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  1. Justice for Daniel Shaver and family

    Meth but I doubt it maybe, not PCP. Anyone who’s seen the guy who crashed into a liquor store and was pounding a innocent female cops head into the pavement because they were trying to arrest him knows what PCP does.
  2. Justice for Daniel Shaver and family

    You may hate but at indiscriminately.
  3. Justice for Daniel Shaver and family

    And I have witnessed the exact opposite.
  4. Footage of police shooting of Daniel Shaver made public

    Pathetic. That cops deserves death and his 5 other people that deserve life in prison.
  5. Justice for Daniel Shaver and family

    It’s fuging pathetic.
  6. Justice for Daniel Shaver and family

    No that’s the problem almost every cop I know or encounter are good people. Doing there job. This is far beyond that. Don’t wrap good people in with bad because they are all in the same profession. Bad cops make up probably .05-.10 of the force. i don’t say your a person so you are the same as Donald Trump. I take you as you, as an individual.
  7. Justice for Daniel Shaver and family

    No. The cop made him crawl and then shot him. This is like a snuff film. I told you already. It could have been anyone there.
  8. Justice for Daniel Shaver and family

    Ignore him, he’s still got his panties in a bunch from everyone shitting all over his “music” aka him stealing music and putting his words over it. Did you not just see what just happened in that video? thats not ever cop, that’s not every killing... that is one in millions chance with a sick sadistic fug who has a gun.
  9. Justice for Daniel Shaver and family

    Because I’m ignoring Ecat. I get this is the tinderbox and we can do say or what ever we want here. But I hold intelligent people to the standards you’ve shown so far as being one of the better posters here. Let him go down his rabbit hole and hold yourself to a higher standard.
  10. Justice for Daniel Shaver and family

    You realized you just watched an execution in the literal sense. But you and others are still determined to make it about race and undermine what actually transpired. It’s not helping anyone anything or any race.
  11. Justice for Daniel Shaver and family

    God that makes me fuging sick. Dumb people with guns. Ruining it for the rest of us.
  12. Justice for Daniel Shaver and family

    No. Stop. This is not about race, had that been anyone one man woman child, of any race color or religion I would have the exact same reaction. Watch the video. That was a literal derogatory execution. He was not running away, he was not disobeying, he did everything the cop said and that piece of poo still shot him. IF I ever see that person in real life I’m going to beat the living poo out of him and cut his balls off. Because clearly in this instance the system failed. It’s on video, it’s right there. Leave race out, and focus on what actually transpired in the video. Thank you.
  13. Justice for Daniel Shaver and family

    This isn’t about racism. This is about a horrible human being. This trancends race.
  14. Justice for Daniel Shaver and family

    To you people whining about race or BLM or otherwise. That doesn’t have anything to do with this. This cop is a piece of poo. “Crawl towards me?” NO you stupid fuging ignorant cop. There is a reason that you go to them. This cop is literally manic. And what the fug is he holding a swat assault rifle on this guy for anyways. That’s not a war zone. The dude did everything he said and he still shot him. I’m sorry I don’t believe in federal or state death penalties. But this cop needs to go in front of a military tribunal and be sentenced to firing squad. For gross misuse of power. Its stupid fuging fugs like him that are systematically destroying our right to bear arms.
  15. Justice for Daniel Shaver and family

    That officer deserves a firing squad himself. That was that was unbearable to watch. That officer is a peace of fuging poo.