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  1. Wait, forgot where I was. Steve Smith
  2. Y'all have no vision. Dontari Poe.
  3. cookinbrak

    Slow Cooker/Crockpot Recipes

    Small pork loin. Can of cream of mushroom soup. Pouch of onion soup mix. Cook about 5 hours on low until it breaks apart with a fork. Use the liquid and some water to make rice.
  4. cookinbrak

    Slow Cooker/Crockpot Recipes

    Big crock pot (7.5) or regular (6 qt)? I just got one of those crock pot/pressure cooker things. Haven't even taken it out of the box yet.
  5. cookinbrak

    RIP Burt.

    They should bury him in that Trans Am.
  6. cookinbrak

    "Two States, One Team"

    You're the only one starting these stupid assed threads trying to stir poo up.
  7. cookinbrak

    Steve Smith is at practice

    Or it could be that we have a game this week and he is at work covering it.
  8. cookinbrak

    Hey, football nerds...

    Was the Tinderbox closed today? First we get the Usuals up here stirring up poo, now links to WaPo.
  9. In order to help those that don't get this... Ticket brokers. Corporations that bought PSLs for executive use. People who died and willed them to someone else.
  10. Y'all do realize that there are thousands of Psl's owned by people who don't care who sits in those seats.
  11. Come to think of it, we'll have a Heinicke.
  12. cookinbrak

    Kalil to IR

    According to that, he's owed 6.9 mil this year. If we cut him now, that adds 5.9 mil in dead money. 13 million reasons.
  13. They know that. This is from their board-
  14. In search of better and more creative football food, I made these last night. Had to make a couple of adjustments, but they were the shizzle. A couple of notes- Go flour, eggs, bread crumbs, egg again, bread crumbs again. And heat your oil to 350 degrees. I went 400 and the outside cooked way too fast, had to use the double fry method.
  15. cookinbrak

    Khalil Mack anyone?

    So the Raiders are gonna finish in the bottom 8 this year, but Chicago will be 15-24th in order?
  16. cookinbrak

    Bad news on Matt Kalil

    We all share your concern....
  17. Moton did rather well when given the chance. Won't know until the season starts, but he's probably our LT. Van Roten can be LG.
  18. We were sitting at about 5.5 mil before this. So we already have 10 mil to play with.
  19. cookinbrak

    Khalil Mack anyone?

    Not if they get two 1st rd picks from Chicago.
  20. cookinbrak

    Official Eff the Cowboys Thread...

    Just watched that whole thing with 5 beer and 4 shots of bourbon. Good night, thanks to you! Much pie.
  21. cookinbrak

    Sunk Cost f(H)ALLacy

    You remember that thread that said that 2017 was the worst draft class ever because they didn't get a lot of playing time, and everybody poo-pooed it nonstop? This is that threads red headed step-child.
  22. Clausell did well at RT. LT, not so much.
  23. cookinbrak

    2018 Huddle FFL league getting late start

    I'm in.
  24. cookinbrak

    Elijah Hood: So Close....

    Any word on his injury?