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  1. And all of them were a pleasant surprises, not a the basis of a strategy. Big difference here that makes it questionable if they even have a strategy.
  2. So uhhh, remember when everyone treated draft picks like gold during the Watson pursuit...turns out the brass likes giving them away anyway. Maybe next year when it's time to trade a bunch of picks for whomever we'll remember not to be so precious about picks that they won't use anyway.
  3. I keep seeing this line of "draft a QB and they can learn under x"... That's a toxic dynamic waiting to happen. Favre-Rodgers, Montana-Young, Brady-Garoppolo...this is not ideal. We just saw that this season with Rodgers-Love. Goff can still play--and is expensive. Ryan can still play--and is expensive, and will likely play many more years like Brady, Brees, Ben, etc. DET and ATL drafting QBs is a disaster waiting to happen.
  4. Serious question--when have the Panthers ever been just 1 piece away? For that matter, "1 piece" is not always equitable. Voltron still has a chance missing the green lion, but he doesn't happen at all without the black lion.
  5. I'm an Alabama fan. I want no part of Jones.
  6. I was on the bandwagon big time before but I'm ready to moving on to the draft. Even if by some miracle he's clear of all this, the mental damage of going through it all--including the public scrutiny, ridicule, heckling at games etc will likely give him the yips (or similar) and he won't be the same player afterwards. His career is basically over.
  7. Never understood this perspective. With that view, I guess all Lance and Fields (and any other non-drafted, non-Panthers player) threads belong in the draft forum. They're no more Panthers than any other player currently not under contract, and everything needs to perfectly fall their way for either of them to have a chance to be on the team--just like any trade. This is connected to the biggest trade pursuit in Panthers history. Speculation and interest here is just as relevant as Fields' 40 time.
  8. They'd chuckle to their detriment. Rusty is THE lawyer that top profile Houstonians go to in these instances. He may be the best lawyer in Texas. That's not to say that Buzbee is no slouch either. He ran for Houston mayor but lost in a runoff, and is a highly successful lawyer in his own right. This will be a legal battle for the ages there.
  9. I think we're overthinking this. Tepper said to his football brain trust, "we need the best QB possible to win". Funny that no one questioned his football acumen when he said Teddy wasn't the answer. Now we question it when he apparently says Watson is? A good guess is Tepper said to his brain trust, "get me Watson at all costs" and they're trying to figure it out. A better guess is that he said so and has bitcoin-mining level computing power behind the analytics to determine what the impacts of that "cost" is, comparing success rates of draft picks, simulating this year's team performance if Watson were subbed in for Teddy, etc. The best guess is that he, Fitts, and Rhule all agree that Watson is the best get--they're just figuring out the roadmaps to get him and how they still build the team, which is more possible than any of us realize.
  10. Hence him pinning his ears back and demand the best QB out there. He's had enough of the process. Let's not forget we're talking about a guy who bought his old manager's house specifically to knock it down and build a bigger better one. The Panthers of old is being given the same treatment...and that's his right. After all, we previously had one of the few owners who actually played in the league. That "football knowledge" led to some bonehead hires and NO consecutive winning seasons in 25 years.
  11. I keep saying that McClain is not trusted by Texans fans. Not sure why Panthers fans should lean on him more than his own city's fans. He also had no clue to JJ Watt was going to AZ (no one did, really). And I think all the talk of #8 needing to deliver them a QB this year is silly talk. With no Watson, they are the worst team in the league and will have the #1 pick in 2022. That's when they get their QB, who at worst will be the 2nd best QB in franchise history after Watson. This team has trotted out the likes of Matt Schaub, Brock Osweiler, and Sage Rosenfels for years. Rattler, Howell or some meteoric rising kid will easily be better than them.
  12. I think you'll find yourself in an increasingly smaller minority. Fair enough. But this is a "when, not if" Watson is traded territory...but he will be traded, whether it's in a manner that favors Houston or favors someone else...the longer they wait, the smaller their pot gets.
  13. They may be separate lists, but like a Venn diagram, they both overlap with "Trade Watson".
  14. Caserio should just make the phone call up the road to Raphael Stone, the fresh new GM of the Rockets--aka the guy who traded James Harden. At least Caserio didn't get the "who"? response when he got his job, unlike Stone. He already has a rep as a Patriots person. Already ahead of Stone. He should ask Stone how the Rockets' owner's ego probably had a role in them getting less for Harden than they initially said. Texans said, "3 1sts to start" for Watson. Rockets said "4+ FRPs, plus player + plus a young all-star to build around". Not quite what they got at all. And Harden went where he wanted in the first place and the narrative on him quickly changed. Watson is gone--they're just delaying the inevitable. Is this the NBA-ization of the NFL? Yep. Some seem to think that Cal will hold out because the owners need him to in order to stop this. 1. He can't stop this, and 2. he owes the owners nothing. Cal will remember that his late father had to overoffer the expansion fee for the Texans in the first place, since the league was so determined to give LA a team and basically ignored the Houston bid. The elder McNair had to blow the offering process up by paying $700m--hundreds of millions more than LA had--for the team...in the 1990s. If the owners want Cal to do their bidding, he may as well extract a Super Bowl for Houston every other year over the next 20.
  15. Why are we setting the standard at championship or bust for grading a trade? We're Panthers fans. If Watson delivers two consecutive winning seasons, then he'd already something never done before--even with all the priceless first rounders drafted in the past. Gotta crawl before we walk.
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