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  1. If the league is truly trying to progress more to a family friendly environment at the stadium, then banning giving balls away to kids would be the most asinine thing they could do.
  2. Cam throws a 12 flag out . Bannergate 2.0

    Hi guys, been a huddler since 09 or something. Haven't posted anything in a long time, but I browse through CH often to see what's poppin and stay up to date on the latest. On the whole Cam grabbing flags and such ......I've waited for 21 years for someone to come along to stake our house as "OUR HOUSE" ! I'm glad opposing fans are pissed. I'm tired of sitting amongst hordes of transplant fans. So hats off to Cam ! Thanks for having the fans back !
  3. :D I try... I have a few I found today that I think people will REALLY like.
  4. Me likey new avatar!:drool5:

  5. I was just coming to your profile, to do the same!

  6. Yeah, the Rams are crazy. They use that swinging gate like the Redskins for every extra point try, rofl (except no kicker). Great games to go to. The Rams usually put up 40-60 points and the opposition usually has 7 or less. It sounds like a beat down but it's really enjoyable.

  7. Hey at least you got a 3 peat State champion in Riedsville. We usually go to fan fest every year and I go to 2 or 3 games which is big change from my single days when I was at every home game regardless.

  8. I'm up in Reidsville, in Rockingham. I love it here. I would absolutely love to visit Charlotte though. I've never been to a "big" city for any extended period of time (was in Atlanta for a few days before... 'bout it). I feel a little out of place on the board considering so many actually go to the games and such. I don't really have that luxury but I'd love to go to one of the fan events or something.

  9. You said you lived near the Virginia line. I'm from Stokes County originally. Moved to High Point about 9 years ago. Where are you at exactly?

  10. I thought you had a great avatar and then I clicked on your profile and now I'm never gonna leave.