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  1. It looks like the Panthers opened the flood gates. Link: https://www.google.com/amp/amp.si.com/nba/2018/02/20/dallas-mavericks-sexual-misconduct-investigation-mark-cuban-response
  2. LaCanfora: Ten value free agents

    Pass on Moncrief. He doesn't provide us with anything we don't already have on the roster. He's a speed wide out who body catches the majority of the balls thrown his way. The only difference between Moncrief and a player like Ginn (other than their production) is Moncreif's framr. The Panthers need a red zone threat, not another speed wide out (i.e. Byrd, Samuel, Clay, etc.). Go get a guy like Sammy Watkins who is a game changer in the red zone. Let. Cam build a raport with him and see what happens.
  3. 2017-2018 Carolina Hurricanes Season

    The Canes had a YUGEEEEE 7-3 win over the Kings tonight. A couple of notes from the game. - Justin Faulk became the 10th defenseman in NHL HISTORY to record a natural hat trick and the first Canes defenseman to record a natural hat trick. Faulk's hat trick was the 5th hat trick by a Canes defenseman in their history. - The Canes recalled Checkers captain Patrick Brown who is statistically on pace for his best professional season. Brown has recorded 6 goals, 14 assists, and 20 points in 44 games this year. The Canes are still hanging on to the final wild card spot in the east with Columbus on our heels. If there was ever a time for a big win streak, it's now. The Canes next four opponents are metropolitan rivals in New Jersey (X2), the New York Islanders, and Pittsburgh.
  4. 2017-2018 Carolina Hurricanes Season

    Good start to the game for the boys!!! Filthy goal by Slavin!
  5. 2017-2018 Carolina Hurricanes Season

    And there it is, even if it's momentarily the Canes are sitting on the right side of the playoff line. Let's keep this thing going.
  6. 2017-2018 Carolina Hurricanes Season

    Canes look pretty lively on the tail end of this back to back. In recent history Carolina has always failed to win the games that push them over the top into a playoff spot, tied at 1-1 at the end of one, we still have a chance.
  7. Tarheels beat State

    I'm a UNC fan and I hope this is just simple trolling. State has a great coach in Keats and he has done a remarkable job with all of Gott's players. The game was very close down the stretch and Kenny Williams' three pointer kept State from getting a shot at tying the game. The second half consisted of made shots and turnovers and the game came down to who had more shots, luckily that was Carolina.
  8. When you wish upon a Star...

    Even at 315 Star is still slightly undersized for the nose tackle position but he has the strength to play it. However, with Star and KK roughly the same size the difference in their ability to rush the passer is quite substantial. I don't buy into the excuse that it isn't what he's asked to do because on passing downs the NT still is required to rush the passer just like everyone else. Don't get me wrong, he is a good player but he isn't the Ngata type player that everyone wanted him to be. If the Panthers feel like they are losing something in Star they will draft Vea in the first to replace him.
  9. This is very similar to what happened with Warner and Green with the Rams a while back.
  10. It just sounds a little too fabricated in my opinion. I'm sure some of the complaints are factual but the timing is very suspect.
  11. We're not talking about a Rae Carruth hitman here. We're talking about cyber security hackers who make millions and millions of dollars to do what they do and then also asking them to break into his wife's home... I'm not buying it.
  12. This story is more than likely bullshit. Outside of Marty being a controlling husband this entire story sounds fabricated... I mean you are telling me the man who drafted Armanti Edwards in the 2nd round is intelligent enough to 1. Hack a laptop, phone, and security system 2. Track someone's pets (wtf?) 3. Break into someone's home three different times 4. Break into someone's classroom 5. Have the genius idea of placing terrorizing sticky notes throughout the home. I love how his wife filed for more alimony once he was hired by the Panthers again. While it sucks for Marty that she just ruined his career when he had not done anything since his return to warrant being fired, maybe it will allow the Panthets to finally turn the page.
  13. Hornets vs Pacers

    It's going to be fantastic when we go on a huge run only to come up short and get the 14th pick in the draft where we either trade it for someone like Bellineli or get to choose from the likes Robbert Williams, Lonnie Walker, and Daniel Gafford.
  14. I suspect this is just the beginning. Similar to the Nassar situation, it takes time before victims feel comfortable coming out but eventually the flood gates will open (and no I'm not comparing sexual assault to sexual misconduct, I'm comparing how victims respond). I could see this potentially affecting all major league sports in the near future.
  15. Panthers hire Brady Hoke for DL Coach

    Most people seem skeptical of this hire but if there is one thing Hoke can do, it's identify defensive line talent. Mike Martin, Frank Clark, Willie Henry, Taco Charlton, Chris Wormley, and Ryan Glasgow were all coached by Hoke or brought to UM by Hoke. That's six defensive linemen drafted in the past seven years (yes, Hoke's impact extends beyond the 2014 season because he coached some of these guys as freshman and sophomore's or he recruited them to UM).