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  1. It's not just a simple kneel and 98% of the fans will see it as disgraceful it would be a major distraction
  2. I hope NO Panthers do anything stupid we don't need any distractions...the only thing that is important is winning the game
  3. Is that the guy that fox brought in off the street his last season 1-15?
  4. Sterling Moore and Marshon Lattimore

    One at a time sir....I do agree that we should score on the aints...normally a team steps up their pressure on QB to compensate for back end deficiencies, if we can keep em off Cam, could be a big day
  5. Changing the Launch Point

    You would think our #1 draft pick may be able help us with that beating the blitz thing...maybe our #2 guy as well
  6. Changing the Launch Point

    I will say this...we should be rolling Cam out a lot more...should have turned him lose against Denver...I don't see how you could defend him...why do we not do much more of that?
  7. Shula unrest

    While Shula does call some dumb plays at times, but opportunities have been there...players got to execute and as with any offense, we have to run the ball succesfully...our tackles weren't the best, actually were bad, last week stewart is a key...if he gets going, everything else opens up
  8. Khalil is looking old to me, unfortunately...let's do whatever we can to get him thru the season Cam will play...bet he plays good too
  9. Kalil Not Practicing

    another creak in his neck?...we have got to have him back on the field
  10. I watched it and this guy is very impressive...and I am still a big coach Rivera supporter
  11. Do you trust Shula?

    I do yell at him a couple of times a game...that wildcat play against buf a good example but I also give him credit when things work well trust is a big word...let's see how things develop over next few weeks huge game this week...have to beat the saints at home
  12. Armah promoted to the team

    We need him to be a blocker...and a good one
  13. Way too early to tell...let's see when we are in November
  14. REPORT: Gary Barnidge

    Something up with this guy or somebody would have already picked him up olson gonna be missed the most on the road against Detroit, etc....when we need 7 yds on 3rd down