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  1. Because stupid people wait for someone else to give them their opinions.
  2. HVAC Question

    Close all your vents upstairs. Hot air rises.
  3. NFL refs and reffing inconsistencies

    We could say the same about you..... The last thing Tirico said last night on MNF was questionable calls by the refs.
  4. Beginner Guitar and Amp

      Never buy a guitar based on how it looks. Buy it based on how it sounds. That said, go to a music store and tell them what you want. Not a pawn shop, a music store. Your son can actually try them out there and get a feel for what he wants. A beginners set will cost about 200 bucks.
  5. Yep. Tenn got close twice, and scored both times.
  6. The reason D.G cut ties

    And yet so weak.....
  7. That moment when... try to give a team a safety and they don't seem to want it.
  8. Three weird moments today

    Stewie's Unsportsmanlike penalty. The uppercut to Olsen. And.....Cousins might have actually been down before Ealy took the ball from him.
  9. Pretty windy on the field.

    Like that year where all we had to do was beat Seattle and go to the SB.....except we had no running backs. I'd rather have players that had touched the ball against starters than guys that played scrubs in preseason.
  10. If the Vikings and the Cards lose, we be good.
  11. Terry Bradshaw died today on fox

    He hates Cam. He was asked why, he said "I just don't like him. I don't think he can play in the NFL." To which Howie Long said "Wow, way to be objective". I honestly don't know why he's still on TV.
  12. Pantera...Pantera...Anthrax...Pantera...Wiggles....Pantera....
  13. Pretty windy on the field.

    Can't understand why CAP and Wegher are inactive, this would be a great time to let them work.
  14. Sweet Caroline- A new Perspective

    Meh. It has nothing to do with Carolina, it's moreso that you're never too drunk to go "BAH BAH BAH".
  15. Youngins at the games.

    Do they charge full price for tickets for little kids? Honest question, I have no idea.