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  1. neverlosethefeeling

    Player’s Opinion on new Facilities

    The young guys live uptown. Lots of the older ones with families live in south charlotte, and waxhaw. Think this is largely a non issue.
  2. neverlosethefeeling

    Guess who Russell Shepard signed with

    Lol, Giants just got worse today. Way to go, Gettleman.
  3. neverlosethefeeling

    Possible Tepper Press Conference Tomorrow

    I was being sarcastic. I am well aware of Roger Goodell’s function within the NFL. Just making fun of that WBTV guy calling him the owner of the NFL. That, he is not.
  4. neverlosethefeeling

    Possible Tepper Press Conference Tomorrow

    Today I learned that Roger Goodell owns the NFL.
  5. neverlosethefeeling


    I take great solace in knowing the pain Saints fans endured just one week later being on the wrog side of the Minnesota Miracle. Worth it.
  6. neverlosethefeeling

    Greatest Panthers Hat

    My favorite hat is exactly what you described minus the fitted part. And that's only because I'm too embarrassed by the size of my dome piece to actually buy a fitted cap. But it's the single-button snapback with an adjustable strap the same material as the hate not one of the trucker-style snapbacks with multiple holes and prongs on a plastic strap. Nuance matters.
  7. neverlosethefeeling

    Pink Pom Poms

    If you post photos of half naked women on the huddle and expect them to "keep it classy" you're gonna have a bad time. You new here?
  8. neverlosethefeeling

    Along the Sidelines - Patriots at Panthers

    There have been plenty of people on this very message board suggesting Cotchery should not have a roster spot. Jeremy is not wrong about that. Maybe it's a vocal minority, but they're out there.
  9. neverlosethefeeling

    Cameron Artis-Payne Climbing Ranks

    I hope he and Fozzy both contribute at a solid level this year, and I think they're both capable of doing that. Fozzy has been a real weapon in the screen game, as even Ryan Kalil has said in recent days. I'm excited about both these guys. There's good stuff coming out of the RB room this year.
  10. neverlosethefeeling

    What Are You Listening To Right Now....

    This poo right hereeee
  11. I think that so long as you have an armed citizenry, it's difficult to justify an unarmed police force. That's why cops in the UK are able to get away with NOT carrying. The Firearms Act, passed incrementally over the last 100+ years, makes it incredibly difficult to lawfully own a firearm in England.
  12. $3.05 mil doesn't necessarily mean $3.05 mil against the cap, right? Regardless, I like the signing. It's 2.12% of our total cap--and yeah, like 75% of the available space lol. But I'll take him at the price of slightly above average player salary. Getts gettin it done. With a solid draft this team might look like one that's ready to make a run. Real talk.
  13. neverlosethefeeling

    The Great Pie Debate - Offseason 2015 Edition

    So huddlers get lambasted for posting actual, albeit duplicated, Panthers and football-related news while threads like this get pinned? Makes perfect sense.
  14. neverlosethefeeling

    Hakeem Nicks Visiting Soon

    and that's why you'll never be at a house party with an NFL player.
  15. neverlosethefeeling

    2014 Huddle Champions League

    From the leaguesafe it looks like 5 people never squared up. Shouldn't be allowed to take anyone else's money if you have no money in the pool IMO. As far as payouts, I'd say the best options are either 70-30 split for first and second or 50-30-20 for first, second, and third.