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  1. Panthers Snapchat last night

    Yup--almost guaranteed that whoever was running the team's account just forgot to switch over to their personal account before posting this.
  2. Panthers Snapchat last night

    They took it down pretty quick, but am I the only one that caught this gem?
  3. Some Very Key Stats Through 10 Games

    The ONE thing that’s missing from our defense is turnovers. We have some each of the past two weeks, but through the early part of the year we were playing tough on D but not forcing turnovers. Tough to win when you lose the turnover battle, so those 2+ INT games, yeah, fuhgeddaboutit. If we start forcing teams to cough the ball up, good fuging luck to the rest of the league.
  4. His key is going to be consistency. We’ve seen it now. We’ve seen him get more comfortable with and progress in this offense and with last night’s performance, we know he can deliver the goods. But can he do it week in and week out? That’s going to be the benchmark. We don’t need streaky LT play, but he’s trending up and I hope he says on this path.
  5. Imagine

    All the flavors in the world and he chooses to be salty. It’s so obvious he wants nothing to do with the Panthers. Kind of weird how he’s done nothing but poo on us since he left and people STILL want him back.
  6. Imagine

    Nah. He can stay at home. Dont need him. Dont want him.
  7. Posted in another thread but dropping this gem from the Panthers Snapchat here as well:
  8. Panthers social media team for posting this on Snapchat
  9. Is this still Cams team?

    He's the de facto top dog. He's not the best leader on the team though and it's painfully obvious.
  10. Hat's Off to Matthew Stafford

    Matthew Stafford is one tough sumbitch and you absolutely can’t take that away from him. He’s shown that his entire career. Hats off to him indeed.
  11. 506Sports Map for those interested

    NFL allows networks to cross flex games now (i.e., CBS can show NFC matchups and FOX can show AFC matchups). That's what's happening with the NYJ @ CLE and LAR @ SEA games today.
  12. Falcons having trouble filling Arthur's Anus

    Totally agree about security. It's a real problem and has only gotten worse. This is definitely part of the reason it takes us longer to fill up. I didn't believe the sit down thing until it happened to me... during the first round playoff game against the Cardinals no less. Dude called security on my cousin and I and everything. We weren't drunk or disruptive and security could see that, they also said verbatim "We aren't going to tell you to sit down. You aren't doing anything wrong." To their credit, they understood that it was a playoff game and literally the entire stadium was standing for the whole thing except for the guy seated right behind us. To be fair, that's the only time it's happened to me, but because of that I am inclined to believe the stories of others when they're told. This also happened in the club section and I don't doubt that had something to do with it. Edit: I posted that story when it happened (may be in my post history if you look back far enough) but to the credit of the other Panthers fans around us, they stuck up for us and the guy who was complaining wound up leaving at halftime anyways so it was all good.
  13. Falcons having trouble filling Arthur's Anus

    Soooo reality is that the Panthers give out growl towels for 1pm games? Come on dude. That is the Seattle playoff game. Not at all an accurate depiction of the typical regular season home game. There are plenty of things wrong with the fan experience at BOA, and nothing about the fan experience at other NFL stadiums makes that untrue. We show up late. We leave early. We tell other fans to sit down. I'm all for a "realistic" view of our home crowd, but the video you posted just is not it.
  14. Falcons having trouble filling Arthur's Anus

    It is after warm ups. When Purrcussion is coming out of the tunnel, they're starting Panthers player intros. The Saints have already been announced at this point and are already on the field. There's maybe 15 minutes between when this photo is taken and the start of the game. And sadly, there are probably 7,500 people still standing in security lines outside the stadium.
  15. Falcons having trouble filling Arthur's Anus

    It is quite clear from the upper deck that many seats are empty well into the first quarter. It may get full, but BOA definitely has its share of late arrivals.