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  1. SJTG4

    What's up with Luke?

    ask the Bills how that's going for them
  2. b/c nobody on this damn O has HEART not one guy out there is yelling except Cam or Greg
  3. lol why even do a feature on these guys before Julio? Just let them play should be no talking after the past couple performances
  4. oh he will have plenty next week against our weak ass secondary
  5. SJTG4

    Matt Khalil...

    Where it all went wrong..... smdh
  6. Now I'm not saying he shouldn't be starting but after only one preseason game this is how its going to go? I mean was Cap really even that good last year? I don't think so just worries me.
  7. hes making 6 mill this year.. now way would he settle for that
  8. Now TD is a Panther legend but he should NOT be on the team next year don't make this harder than it has to be Hurney Shaq is the future!
  9. https://www.panthers.com/news/training-camp-observations-day-4 I love it!
  10. LOL at the people who hate on Cam as a QB. Anybody would LOVE to play with the guy. Too bad most take him for granted smh.
  11. A little disappointed to James, glad Worley balled out. Hope that LB from Auburn gets signed. This is one of the most exicitng camps yet. Can we fastfoward to July?