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  1. Cmac and Anderson will be a good backfield
  2. Nick didn't like Tepper making fun of his tie. Looking like a 90s church daddy suit he pulled off the rack at goodwill
  3. Said Tepper squeezed a lot of flesh in the parking lot and the crowd got aroused
  4. How the hell is an starting NFL LT that bad. It's ridiculous
  5. Daddy_Uncle

    The midfield logo reveal

    It's just for preseason. The endzones will be black with blue lettering for the regular season
  6. Daddy_Uncle

    Torrey Smith shows leadership

    He will but if not he is so valuable to us as a leader and mentor to our young wide receiver group. Many of whom are similar style players to him
  7. Daddy_Uncle

    Kelvin Benjamin Is Already Hurt

    Cam's fault
  8. Byrd would be scooped up so fast if we don't keep him.
  9. Daddy_Uncle

    Hiding Profile Pics

    The solution is do your job, and get on the huddle when you get home.
  10. Daddy_Uncle


    Shut up
  11. Daddy_Uncle

    Kelvin takes another shot at Cam?

    lol we'll see who has the better regular season
  12. DJ is going to be a superstar