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  1. Luke is the GOAT and my role model. As a former LB I have a ton of appreciation for his play and his passion on the field. However, as great as he is off the field, he also seems to be an all around outstanding person as well. I'm glad to see him get the contract he deserves, proud to call him a Panther, and excited to watch him lead this defense for years to come! Cheers!
  2. Also, I can't speak for other places as I don't know every states laws but in VA there are already only a few instances in which an officer can make a warrantless arrest for a misdemeanor. Those instances being weapon on school property, assault, shoplifting, destruction of commercial property, brandishing, DUI, and public intoxication. Even in those instances, arrests ate rare. Usually simple assaults result in the officer advising the victim to seek warrants themselves from a magistrate. Misdemeanor shoplifting usually results in being released on a summons or warrants later being obtained by either an officer or the business. The only other warrantless misdemeanor arrests are if the individual refuses to sign a summons as a promise to appear in court or if the person refuses to stop the illegal activity despite a summons being issued.
  3. Just a quick question related to this hypothetical. How does the officer get a warrant issued for someone when they don't know who that someone is because that someone refuses to identify themselves?
  4. So what happens regarding complaints from citizens even when there is no arrest or citation?
  5. You don't think our police handle situations like this more often than not?
  6. I would like to do your ff league as well. [email protected]

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  12. It was good seeing you yesterday. Hate the game went the way it did and I hope those ponchos helped. Looked like they were gonna come in handy.

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