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  1. I think a realistic and fair trade would be Darnold for Mayfield but we pay half of Mayfield's 5th year. We lose Sam's albatross contract but slightly overpay for Baker. Hell it's worth a shot. Listen to my logic Fitty!
  2. Getting scurred but we got this! Buzz Buzz muthafuggas.! Bonk the Hawks!
  3. Can't help but get scared when I watch him slam on the breaks like that.
  4. All I got from Fitts Q n A is that as of right now Johnny Dekker is our best QB.
  5. And time traverses. We will give you a 6th to take Darnold. Stick meet shiit.
  6. Chris Simms, who has a better track record than most, thinks he is the clear cut #1. I like Willis but I'm almost always wrong.
  7. That's some funny shiit right there, when the dude hates you so much you have to throw in a sweeter on 48 million!
  8. Are we still not the betting favorites or are we taking Twitter nerds as science?
  9. Cool your tits people. He is coming to the Panthers. I'm Teppers grandfather.
  10. Rumor is that Watson, Mack, Watt and Kupp are all headed to the Panthers. My source also says our smaller acquisitions include Jefferson, David and Montana.
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