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  1. Agree, with most of what you outlined, however the part in bold is not necessarily accurate. Being placed in protocol simply means the player had symptoms related to a concussion, not that he definitively had a concussion. Some of those symptoms include slow to get up, neck pain, limited range of motion, all of which Luke exhibited after the hit. Each of those could be related to a shoulder injury as well, which is initially what we heard. I'm not saying that the symptoms weren't a concussion, that he didn't exhibit other symptoms or that they were related to a shoulder injury. I'm just pointing out that, without all the facts, both are assumptions. Assuming anything either way is incorrect.
  2. If you read both tweets fully they don't necessarily conflict. Schefter really only says the Panthers don't believe he suffered a concussion. The problem with his report is claiming he has cleared protocol. Those are two different things. Someone wanted the positive outlook info out there. Panthers can't openly speculate on his status while he's in the protocol so Drummond is clarifying that. they are going to wait a couple of days to be absolutely certain but reading between the lines, I'd expect him to be cleared midweek.
  3. Props to Saca on the Funchess Prediction

    Yeah, in hindsight I agree. Really not sure where all the praise originated but I'll admit, I got caught up in it for a minute. I guess maybe the '15 season without KB, got the best out of Ginn and got a serviceable year out of Brown is where it came from but not sure it was warranted.
  4. Props to Saca on the Funchess Prediction

    This is the biggest difference. I thought he was going to have a breakout year last year but it never materialized. Could it be that Proehl just wasn't that good a coach or maybe didn't push him hard enough and Taylor is just getting more out of him?
  5. We won but Ron Rivera is a LOSER

    Are Ron and Shula under the impression that you aren't allowed to get more than a 3 score lead?
  6. Cam isn't good when he's rushed. Just look at how long he holds onto the ball at times. When he has time to read the D and has time in pocket, he's very good.
  7. Offensive Take aways so far: Cam is accurate when he has time offense flow is better when play is in early pass can open up run
  8. Ron Rivera - Belichick Role?

    Determining if a player is no longer productive is talent evaluation. If you want to call it loyalty to vets, fine. He kept Tolbert a minimum of two years too long. Pro Bowls for the FB position are meaningless. He contributed a great deal in 2013 but dropped off a lot in 2014 and even worse in 2015 and 2016.
  9. Ron Rivera - Belichick Role?

    Exhibit A: Mike Tolbert
  10. Panthers player position swap - who?

    KB to TE ain't happening. Despite his issues (weight, injury and drops), he's a WR1 currently and he hasn't gotten his big WR1 paycheck yet. He'll get it here or somewhere else. No way he gives that up for TE money based on a recommendation from an interim GM with a history of failed position conversion experiments. i was thinking maybe Daryl Williams to Guard as possible replacement for Norwell if those contract negotiations don't work out.
  11. Carolina Panthers camp matchups...

    I'm really interested in coaches interactions with players, 3 coaches in particular, Wilks, Taylor and Cothcery. is Wilks more aggressive/vocal than McDermott was? How receptive are the players to his style. Any difference In how he treats vets vs young guys and any difference in how well his style is received between those groups? How about Taylor? Does he push guys harder than Proehl? How does Cotchery factor in? Is it a good cop / bad cop scenario? interesting mix of vets and young guys on this squad. Seems some of the younger guys (I.e. KB and Funch) really could benefit from a more stern approach, interested to hear if that is in fact the approach.
  12. I know some of us love Gil Brandt but..

    I'm completely disregarding the order of the ranking. I don't know enough about the old timers to fairly compare. I think you can make an argument for Sherman to be in the list. I'll concede it shouldn't be at 9.
  13. I know some of us love Gil Brandt but..

    A couple of obvious misses come to mind immediately. Charles Tillman and Everson Walls replace JNo and Butler with those two and it's a pretty solid list. A few other arguments could be made for guys like, Eric Davis, Asante Samuel and DeAngelo Hall over Wright, Winfield, Sherman, etc but those are closer IMO.