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  1. Game that changed the season

    Ryan Delaire. Talk about a player with upside... If this kid ever controls his athletic ability as a disciplined football player, he could be a Cameron Wake type of player.
  2. Philly Brown had shoulder surgery

    Hill has no special teams value and would have to set the world on fire in camp and preseason to make it as a rotational wideout. So he'll be gone. Bersin is just a guy (sorry Bersin fans) and is easily replaced. He won't make it this year. He did have a good run though. Kevin Norwood is the wildcard. He showed flashes but was very inconsistent. The staff likes him, but he is already 26 and we gave up a pick to get him. It's make or break. My prediction? Bye Norwood, we hardly knew ye. Philly Brown is an occasional deep threat, a target Cam seems to like, and is tough as nails. He is in. Keyarris Garrett.... Well we all know Gettleman is a size queen so if this kid holds his own in camp and makes some plays in preseason, he'll make it. Unless we pick up another guy, I see those as the 5. Benjamin, Ginn, Funchess, Brown, Garrett. I don't think we go with 6 this year. The additional roster spot will go towards the logjam at DT or the hopefuls at DB.
  3. SF 49'er safety Jaquiski Tartt

    I'd be more interested to hear what Tartt has to say about Bradberry's abilities on the field since he played with him.
  4. Greg Bedard grades 2013 draft

    Too bad the Saints gave Kenny Stills away for peanuts.
  5. PFF tags the 16 Worst picks in 2016 Draft

    I actually like Nick Vannett. Thought Seattle made a good selection there.
  6. Madden 17 Carolina Panthers Ratings

    Man that interior offensive line is beastly.
  7. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    The term hybrid really comes from the player's size and abilities. Not their role necessarily. Thus the "tweener" label. If a guy has ability he is a "hybrid" but if you don't have a damn clue what he is and he is likely to struggle adjusting to either position, he is a tweener. Tyrann Mathieu = Hybrid. Everette Brown = Tweener
  8. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    My guess is we will be playing a lot of nickel with a free safety and a "roamer." (Shaq likely has the first crack at the roamer role.) Rivera is less worried about scheme than he is creating favorable matchups. He will gameplan and align our guys accordingly. Between Rivera and McDermott, I'm not concerned. We have the talent. Now they will just find the right combinations.
  9. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    Think about how Seattle used Malcolm Smith. That's how we want to use Cash. It made Smith a Superbowl MVP so I'm sure that our coaching staff should at least be able to get decent production out of him.
  10. Someone sell me on why Butler was a good pick?

    Dwan was aging, Love was working his way into the mix, and ultimately Star and KK had to play more snaps than Rivera wanted. The big guys wear down. Bring in another young and talented DT to rotate and you can have an interior push that can pose problems all year and keeps every guy fresh

    Who got Jack Allen?
  12. 1st Vernon Butler DT 2nd Jeremy Cash SS 3rd Zach Sanchez CB 4th Keyarris Garrett WR 5th Daryl Worley CB 7th Jake McGee TE UFAs: James Bradberry CB, Beau Sandland TE, Jared Norris LB Does that make you feel better? Knowing that the media would see this as a better graded draft but knowing we got all of these players anyway, regardless of round or order? If you say yes, kindly take a big step back and fug your own face because you are a moron.

    Or vodka shots. Whatever tickles your pickle.

    Yep and we don't pick again for about 50 picks. Ugh

    Gettleman did mention looking at guys that will be released after the draft. I think he values veteran depth on the O-line