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  1. All on gettleman Btw...anyone seen big Vern lately?....certainly wasn’t on the field making any plays
  2. Hurney scouting?

    KB already hurt at buffalo
  3. Could care less right now...just focused on the jets ps...fug the skins...chokers
  4. fug You, Washington.

    Biggest choke job this yr...they flat out blew the game i hate the saints...especially their fans and that sewer New Orleans
  5. Epic collapse by the Skins.

    What a frggin choke job
  6. Hurney scouting?

    Vern looks like a 4th rounder and KB is gonna net us a 3rd rounder there’s you 2 that were lousy
  7. Did the saints game get flexed to 4:00 start?
  8. So he makes it thru what, 2 games as a starter? hurt all summer thru camp too just friggin great
  9. Samuel getting MRI and other pc notes

    So sammuel made thru what, 2 games as a starter? no camp either, he has been injury prone since we drafted him just friggin great
  10. That is absolutely true...let’s enjoy for a few days first
  11. Gonna enjoy this for a few days...then on to the stectch run
  12. Well....saints are still ahead of us and playing lights out if we are to win the division, we have to beat them at their place
  13. Give Credit To Stew

    I will surely give him credit he has been really bad this year but showed a lot of character to have a game like that last night
  14. Sure looked like the right move last night but losing sammuel is a big deal that guy just can’t stay healthy and on the field