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  1. he is gonna want big money settlement...from panthers and nfl...wait and see
  2. Those huge NBA contracts got these guys thinking millions they get paid to go 6-10
  3. marty can settle things down very short term...biggest challenge is waiver wire after cuts...hopefully he will not screw that up too much until JR gets somebody in place JR better not screw up our cap by extending TD and Olson at huge #'s for multiple yrs
  4. good gosh...that is just awful...worse than awful
  5. I would not go as far as you are, but assuredly he doesn't have 5 yrs left at this level I think these NFL guys saw the NBA $$ and started wanting theirs Millions to be 6-10 Sent from my iPad using CarolinaHuddle
  6. Give him a big retirement bonus if you want JR, but I would not extend him past another year And Olson has a contract and should honor it These guys get paid millions and went 6-10 last year Sent from my iPad using CarolinaHuddle
  7. From the guy who hasn't seen the field in over a year Sent from my iPad using CarolinaHuddle
  8. I hated hurney when he was GM Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  9. I hated Hurney when he was GM
  10. I think the world of Olson and TD just like everyone else but gettleman is likely right about them both....neither have 5 yrs left This is not a reward me for my later yrs league...Olson has a contract, he should honor it...Davis likely will get another yr but I sure wouldn't go out farther than that Let's remember these two already make multi-millions of $$ to play football A GM's job is to build a team to win...period I sometimes think JR cares less about winning as opposed to having his own moral high ground...that is unless the players strike of course...his $$ is what he really all he cares about How about talking to the fans JR?? Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  11. Daddy Jerry owns the team He should have stepped in on Smitty Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle
  12. I would take that and fill in around them Sent from my iPhone using CarolinaHuddle