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  1. Huddle, Who's This Girl Boyfriend?

    wonder how pissed pat mccory would be. Those men are in danger
  2. maybe tom from myspace will buy our team. he is the only rich person i can think of right now
  3. a new owner do we have a new logo on out midfieldz
  4. a new owner do we have a new logo on out midfieldz
  5. the panthers are not gonna leave the carolinas ever you dummies
  6. this is the kind of thread that makes us look really freaking stupid if things don't go our way. Which is a legit possibility
  7. Jerry Richardson Being Investigated

    keep pounding them bo rounds was the original meaning
  8. Lebron Ahead of Jordan - Scottie Pippen

    MJ played in the NBA during a time where they were actually tough guy men. Not the soft floppers like Lebron. The game was a lot rough in MJs day. Now everything is a foul
  9. No that's Marty Hurney era players culture
  10. Trai in concussion protocol: out Sunday

    Good thing we are playing a weak packers defense
  11. 2018 FA thread

    Looks like a lot of talented players. None will be Panthers besides ones that already are
  12. The Great Exodus of Quarterback Talent?

    The QB position is the strongest it's ever been and it seems like stud QBs are entering the league at a much more frequent rate than in the past. There are some great college and high school And waiting in the wings.
  13. Panthers make major roster moves

    cool original thread title
  14. Aaron Rodgers may not play after all

    Sounds like something a 13 year old would. Aaron Rodgers is actually a really good dude and I certainly wouldn't wish injury or re-injury on him
  15. Nobody agrees with me but my initial reaction was he was talking about overcoming Minnesotas coaching because it was a good scheme by them. Cam had to scramble and buy time and wait for Funchess to get open