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  1. neverlosethefeeling added a post in a topic Fantasy Football Time - Fan Duel   

    My hunch is that it has to do with the billing address on whatever account you link to Fan Duel. I ran into a similar problem with online poker. But basically, if you use an account with a billing address in an eligible state you should be fine. All payouts are done electronically, so getting your money if/when you make some won't be a problem. 
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  2. neverlosethefeeling added a post in a topic Fantasy Football Time - Fan Duel   

    Yes, but it's 5 bucks. Sounds like you want an office league then. Most people that are playing Fan Duel and Draft Kings know at least a little something about football..
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  3. neverlosethefeeling added a post in a topic Frank Alexander Waived   

    Remember the panthers picked up Dwan Edwards after final cuts three years ago. Let's wait and see how this thing plays out. There's still value to be had once teams go down to 53. 
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  4. neverlosethefeeling added a post in a topic Straight outta Compton   

    Saw it last weekend and thought it was great. I think knowing NWA actually had their hands on this film gives it a certain authenticity, even though some of the characters not involved in the production--Jerry Heller, for example--haven't been thrilled with their portrayal. I also like how the film doesn't start and end with NWA. Snoop Dogg and Tupac show up in the movie, among others. It was a lot funnier than I expected and the whole theater was laughing at a few scenes.
    I don't go to the movies much, but I'm glad I went to see this. And truthfully, I'd probably see it again. 
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  5. neverlosethefeeling added a post in a topic AT&T Expands Sunday Ticket Availability   

    I had to use a workaround last year to get Sunday Ticket access (VPNs were involved) but it was well worth. The stream was certainly HD quality and I had very few issues. Great investment if you can afford it and don't want to go to a bar every Sunday. My download speeds were probably half of your hardwired speeds too. And I was on a wireless connection. I'd be shocked if you run into trouble. 
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  6. neverlosethefeeling added a post in a topic Quitting the job you just started   

    That's pretty much how I feel. And you're right, our probationary period is 3 months. 
    I think if/when I get a new job, I'll just pretend this one never happened. I'll leave it completely off my resume. I'd rather show a short stint of unemployment than be perceived as a job hopper. It's on my resume now, though. And to land this interview I addressed my short tenure with the current company up front in my cover letter. 
    Thanks for the thoughts guys.
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  7. neverlosethefeeling added a post in a topic Tinderbox Political Compass   

  8. neverlosethefeeling added a post in a topic Quitting the job you just started   

    It was all a dream? (I used to read Word Up magazine).
    And DMV=DC/Maryland/Virginia lol. Couldn't tell if serious...
    There's really not a lot of turnover in this office. It isn't a sales or retail job. This is a well established, market-leading company. Of the two people that left before me, only one was due to dissatisfaction. The other was for personal/medical reasons. Throughout the rest of the office, including those that hold the same title as me, there's a surprising amount of stability. It's just not a fit for me. 
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  9. neverlosethefeeling added a topic in The Lounge   

    Quitting the job you just started
    I recently moved back to Charlotte after 2 years in the DMV. I accepted a position back in the QC that resulted in a promotion and pay raise, which was pretty awesome because Charlotte is infinitely cheaper than DC. I'm 2.5 months into this gig and I'm pretty certain this move was a gross misstep. The work isn't interesting, my position is poorly defined, and the team I work with is dysfunctional. They've gone through two other people in my current position in the last 9 months and now I understand why. I regret taking this job and if I knew then what I know now, I would not have moved back. 
    I'm going in for an interview with another company today. This company is actually one that I targeted back in March when I launched my initial job search. Back then I didn't get an interview, but they had a position open up a week ago. I put in my application and was fortunate enough to land an interview this time around. If I get an offer, even if it's for slightly less money, I will be out the door at my current employer and I don't know how to navigate this--it's sort of uncharted territory for me as I'm still in the early stages of my career.  
    I've gotten nothing but positive feedback from my current employer. They're really happy even though I'm not. And it's not like I've kept quiet about my concerns: I've addressed my issues directly with the managing director on two separate occasions. Still, I think they'll be surprised. 
    What's the best way to do this while still preserving relationships? There are smart people where I work now, it's just not a fit for me. 
    Who has had experience with this? I'd be interested to hear from people on both sides of the coin: those who quit and those who hired someone who quit shortly after starting their new job. 
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  10. neverlosethefeeling added a post in a topic draft kings, worth it?   

    I prefer Fan Duel, which I've been playing since before the Huddle League existed (binked that sucker a time or two last year). What everyone else has said is pretty accurate. It's entirely possible to win some nice coin if you're focused and do some research. But there's invariably an element of luck like picking the $4,000 running back who goes off for 2TDs and 140 yards.
    Last year one of my buddies won over $1k in a league and another guy I work with won $16,000. The $16,000 hit was the most impressive because it was during the playoffs when the player pool is drastically reduced. 
    I love fantasy football because it allows me to get into other team's games. And that's great because the more I watch other teams play, the better I am at picking players. 
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  11. neverlosethefeeling added a post in a topic Schein weighs in on Panther chances sans KB   

    It blows my mind how folks think that a guy who isn't even top 10 at his position was going to be solely responsible for 3, 4 or 5 victories this year. 
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  12. neverlosethefeeling added a post in a topic Schein weighs in on Panther chances sans KB   

    Damn em all to hell. Shock the world, baby. We're back where us Panthers fans love to be: under the radar. 
    Keep pounding. 
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  13. neverlosethefeeling added a post in a topic Opinions: is Frank Alexander a possible cut?   

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  14. neverlosethefeeling added a post in a topic Smith to the HOF   

    Why can't we hold opinions about a player and his stance relative to the rest of players in the history of the game without being called a "hater."
    Honestly, ask yourself this question: What Panther fan could really HATE Steve Smith? The truth is for a small handful of years he was the only thing to even like about the team. No one here is downplaying his significance to the franchise. No one here is claiming he hasn't had a GREAT career, or isn't the greatest Panther of all time. But, I don't think Steve Smith is a lock for the Hall or even a first ballot guy if he does eventually get in. That doesn't mean I don't want him to get in. It doesn't mean I don't think he should get in. But it does mean I look at the guys he's competing against (those who are currently eligible), the guys he will be competing against (retired in the last 5 years or will retire in the nearish future) and know he's fighting an uphill battle. 
    The league's conditions have just produced monsterous talents at the wide receiver position. Steve is no exception. But please remember that just because we're honest about the current climate doesn't mean we dislike Steve any less--even though he's given people every reason to dislike him both while he was here and since he's left.
    That is all. 
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  15. neverlosethefeeling added a post in a topic This is what a Strong Safety should look like.