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    I want to see see Cam rolling out with a pass run option if Norv can help him throw bullets on the run then we have something that can’t be stopped
  2. Ryan Kalil may be the most underrated Panther of all time Perennial all pro...look at what happened when he got hurt
  3. Dump Bates and DeAngelo and replace with Jake and Gross...I’d also dump moose and add Ryan Kalil no way Jake gets left off this list
  4. Let’s just see what happens TY first...absolutely no new contract u til year is over
  5. bull123

    Gano going Deep

    Pretty cool
  6. Seattle just needs to go get their coloring books and play doh
  7. Cam is still going to be throwing it down the field but yes this is just great to hear i wonder if norv puts a few rollouts in for Cam...rolling him out making accurate throws...he would be close to unstoppable he may even make criscos top 100 players
  8. i dont care if he or pep take a snap all summer as long as they are both ready to roll opening day against the cowgirls
  9. our offense is gonna be a juggernaut once we get it rolling...anderson was a key pick up for us & we have olson back healthy...not to mention mac & funch and the other new WR's...rookie DJ & sammuel (assuming healthy) give us young & fast...im not as worried about our OL as many are...just got to stay healthy i'm concerned about our def...pass rush and run stop is everything...time for shaq to step up and be a player, he is a real key...TD out early season & he looked slow most of time LY those corners scare me...need the young guys to step in and make an impact...captains days are numbered if he doesn't step up as well any sight of big vern...he was a DG #1 pick and hasn't given us anything yet need to remember...its only June....
  10. bull123

    Julio Jones holding out

    greed...hope this disrupts their entire season and beyond
  11. bull123

    Said hi to J stew

    Newark...what an armpit
  12. 8 yrs in a row in the finals...like him or not, the guy is a player, one of the best ever...as far as his supposed whining, he WAS playing with a broken hand and k love was the only help he had also didn’t hear any of the warriors talking about him dissing anybody after the game, nothing but praise from the players...only the media hating on him, go figure pretty incredible what he did this year PS: Curry is the most exciting player in the NBA...he was the real MVP