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  1. It does seem there's a thing with some 3-4 teams to use a hybrid type on the big side. Someone mentioned Preston Smith and he did very well in that role his rookie season.
  2. Ron has really grown into one of the best coaches in the league. No doubt had his speed bumps those first few seasons but he's created one hell of an awesome culture here with Cam.
  3. Amini

    It appears he may have sprayed too much of this on...
  4. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    If anyone follows GoT youtubers, a fellow Panther fan has a good series rolling called "Smokescreen"
  5. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Now that Euron is on the show, I figured to share my GoT inspired track (I still do the singer-songwriter thing): "Euron Greyjoy" Studio Version: https://soundcloud.com/midwav/euron-greyjoy-kraken-original-free-download Acoustic Version: https://soundcloud.com/midwav/euron-greyjoy-acoustic-version-working
  6. Carlina Daarios?

    I don't mind the onion knight comparison..could be worse lol
  7. Lou Young CB..a closer look

    That was what I thought--he was PS and promoted to the 53 in January. (Correct me if I'm wrong though)
  8. Lou Young CB..a closer look

    Yeah he may have not been ready and still a bit unpolished...but making the 53 in January is big no matter the injury situation. Another thing is that we've got Steve Wilks teaching these young guys up and that has a great effect. Kind of OT--I think Wilks has HC potential one day.
  9. I believe it will be inevitable as things pick up this summer that there will be a focus on Lou Young. Some have mentioned the staff liking him and I think it's important to note that after Peanut went down, he was the DB not signed off the street mid-season (Finnegan, McClain) that we promoted to the active roster. Some facts/stats on Lou Young 24 years old; 3-year starter at Georgia Tech 6'1 205 | 32 3/8 arms | Has recorded 40s between 4.37-4.48 Over that time: 134 tackles, 4 INTs, 12 pass break-ups (40 tackles, 2 INTs his last year at GT) Almost made the Broncos squad as a UDFA but was one of the final cuts to 53 Not much to find with the online "scouting reports" Speed, size, length, nickel experience, and good in zone coverage (Checks a lot of our supposed boxes at DB) per nfl.com -- So it appears he could be a better ballhawk, develop his technique further but he has very interesting measurables and I see why our staff apparently likes him. To piggyback off of the 8 cbs thread, we've got Bene and the 3 rookies meanwhile--McClain, Young, Teddy, & Richardson. Basically: I think Young has a legitimate shot at making the 53 over McClain Teddy, and Richardson. McClain has the "experience" (not quite the size and speed), Teddy is a pure ST contributor at this stage and has already been in the league for 5 seasons, and Richardson is in the dark at the moment but does have the college resume and size (Though being drafted in the 5th and moving around so much gives some hesitation). This kid Young likely knows the system pretty well at this point and heck, he could get more playing time than some of the rookies depending on how things roll out early on. So TL,DR: He may begin to be one of the annual buzzed about UDFA types to be hyped up this offseason/preseason but I think it could be warranted depending on how he does in camp and whatnot.
  10. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    I say 5! jk
  11. Poor timing to be a narcoleptic stripper.
  12. What happened to Netflix?

    Kindergarten Cop 2 with Dolph Lungeren? lol
  13. What happened to Netflix?

    I use Hulu & HBOGo just as much but still find stuff I like on Netflix. It's definitely more watered nowadays. No cable route with those three has been my MO.
  14. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    I don't get why any tall X or Z is considered "possession" nowadays but I digress. I see nice balance in someone like Garrett. I'm honestly a bit tired of the Hill experiment so he better show up or we need to move past him this year.