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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, let's flip the Joe Person coin..... Heads, he's a mental midget who couldn't add 2 + 2 three times and come up with the same number twice. Tails, he's a competent newswriter that has his finger on the Panthers pulse, with lots of in-depth analysis. Just kidding, of course it's a two-headed coin.
  2. You never watched him play.....he'd start over anybody not named Luke.
  3. Women's hockey

    US should have tied that game at the end. Don't know how she missed that puck.
  4. Bills take another Panther staffer

    Trying to make trades along the way.....
  5. Y'all realize it will probably only be Rd 1, right?
  6. Dotard replacing SNAP (food stamps) with " boxes of food "

    WIC vouchers can only be used on certain things, is this punishment for people with babies? Reading this thread tells me that there are people here who don't have kids, and never go to the grocery store.
  7. Dotard replacing SNAP (food stamps) with " boxes of food "

    Like a farmers market that takes SNAP cards. But money spent there would be taken at a reduced rate, like 50%, give folks an incentive to buy healthier stuff. Farmer takes his sales reciepts in once a month, government matches his sales so he doesn't lose money.
  8. Weren't they gonna can Richardson, too?
  9. Dotard replacing SNAP (food stamps) with " boxes of food "

    I was going to say that- the fact that the boxes are delivered is a blessing to folks that don't have transportation. Maybe get by with 2 trips to the grocery store a month. As far as the mom who has to work the next 2 nights- 16 oz pack of ham ($2.42), pack of sandwich cheese ($1.69), loaf of bread (.89), couple of cans of chicken noodle or tomato soup (.89), 1/2 gallon of juice ($1.50) = $8.45, so buy a cheap pack of cookies for dessert. Or a salad kit.
  10. Giants hire Mike Shula as OC

    Like a bunch of jilted ho's up in here.......
  11. Dude. The longer this takes, the better. Patience is a virtue.
  12. Joe Rogan & Ben Shapiro on the Transgender Movement

    "His mama named him Clay, I'ma call him Clay."
  13. Colts hire Reich

    I hated that, I was an Oilers fan. Earl Campbell was a machine.
  14. Bucky Brooks on draft depth

    I guess everybody forgot about Daedae and Elder.
  15. Women's hockey

    4:00am, I'm drunk, watching USA Womens hockey. They don't suck, but they are undisciplined.