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  1. Cam is 1, Luke is 2, Greg is 3, TD is 4, KK is 5, https://overthecap.com/salary-cap/carolina-panthers/
  2. SCARY MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    More obscure stuff- Frankenstein's Army Dead Snow & Dead Snow 2- Red vs Dead Troll Hunter
  3. Luke does make more than them.
  4. SCARY MOVIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The best movie nobody ever heard of.
  5. Dickson. Not Olsen. A good TE, but not an elite TE. Nobody will replace Olsen, but maybe no one will replace Dickson, either. Do away with it. Bring up Armah, use Dickson as a TE. Stop depending on our TE as a #1 WR. We have a Top 5 Defense, and a (potential) grind it out offense - run, short pass, run.
  6. I don't really care one way or the other, but.....some of you have some really horrible taste in music. I feel bad for you, you should feel bad for yourselves. Really. You need to analyze your musical tastes. I get the "Blah blah oldies Crosby stills Nash" vibe, but the also-ran crap rap/R&B mix stuff is bad. Don't pretend it doesn't suck, it does. To each his own, but....you folk need to rethink what you consider as music.
  7. Well, I think it sets a precedent. The whole "Keep pounding...Sam Mills..We believe" thing.
  8. Gameday Menu

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch. Tonto beats off the Indians..... Little fried chicken wings (on sale at the local grocer, got 20 packs of 10, wings for the year), cheese sticks, pimento cheese bites, and head up to the Little Ceasars they put less than a mile from my house to get a EMB for the game.
  9. Nah, man, one good run will eat that up. Hand-off to the right, BOOM, 78 yard TD.
  10. Female boxing judges

    A traveshamockery.
  11. "Do a little research", yet you couldn't disprove anything. Do your own research. I gave you the ball, either run with it or take a knee. Ball at the 25. First down. Go.
  12. No, it wasn't. 2 people on here said it, that's it. Who debunked it? I posted the segment from "Inside the NFL" where Ray Lewis said that was why he wasn't signed. Post where that was debunked.
  13. If you have a QB who can be .....less than acurate at times, a TE than can snag balls is not bad.
  14. Friend lost 70 pounds from weird diet

    Just get the HIV, the pounds will fall off!!!