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  1. UnluckyCharms

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    Read the next sentence kiddo It is not about the cost or paying less, it is the principle of tipping.
  2. UnluckyCharms

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    Besides the numerous reasons why tipping is outdated and should be done away with, I have an issue with being responsible for someone else's wage. It is not about the cost or paying less, it is the principle of tipping. By definition a tip is a reward for good service. It should not be a paycheck and its not my responsibility to pay a workers paycheck. If you want to raise prices or include a service fee then do so but a consumer giving workers money for carrying food 25 feet is dumb. Giving people a reward for doing their job well is a different story. I tip my barber after his 40 dollar flat rate when the cut is good and if it is not then I don't.The same should apply to the fast food industry. If the service I receive is extraordinary(it rarely is) then my waiter gets a modest tip. Either way whether or not a waiter gets a livable wage shouldn't be dependent on the goodwill of a stranger. Just pay them a minimum wage like everyone else. Really easy concept to grasp.
  3. UnluckyCharms

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    Because its what I can afford and I want a higher quality product that isn't dependent on how much money I give someone to bring my food to my table. If you're going to a higher end restaurant and can't order for yourself because you don't understand whats on the menu then you don't belong there either way. Tipping is so horribly old fashioned. Just pay someone a normal wage instead of putting the responsibility on the diner to make up a fast food workers salary.
  4. UnluckyCharms

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    Lmao if you value fine dining then you should have an idea of what goes with what. Come off the high horse. You're on a football forum talking about how fancy you are lmao
  5. UnluckyCharms

    Donte Jackson just stepped in poo

    Doesn't matter. Just bring me whatever wine I ordered and leave the table. I'm not tipping you more because you tell me something may taste better. Waiters need a set wage so that they don't get mad when I don't give them extra money for doing their job.
  6. UnluckyCharms

    Trump Cancels Philadelphia Eagles Visit to White House

    You're right because individual votes really have the potential to affect a community and your opposition more than utilizing a global stage to peacefully protest for 2 minutes at the start of the game /s. You're protesting how people peacefully protest because it very slightly interferes with something you enjoy. Think about that for a second. Instead of being open and receptive to possible criticism of the country, you're upset because your gladiator sport is marred by 2 minutes of people respectfully showing displeasure with the current social climate we live in. I want to take a minute to break down this comment and ask you some questions about it. Unlike quite a few posters here I don't have much experience dealing with you simply because I'm newer to the Huddle and typically lurk more than post. As far as I remember, my only interactions with you have been giving some feedback on your music a few weeks ago. It's important to me that you understand I am approaching you with genuine curiosity, and not coming from a place of malice. I am a college aged black man who is very often involved in social activism and very much enjoy hearing different perspectives. The first part of your comment says that athlete don't actually care about policy brutality and racial injustices because they kneel. You insinuate that they are simply drawing more attention to themselves. If your wildly inaccurate statement is to be believed then the players in question shouldn't have a history of active community engagement and giving back. Since they simply protest for their own personal gain in the form of attention, there's no reason for them to follow through on community building projects and fulfilling leadership roles right? Examples like this shouldn't exist because these players are selfish according to your logic. Furthermore, for a protest to actually be effective there does have to be a certain amount of attention drawn to famous cases or faces. It's precisely because of their platform that they are able to drive progress. If I sit on the side of Tryon with a sign protesting something its going to go largely unnoticed simply because my impact on the community is minimal at best. Compare that to an athlete with millions of followers and the ability to command global news headlines. That athlete may agree with what I'm saying and by joining my protest he then speaks for those of us that struggle to get our voices heard. Because of his status as a celebrity he can reach people in places that I couldn't even dream of. True, the attention that results from taking a knee may result in a more positive profile for individual athletes but to say that these athletes act solely out of personal greed is asinine. For the most part, humans want to do good. Instead of trying to find a flaw in the reasoning behind being a social leader you should praise people for using their platform to enact positive change. Your second point asks about what other athletes are making efforts to be "out there in their communities donating to charities, speaking in public forums, educating our youth, or doing anything to put an end to these so called racial injustices and socioeconomic barriers POC face?" The first link I provided lists numerous players with examples. These are players directly giving back to underprivileged kids. That link provides 60 separate examples of players giving back to their communities and speaking in public forums/educating our youth. Heres a rolling list of work that has begun since the protests began. The article doesn't even include charitable activities that started before the protests. Or you can make your way to the NFLPA and just click through the activities of dozens of players who are hanging lives as we speak. Every year theres a colorful Sunday where hundreds of players around the league don new cleats to support charities of their choosing. Im sure you're well aware of this as a football fan. The examples of athletes attempting to better their communities are abundant. Theres almost no way you don't see them if you follow football in any capacity. The third point in your comment makes it way to accusing players of not knowing why they're kneeling. Ignoring the fact that that is demeaning, it's also factually incorrect. Players have spoken on it at length numerous times. Seriously, they have beaten this horse to death for people who like to believe these athletes are dumb and looking for attention. Implying these men are ignorant to the causes they stand for reeks of the most pungent disrespect imaginable. You're completely ignoring why they're protesting and instead you're attempting to belittle them. That's like someone telling you your music is terrible without ever listening to the song. Or better yet, assuming you're not capable of actually having an understanding of the music you're promoting because you have no ties to the culture. On top of that you accidentally admit that you don't know why players are kneeling. If you can't acknowledge that there is a problem at all then the entire protest is lost on you either way. Despite people peacefully explaining it to you its unfortunate that no one can make you understand. The entire point of this is to make you uncomfortable. It's to make people talk about things they don't want to talk about because for a large part of the country they have to live through these uncomfortable moments every single day. For people that aren't exposed to some of the things athletes are kneeling for, it's easy to pretend they simply don't exist if they aren't reminded. It's forcing you to spend 2 uncomfortable minutes in my shoes once a week before you get back to watching grown men grab each other in tights. A protest is meant to be thought provoking. It is meant to elicit some type of response other than willful ignorance. At the end of the day they work by getting people to consider how others feel. We live in a country where equality and compassion are two of the core principles of our society. Kneeling is an attempt to get people like you (predominantly white men and women) to maybe take a step back and try to see things from our point of view. It isn't an attack on the flag or a middle finger to veterans. Its just our chance to peacefully show you that millions of people feel as though those two core principles aren't being applied to everyone. Lastly, you mention voting as a possible answer to curb racism and police brutality. Voting . You should look into the Brennan-Lomasky and Gelman-Kaplan models regarding the impact of a vote. In addition to that, in what way would voting impact racism in America? We had a black man in office for 8 years and if anything the racial tension in America got worse. Is a racist person going to wake up and stop being racist because he got out-voted? Nazis have been outvoted for decades now and they're still filled with racial hatred. How would it impact police brutality? Cops aren't voted into their positions.
  7. https://pantherswire.usatoday.com/2018/04/25/christian-mccaffreys-little-brother-gets-offer-from-north-carolina/ Received an offer but he hasn't committed yet
  8. UnluckyCharms

