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    28-3 .. but your team can't beat the Falcons
  1. Is Dontari Poe Good?

    Well he has a Saints logo in his avi & capped for NO with his “NO is gonna run through your D” statement so who woulda thought otherwise dip shlt ? If it walks like a duck & quacks like a duck more than likely it’s a ... exactly . Try again .
  2. Is Dontari Poe Good?

    “Your line was basically Poe & some other guy” you don’t even know who’s who or what’s what .. I just named the 3 main guys who were better run defenders you clown . Jarrett is the man in the middle . You bums won’t even make the playoffs this year . Bums blew a playoff game in 10 seconds with the team 70 yards away from the end zone & here I am thinking 28-3 was bad. Hahahaha .. clown !! It’ll be the Panthers/Falcons battle for the division .
  3. Is Dontari Poe Good?

    Reed, Shelby & Grady Jarrett graded out as our best run defenders on the DL last year. Don’t let your bias show, he’s good without your fake news.
  4. I’m more into college football than NFL to be honest . College football to me is a lot more purer & less manipulated than the NFL. The fans are a lot truer as well so that makes everything better .
  5. 2 Patriots going out in style . Nice .
  6. Or maybe a 10-24 never led in the SB with the best offense in the NFL against the worse QB performance in a SB of all time or a 26-31 1&Done to a division rival button ! hahahaha
  7. You bums went 1&done but this is a satisfying post season .. what a bunch of scrubs. Lol. Never in my life have I cared about who lost or won outside of my team enough for it to be “satisfying” you guys take being a loser franchise to another level. Not worse than the Saints but definitely 2nd. We’re a loser franchise 2 but we definitely don’t & never have been happy seeing another team lose enough to make threads or talk about it all year. Especially after going 1 & done or missing the playoffs. Lol.
  8. I’ve been here since 2015. The same reason you’re here.
  9. Blah blah blah .. hope you’re enjoying lol
  10. NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    Wow lol, Seattle in Carolina.. I like it!