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  1. Pretty special moment there for Bicks! Final game of his NHL Career and he snaps home a wicked shootout goal then gets mobbed by the team. He always seemed like a classy guy, I'm sure he'll go on to do great things in his fight against MS. #BickellBrave
  2. Just some information on Bug Howard if anyone is interested. Personal opinion here but I think Bug could be a solid player at the next level with the right coaching. He's projected to be anywhere from a late round pick to an undrafted free agent. Based on his scouting report alone he could provide good value as a late round selection. Measurable's Howard measured 6'4 at the combine but his playing height in cleats is listed at 6'5 (the same size as Panthers receiver Kelvin Benjamin, albeit there is a 20 lb. difference between the two). Staying with the Benjamin comparison, Howard seems to be a little quicker than Benjamin as Howard clocked a 40 time of 4.58 compared to Kelvin's 4.61. In addition to his 40 time, Howard also put up a solid 20 yard shuttle number of 4.14 which was 11th among wide receivers (Kelvin recorded a 4.39). Howard's 20 yard shuttle time actually might dispel the notion that he is purely a possession receiver and lacks explosiveness. Now I remember when Kelvin came out people really took notice of how big his hands were and how large his catch radius is. Howard nearly has the identical hand size of Benjamin (Howard: 10 3/8, Benjamin 10 1/4) and a larger catch radius. At 6'5 Bug is already a giant, add in his 33 1/8 inch arms and his 37.5 inch vertical (4th among wide receivers at the combine) and he has a catch radius over over 12 feet. Great for Cam who tends to sail passes every now and then. Apparently what caught a lot of scouts attention at the combine was Howard's testing scores. Howard has a 99% comparable score to Eagles receiver Jordan Matthews based on the NFL combine testing. Bug's next two closest score comparisons were new Eagles receiver Alshon Jeffrey and Cardinals receiver (eventual Hall of Famer) Larry Fitzgerald. What is Bug good at Bug is a sure handed receiver, which is something that the Panthers have been searching for, for quite a while. Howard only had 4 drops in his 4 year career at UNC and two of those drops came in one game against the University of South Carolina. Howard also is a very solid run blocker due to his lengthy arms and surprising strength. In addition to being a sure handed receiver and solid blocker, Bug has a knack for finding open areas in zone defenses deep down the field. Last year Bug averaged 15.6 yards per reception on 53 receptions. He seems like he would be an ideal fit for a Panthers offense that saw success in 2015 when they averaged over 7 yards per pass attempt (top 10 in the NFL). What can Howard work on Howard's main issues seems to be his fluidity and his route running. A majority of Bug's routes are deep vertical's or 15 yard slants, not exactly the most difficult routes to run. In addition to his limited route tree, Howard also seems to lack control over his large frame. If someone can teach this kid how to better control his body and how to get out of his breaks quicker & cleaner he could potentially be a solid top 3 receiver. Outlook Realistically, Howard can expect to land on a practice squad somewhere. Unfortunately Bug has never contributed on special teams so his chances of making a roster as a 5th or 6th wide out are slim (especially with the Panthers). His best chance is to latch on to a practice squad and get some proper tutelage. Scouting Video Two things you will notice really quickly about the scouting video posted below. 1) Limited routes: slants/drags & deep vertical's 2) Great blocking