    Zion Williamson to Duke!!!!

    But what actually constitutes a connection? If you watch every single game/follow all news/attend games when possible/only cheer for a team then are you any less of a fan than someone that went to the school? The connection is developed emotionally and as long as you don't break that then your bond with a university is just as strong as anyone else's. Like I said, I believe that if you're loyal to one team then you have every right to represent that team/school. I do have a problem with people that only represent Duke when we are winning titles or have 4-5 teams in one sport.
  9. UnluckyCharms

    Zion Williamson to Duke!!!!

    Again, you're chiding people for cheering for something they aren't technically a part of outside of geography. By that logic then since you don't actually have a roll inside of the organization outside of geography then you're not allowed to be excited about the Panthers. /s
  10. UnluckyCharms

    Zion Williamson to Duke!!!!

    lol type "ECU acceptance rate" straight into your browser and tell me what comes up buddy. The point that I'm making is that attending a school isn't the only requirement of being a fan. ECU with its horrendous acceptance rate accepts more students than Duke does. Of course more people will have a connection to a public school than a private school. You've never been a part of the Panthers organization yet you're a Panther fan because they're your chosen team(whether this is due to geography, childhood roots or convenience is up to you). Loyalty and consistency is all that matters when considering ones own fandom. You yourself said it the best with "don't cheer for any other programs." I have a problem with bandwagon fans in any sport but someone that represents one chosen team only for whatever reason they choose is fine in my books. I'm a huge Duke fan because it's where I'm starting my Masters this upcoming fall. My love of Duke came from one parent and a brother that attended the university. As a result when I became a Duke sports fan around eight years old I definitely had an appreciation for their academics over anything else. My father played basketball at Gardner-Webb and two years in the NBA with the Cavs. Does that mean I have to be a GWU and Cavs fan?
  11. UnluckyCharms

    Zion Williamson to Duke!!!!

    "Lets all be excited about mediocre schools with an 80% acceptance rate"
  12. That would be great if you could do that. My wife graduated in 97 and hasn't been able to go to a game yet. My kids are becoming big football fans as well so if I got a chance to take them I'd be thrilled. I appreciate you replying to my message.


  13. Mike Remmers lost the game for us. Two strip sacks from his side led to 14 points.
  14. Can we take a second to acknowledge how horrible Mike Remmers has been? Cost us the game in my opinion.