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  1. You Are Paying For Other People's Auto Insurance

    Why do you think a lot of the cars in NC with SC tags have Mexicans driving them?
  2. Just in time for the holiday weekend

    Hopefully just rain.
  3. It's almost time again! So stoked...

    Britts a day later? lol, they don't even make it back to the car.
  4. This is a R3volution!!!!!

    Clafouti says hi.......
  5. Stephen King on Trump

    Maybe they didn't realize that those weren't Trump supporters in California.... I find it amazing that "peacefull" protesters show up with their faces covered. Yet Trump supporters are the violent hate-mongers.
  6. How the Left wins it for the Right

    So, by white, do you mean Americans, or European, or Scandinavian, or German.....
  7. HVAC question

    I've been working on ACs for over 25 years. They're either aluminum coils and fins or copper coils and fins. The aluminum fins corrode over time and start to powder. Unless they're talking about the housing rusting, which wouldn't hurt anything.
  8. HVAC question

    AC coils are aluminum. Aluminum doesn't rust.
  9. Preacher starts tonight
  10. Trump vs. Hillary

    I think you can tell a lot about the effectiveness of a President by how many times he has been shot at. I can see gun ( or bullet) sales going up after this election, We're completely screwed.
  11. What happened to Netflix?

    Netflix is only 10 bucks a month. Don't expect full access cable. You can find enough free stuff on Roku to keep you entertained, if you try.
  12. Any of you Huddlers ever made your own boiled peanuts?

    Wait, crock pot? How long they gotta cook? On high or low? For five lbs, just use a big pot on the stove. Easier to regulate the heat. Lots of salt, old bay, and a little cayenne. On a side note, I found a place to buy chicken skin in bulk today.
  13. credit card problem

    I bought a camera in Cali and some kind of trip in Fla at the same time once. The girl at the bank asked me if I had been to Tampa that day.
  14. John Miller

    Yeah, I definately remember all of them protesting at Hillary rallies. I think Hillary cancelled a rally in Chicago because of protesters.