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  1. All true but it is a certainty that we have an issue blocking speed rushers at LT....and corner blitzes at that side could be very problematic gonna have to add some help on that side
  2. I would keep Byrd and have him return punts full time and be back up WR
  3. Mahon has been really bad in the games....I would IR silatolu all yr
  4. Tepper said at halftime he was going to initiate some philanthropy programs in Carolinas soon...he sounded excited about it, this may be first step
  5. Hope corn continues to get better and can give us some depth our secondary is gonna take some lumps, but we are fast and athletic so that bodes well for red zone defense...just got to stay away from big pass plays...hope DL pressure helps a lot with that
  6. Whoever we keep wont get a jersey on game day outside of injury ahead of them
  7. Should have been penalty on #42 for head hit
  8. Bradbury is too slow...always a step behind kalil can’t handle speed rushers our safeties look old...already got one in protocol run game looks great...both Mac and cj red zone defense looks like it’s gonna be really tough captain showing life...good to see, we’re gonna need it sammuel looking good...he’s gonna take t Smith’s place before season ends ps: not worried about cam
  9. bull123

    Searcy in the Protocol

    One good hit....didn’t even make it out of preseason
  10. He can’t handle the speed guys like Quinn
  11. Kalil can’t handle the speed rushers...Quinn just ran by him...if he gets a body on somebody he can handle them also...#64 at LT is pitiful
  12. bull123

    Matt Khalil...

    If #64 is his back up he sucks too