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  1. Duke Riley sorry ass made him look like AB . Smh
  2. What are you apologizing for ?
  3. GeorgiaBoyz

    Positives from the game....

    TD? That old bum isn’t better than Shaq at this point . Let alone Deion Jones or Neal
  4. GeorgiaBoyz

    Positives from the game....

    Lmfaooo .. half the team injured & still won . “Carolina isn’t very good.”
  5. GeorgiaBoyz

    Devonta Freeman ruled OUT for Sunday

    Defense sorry af .
  6. GeorgiaBoyz

    Trai out

    You see how .
  7. Wtf ? Lmfaooo . Matt sucks & Cam is worse . We don’t work that sorry MFer trust me .
  8. @Saca312 your team isn’t Philly !!! Hahahaha
  9. GeorgiaBoyz

    Devonta Freeman ruled OUT for Sunday

    I wouldn’t doubt it . Sark is Shula on steroids . if you guys OL doesn’t completely collapse y’all should win .
  10. GeorgiaBoyz

    Devonta Freeman ruled OUT for Sunday

    Thank God Coleman is better ! Go Falcons
  11. GeorgiaBoyz

    Trai out

    Woohoo .. I got no defense & you guys don’t have an OL . Battle of the handicap . Go Falcons !!
  12. Trust me I’m not . Any defense with speed at every position is gonna be good against mobile QBs or any other QB . Much like this defense. It isn’t just good against Scam . Suit yourself & trying to figure out why I say this . Like saying LOB worked well against Kaepernick.. lol . It worked well against everybody .
  13. DQ built the defense just like the one he had in Seattle . 2 fast LBs, 1 fast & physical SS . That’s the signature of the defense . If you call that building a defense for one man then go right ahead . He wasn’t building a defense for Cam when everybody was calling Neal & Jones “reaches” .. hell 9/10 still don’t even know who Campbell is . I’m not giving them credit for DQ doing what he does “build & coach good defenses”