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  1. Curious how this draft flowed where Marvin fell to #12?!?
  2. I keep seeing these comments about all talking heads and reporters. It makes me wonder if there's anyone believable...or contrarily, maybe they're all shills for someone at the end of the day as they all have experience and are connected to some others--and human nature means that they'll inevitably be softer on some more than others. The NFL Industrial Complex is just the WWE maybe.
  3. Slowik will be a popular name because of Stroud, but what I'd guess is that 99% of the Huddle won't know that Texans fans hated Slowik after they lost to Carolina. He was criticized for everything we know and love--conservative playcalling, not trusting his QB, etc. Even Stroud had a comment in the the following presser that some in Houston interpreted as him taking a shot at Slowik for the playcalling. On the other hand, they seem to have a very 2023 player-coach power dynamic down there. There was the instance where Stroud, Slowik, and some other players drew up a play on the sideline to exploit a weakness that they saw in the D. The players brought that to Slowik and he went with it. We all know that's not happening amongst the old school "see but not be heard" type of staff here. If Bryce is the brain that he was made out to be, working with Slowik might be good.
  4. This is an irritating talking point that I hope isn't true, because if the brass with a total combined NFL experience stretching back to the Mesozoic Era went along with Tepper "to get along", then they should all be sacked and never be given a job anywhere again.
  5. Then we're sunk, because even if he cleans house, he will make even worse moves--even the mythical "consultant" that we're all looking for him to hire will be a dope who interviews well but will give us the first 0-17 team in history.
  6. Contracts aren't constitutions. Good lawyers can find weak spots and exploit them. We are not in this to be collegial. It's a results-oriented business that is cutthroat and I'd be all for Tepper making more enemies if it makes Carolina the winner.
  7. We can't have it both ways. The same Tepper who can't hire properly won't conduct the right process to find a firm to do so. He won't hire the right firm either, so we can't trust that to work either. His best move is to upset his colleagues and spend $100m+ on securing the whole front office of a team that knows what they're doing and move them to Charlotte totally replacing the clowns that have been at Mint Street. Basically an acquisition, which should be in his wheelhouse. Organic growth can't happen with bad stock on a bad foundation, and the Panthers have had it in spades since 1993.
  8. The crazy part is I suspect he's furious because he thinks he's given over most of the direction of the team to people who have centuries of combined experience...only for him to forget that he's an American boss in an American environment with American employees who have the American power distance. IOW, as soon as he indicated a preference for Bryce, the $50m he's probably paying his coaching staff and front office went into CYA mode and deferred to him instead of telling him when he was wrong. He knows that what the boss says goes, so this is his mess even if he thinks he's tried to make it less so. If I were him, I would become an absentee owner. Let the team have a president who makes all the decisions and only participate in mandatory owner activities like voting on TV deals, and if I could, I would let the president do that too. I'd give the president a max budget today, let him/her know that they can adjust for inflation annually, and he/she can spend that on team ops and hiring while I turn my attention elsewhere. Treat the team like a 20 year CD that I passively notice. Go to the games as a spectator in the owners box. Enjoy the perks of being an NFL owner and let others run the team and let the chips fall where they may. He'd never do that though.
  9. Just pay Brees whatever it takes and replace McCown. Buy him a bunch of Jimmy Johns. Promise to finance his run for mayor of New Orleans. Whatever. If we want Bryce to be Brees, go get Brees to teach him.
  10. Point taken, a bit like if a Porsche has 87 put into it and it sputters, is it the Porsche's fault? Maybe. If it was such a premium car, it shouldn't need premium fuel to do what it claims it can do...and yet people spend boatloads of cash on them in the hope of that performance. If you put premium in it, is it performing because of the right fuel? Maybe. Stroud (like Cam) clearly so far looks like he'd win races at Talladega as a Prius, which is a rarity. Bryce seems to need 95 or 98 to do the same, which is not so rare. I guess that's part of what's frustrating people--Stroud seems special, Bryce not so much (at least not yet).
  11. Herbstreit did go to OSU though--I think his kid still plays there now and played with Stroud last year. He called a lot of OSU games on ABC and he gushed over Stroud too. IMO, he'd be closer to Stroud than any other talking head, so if he's not ready to bury Bryce yet since his guy is setting the world on fire, maybe it's a perspective to bear in mind.
  12. It's not gambling if it's a guarantee. Vegas isn't paying attention to Carolina because this franchise has never mattered (other than the Cam years and even then people held their nose to do it). Panthers will lose by 70 or 77 as Dallas guards against any potential playoff seeding tiebreakers.
  13. I saw a Youtube case yesterday that suggested that maybe Houston leaked Stroud's S2. If they did so...wow, how genius would that be. I don't believe that though.
  14. I'd guess the percentage of QBs in NFL history is probably less than 1% and that'd be because of a combination of old school views of who has the body type and who does, so that makes the pool automatically smaller. But if there's been 10 starting QBs under 6 ft and three of them are successful--that's a 30% hit rate, which I suspect is higher than the hit rate of 6ft+ QBs but is an infinitesimal number for all QBs. OTOH, there's also been no successful 7ft QBs either (or any over 6'7" IIRC). If height was a key to success, you'd see taller QBs and we just don't see them. Plus, there's surely no material difference between a 5'11 QB and a 6' one. I think part of the reason why people are watching Bryce is to see if he changes the conversation on who can play QB for this exact reason. Many are hoping he's like Steph Curry (even though Steph is not that short, but he was very slight) for football. That would significantly expand the pool of potential players, which would only be good for the sport. If he fails, that'll probably be the end of this experiment.
  15. So the counter is that swapping Young for Stroud (or Levis or Mac Jones or any other QB over 6 ft) is the only difference here? We suck because Bryce is too short and slight and can't throw more than five yards to make better use of Fitt's roster? He's the problem 100%?
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