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  1. MillionDollarCam

    DJ working out. Lookin good

    Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought when one intentionally combines resistance training with plyometrics that at worse the speed loss is negligible. While the skeletal muscles are being worked through resistance training, the fast-twitch muscles are being worked through plyo to maintain agility and speed. With that in mind, adding five pounds or so shouldn't be a big deal. I can see how this would be an issue if Moore added 20 pounds of mass but for intents in purposes this seems like a bunch of hullabaloo.
  2. Haynes fits right in line with the theme of this years draft (versatility). He has experience standing up and with his hand in the dirt. I saw someone compare him to Everette Brown and I couldn't help but chuckle. Haynes isn't some one year wonder like Brown was (look at Browns college statistics), in fact, Haynes is the all-time sack leader at Ole Miss and had at least seven sacks in each of his four year at Ole Miss. While Haynes said he viewed himself as a stand up OLB pass rusher, I think with the right coaching he can be dominant as both an EDGE and an OLB. Let's not take for granted that he will have one of the best to ever lace them up in Julius Peppers as a primary mentor. With Peppers knowledge as an EDGE and a stand up pass rusher, Haynes has a great role model to rely on. Get him up to 245 and just let him pin his ears back and go after the QB on 3rd down.
  3. If the coaches use each player specifically to their strengths then there is no reason why this secondary can't succeed. For example, Kevon Seymour recorded the most cover snaps per reception of any rookie in 2016 for the Bills who primarily ran a man to man defense under Rex Ryan. Yet, we bring him in and try to force him to play zone. We then line James Bradberry up in man to man when he played primarily zone for the entirety of 2016 under McDermott. Our roster is set up for players like Bradberry and Cockrell to play zone, Seymour and Gunter to play man, and potentially Jackson and Elder to play both (based off of their college experience). This secondary is set up for success as long as we stop forcing players to play in coverage's that they are simply not good at.
  4. Before asking that question, you would be better served to ask why Gettleman elected to sign Shepard over Ginn when the two have nearly identical contracts.
  5. MillionDollarCam

    Lottery pick

    This is huge... I believe we came in with a 2.9% chance at a top 2 pick. This all but guarantees the Hurricanes Andrei Svechnikov, an instant impact player who recorded 45 goals, 38 assists, 83 points, and a +25 in 52 games this year. A potential line-up for next year could look like: Teravainen - Aho - Svechnikov McGinn - Staal - Williams Skinner - Lindholm - Necas Foegele - Rask - Zykov Slavin - Pesce Hanifin - Faulk Fleury - Van Riemsdyk Certainly there are some players in free agency that could definitely upgrade this team like John Tavares, James Van Riemsdyk, David Perron, Evander Kane, Carter Hutton and Jonathan Bernier. It will be interesting to see what the Canes do.
  6. MillionDollarCam

    Carolina Panthers select TE Ian Thomas

    That's true and I believe Olsen runs the best routes of any tight end in the NFL.
  7. MillionDollarCam

    Carolina Panthers select TE Ian Thomas

    I see Olsen a tier below guys like Engram, Reed, Ertz, Graham, and Kelce when it comes to speed. Olsen's ypc has more to do with his route running and ability to find the soft spot in the defense rather than his speed or agility. His yac leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to running away from defenders. To be an elite tight end you have to be elite at something and I feel like Olsen is an elite route runner but leaves much to be desired in speed and agility. Regarldess, he's still a top tight end.
  8. MillionDollarCam

    Carolina Panthers select TE Ian Thomas

    That should be the first because if they aren't a prolific route runner like Olsen they can find themselves out of the league really quickly. Kellen Winslow Jr. comes to mind.
  9. MillionDollarCam

    Carolina Panthers select TE Ian Thomas

    I don't see what the confusion is? Olsen is known to have lost a step but he is a prolific route runner and has a knack for knowing how to find the holes in the defense. This isn't the same tight end who ran a 4.47 in 2007.
  10. MillionDollarCam

