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  1. thats funny because I've only created two cmc topics and the other one was after we drafted him...
  2. you don't get drafted top 10 to have 500 sum receiving yards and be trash in the backfield lmao Kamara has 600-600 you could use the receiving argument if he was atleast somewhat productive on the ground
  3. Except for Leonard the obvious choice in the first round every other back could've been had in later rounds while we worked on the defense that is horrible right now
  4. you wanna know why Kamara is playing well? cause he's actually an good NFL running back, he's not scared of contact Remember that play he got blasted on the one but still got into the endzone? If that was cmac he would've tried to finesse some bullshit juke to avoid contact
  5. oh okay well how about the guy in the class that's always clowning around and is so well liked but test time comes up and he didn't study.. so the other cool kids try and help him out?
  6. how often does that happen honestly? a couple plays I've watched the games lol when Stew isin't doing poo its him he's old and slow when CMAC is playing rather average its the line I don't believe anything you people on here say one bit. He was drafted because of his catching out of the backfield yes but Dave and Ron and all of the media were convinced he could run the power offesne game.. he can't
  7. Interesting Rivera quote on why he went w CMAC over Kamara... "we just like Christian where we liked him" what the hell does that mean
  8. Who's "Elite" on this team honestly

    Cam & Luke thats about fuging it and they got drafted top 10 we had a chance to add another elite player this year but....
  9. in the NFL you have to make people miss off first contact its the NFL you have to break tackles he just cant
  10. cmac has had ample opportunities in space this year and has only really made one spectacular play imo which was making Kiko miss on that TD vs dolphins other than that? Wrapped up lmao
  11. you really count the pitch to cmac when Cam did all the work a rushing TD?? okay lol passing if anything but thats not doubling up his stats? sure is about
  12. stew also has double the rushing yards cmac has and TDs but okay