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  1. Hopefully whole teams stay in the locker room.
  2. Daddy_Uncle

    So what is he saying?

    Put a stadium right on the border with the state line going right down the 50 yard line
  3. Daddy_Uncle

    Panthers make roster moves

    Definitely thread worthy
  4. Daddy_Uncle

    Rookie Camp

    Ron Riveras a pimp daddy
  5. Also would provide a better mix use venue for major concerts, basketball tourneys, wrestlemania and a whole lot of other stuff our current place is really suited for
  6. Daddy_Uncle

    Andre Smith next TD 2.0?

    He has already reminded me of TD. Completely ruthless on the field. If he wasn't injured last season he was a top 3 round pick easily
  7. Daddy_Uncle

    Elijah Hood claimed off waivers

    He's so good if he can stay healthy
  8. We haven't had this good of running back and wide receiver groups at the same time in a long time. Especially with Cam. Our offense should be awesome if we can block
  9. all the guys we added bring toughness, speed and more than anything attitude. I think we wanted attitude and swag back on defense and we addressed it with several guys full of it
  10. Not getting enough attention today?
  11. Daddy_Uncle

    What if Marty Hurney

    A new owner is going to get his people in regardless of how Marty drafted
  12. Daddy_Uncle

    Team rebranding apparently possible, even rename

    I want a nascar themed football team. Charlotte racers. Put the new stadium by Charlotte Motor speedway. Their unis and endzones could look like checker flags. Yay nascar
  13. Daddy_Uncle

    DJ Moore - Judge For Yourself

    Norv Turner went to his Pro Day and worked him on routes and everything and loved what he saw. He has incredible potential that I think Cam and Norv will get out of him. I'm very excited to watch him
  14. Daddy_Uncle

    So who's playing LG?

    Rumple Stilts Skin
  15. Bradbery Cockrell Seymour Captain Corn Jackson I'm not assigning roles. That's not my job. But those are your 6. They've made it clean Gaulden is a safety