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  1. If Bryce kills a play, it's 100% a run not sure why a D can get gashed knowing that.
  2. Brown bout to get Mack money! Well if Laser eyes gets fired.
  3. 6 quarters with no points, come on boys this is our Super Bowl!!! Gonna go get a shot of Ked Woodley's finest! Rawr Rawr Rawwwr!!!!
  4. Bryce has struggled mightily but I bet the narrative would be completely different if he had CMC out there. Our slow receivers would have a much better chance if that threat was there.
  5. Maybe even my 50 yr old azz can keep u with the kids, you keep your bs rolling, we will laugh,
  6. Imagine if he were black you'd call me a racist, Yuck!
  7. Swear I love the coaches, as much as I love cute fat fitterer he has to go, all scouts go. Tabor Evero and the Brown wiill get us anywhere we want.
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