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  1. Cap Casualties - Top 25

    The one WR I'd take a gander on is Marvin Jones out of Cincy.  Only 25 and has proven to be a solid WR at the very least with some monster games here and there. 
  2. We need a DE... so whom?

    I dunno, this draft is stacked with potential 3-down 4-3 DEs
  3. We need a DE... so whom?

    If one thing is for certain, with DG, you can't be certain about the draft but it's for the better. 
  4. He's been on the squad for a while Fiz.  Get off the juice. 
  5. Before the hate--it was all serendipitous
  6. Cam Newton and the Hero's Journey

    Not a single Joseph Campbell reference? Surprised by the length of the OP. 
  7. I'm trying to process if today was cool or sucked like crazy.  Why am I living here?????? lol  
  8. Not a meme but this was my work parking lot at 1030:
  9.   GET F*CKING HYPED! Let's cap off this magical season.  This is only the beginning.      
  10. Last "big" Pub debate

    Christie and Kasich helped themselves but I don't know if the impact will be felt in the NH results.  Possibly Kasich...but he becomes too repetitive and has that weird thing he does where he looks like he killed it when it's basically a generic "yeah! I'm positive with an awesome record" speech.  Rubio is not going to last long if that's how he is gonna take spotlight for a 3rd freaking place finish.  Trump is deflating, Carson is still waiting to make his entrance, Cruz won't get the big states.  Bush...I hate to say..may have an inside track at the big states after the first batch is done with.  Gosh these candidates suck. 
  11. Last "big" Pub debate

    Rubio.exe malfunctioned
  12. Conan...that poo not funny

  13. It appears Kasich, Rubio, and Trump are pulling for us
  14. Olsen's doing it! Star though haha