    Carolina Panthers select TE Ian Thomas

    There is a difference between being a H-Back and lining up as an H-Back, heck even slow ass Olsen has line up as an H-Back before. Williams is full of potential and once you get to the fourth round you might as well swing for the fences.
  11. Someone mentioned this earlier, but Gaulden does play like an ideal strong safety. Ultimately, I think the Panthers play him at free safety but I hope they give him a shot at strong safety. Gaulden was one of the best defensive backs in the country against the run this year and he has the protypical run stuffing characteristic of a strong safety. Additionally, Gaulden is not the fastest guy on the field but he's certainly fast enough, physical enough, and big enough to cover a tight end. Personally, I think Gaulden will get eaten up at both corner and free safety. He doesn't seem to have the ideal fluidity or ball skills needed to cover quick wide outs. Move Adams back to free safety (where he played in Indy) and line Gaulden up at strong safety and let him run to the ball.
  12. Elder is more of a physical specimen and bigger player and will play on the outside in my opinion.
  13. People don't realize how big of a need nickel is. Munnerlyn graded out as the 101st CB in the NFL last year with a 48.3 rating. He was downright horrible. Jackson has the speed and physicality to come in and make an instant impact at corner. Bradberry, Cockrell, Elder, Seymour, and Gunter can rotate on the outside with Jackson in the slot. Munnerlyn will not make this roster, you heard it hear first.
  14. Happy draft weekend gang, I wanted to go in-depth on the D.J. Moore pick to clarify some comments that I've been seeing on The Huddle. Just a brief background on myself, I previously worked for a lower tier FBS team in film analysis. This doesn't make me anymore qualified to speak on this particular matter than anyone else, but hopefully it allows some to see that I'm not simply talking out of my ass. With that said, let's get right into it. D.J. Moore does not possess straight-line in-game speed and he is subpar against press coverage. Do not expect Moore to suit up and become a better version of Byrd, Samuel, or Wright; it's not going to happen because he does not play like the other three players. There, I said it. Now before everyone gets bent out of shape, let's dive into exactly what I mean by my above comments. A while back, the controversial Jerry Richardson was quoted as saying that Cam Newton needs to hit the "lay up" throws. While Jerry was certainly correct, he failed to realize that A) the Panthers were not calling plays to allow Cam to take advantage of those lay ups and B) the Panthers didn't have a wide out on the roster that excelled in the lay up routes. In my opinion, The Panthers addressed issue A) in the offseason by hiring Norv Turner and issue B) by selecting D.J. Moore in the first round of the draft. Let's take an in-depth look at Moore. In today's NFL, a higher importance needs to be placed on the quick wide outs who have the ability to create separation and win both underneath as well as around the chains. However, teams have become so enamored with big wide receivers that they believe can win every jump ball or with speedy slot receivers that they believe can just outrun every defensive back that they forget how important wide outs like Moore truly are. While many have speculated where Moore will line-up and Rivera noted that D.J. will play all three wide out positions, I believe Moore is best suited for the X position. In a study done by Reception Perception (over a 6 game sample), Moore lined up nearly 80% of the time as the X receiver and lined up on the line of scrimmage over 75% of the time. Additionally, Moore drew a target on over 35% of his routes while still maintaining a very low 1.5% drop rate. Taking these things into consideration, it's time to take a look at Moore's successes and struggles. Moore amassed a 70% success rate against man coverage which puts him in the 65th percentile over the past three seasons, while an above average mark, it's certainly not elite. Additionally, Moore only had a 65% success rate against press coverage which barely puts him in the 40th precentile. Also of importance, Moore accumulated an astonishing 81% success rate against zone coverage which puts him in the 81st percentile. With all this in mind, you have to be thinking that D.J. is an ideal fit as a slot receiver. However, let's take a look at Moore's route tree to truly understand where he succeeds. As mentioned above, the lay up throws are the short and intermediate throws that the quarterback can make with ease. Now in order for a quarterback to have that option, he also has to have a receiver that excels in those routes. Moore has a success rate of 75% or higher while running digs, comebacks, curls, flats, slants, and screens, all short and internediate routes that an X receiver excels at. Where Moore struggles is with routes seven through nine, known as your corners, posts, and flys, these are your deep routes that a fast X receiver who excels against press coverage would be good at. Many say Moore is fast, personally I believe he is quick. In my opinion, Moore does not have fast straight-line in-game speed to allow him to beat press coverage with ease. However, Moore does possess a quickness and a refined route running capability to allow him to succeed in these short and intermediate routes that are considered lay up completions for a quarterback. One thing to note is that only 15% of Moore's catches were considered contested catches, a characteristic of a receiver with an elite route running capability. I believe you will see Moore excel as Cam's safety net and lay up completion almost instantaneously and that over the years we may witness the best route runner the Panthers have ever had. So during this season, keep a couple of things in mind. Moore did not excel against press coverage in college as he lacked the in-game straight-line speed to blow past the corner on these deep routes; give the kid some time to refine his skills in that regards as he develops as an X receiver. However, in the short and intermediate passing game, marvel at Moore's ability to use his quickness to find gaps in the defense and watch as he weaves in and out of traffic on his way to the end zone. Thanks for reading! - MDC
  15. MillionDollarCam

    Does Anthony Miller know something we don't?

    Coincidence that he's also standing on a welcome mat?!?! Welcome to Charlotte?!?! Okay, I'm done.