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  1. bull123

    How would you play our team?

    Run at our DE and outside LB and isolate safeties and nickel with speed receivers id blitz every play and cover underneath....force cam into long throws our coaches won’t react to either and make any adjustments
  2. Yes! we can beat anybody....that is what is so frustrating
  3. bull123


    You can add in the 3 lousy passes Cam threw at the end of the game
  4. bull123

    KK Short?

    KK was terrible yesterday and last week too...big part of our lousy defense but Turner is the one that is killing us....just wait till Cox abuses him next week
  5. bull123

    Positives from yesterday?

    I’m still pissed we lost and see no positives
  6. bull123

    Rivera Monday presser

    I have always been a Rivera advocate and I remain so but come on coach...those answers at your presser were just crap your team was not prepared yesterday and you got your ass handed to you by an inferior opponent and there is no excuse for the way your players played and you and the coaches coached and we are all getting sick of it
  7. bull123

    Rivera Monday presser

    Our DE and our LB were getting run over and run thru
  8. Yes...we can beat anybody if we just get out of our own way philly pass rush concerns me a lot...but I say we will win
  9. 4th and 3 we kicked and should have...the 3rd down in that series was the bad call and yes we should have gone for it on 4th and inches...i read in coaches presser that he never considered it
  10. bull123


    Everything we did yesterday failed
  11. I have an unhealthy obsession with our team and it frustrates me to no end to see us lose games we should win ill be right back there watching next week
  12. bull123

    Eric Reid

    He cost us a TD today...the first one after Moore’s first fumble
  13. Did Thomas play today? while we are talking drafts...Vern and Shaq both sucked today..as they do most every game