown commissioner scares them more than the status quo, even with the current negatives.
  15. Bersin is a fan favorite...said no one. Hoover was a fan favorite because he was a small school player with limited athletic ability that overachieved. TD has a similar story in that he overcame the knee surgeries and he is undoubtedly a fan favorite. Granted TD is a fuggin baller and Hoover was an average NFL player but the point is, he shouldn't have been and TD shouldn't be the player he is after the surgeries. Armah has only saw the field in a few games, if he gets a few carries and continues to develop as a blocker he will become a fan favorite.