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  1. Much like Twilight, Youre either Team Toomers or Team Hubby. Make your votes kids!
  2. I like how the Wicked Witch of the East was in attendance.
  3. Son, is that you? I don't think the Panthers are quite old enough for you to keep using that phrase. Most people here watched game 1. Not everyone of course but it's kind of like saying this isn't your dad's Sponge Bob Square Pants.
  4. Don't look to the Jets fan forum for any optimism either. Outside of a couple fan boys, 95% of them think he has rocks for brains, can't read defenses and makes awful decisions. It was a depressing 19 page read. Now, I hope and pray you guys are wrong. I'm trying to keep a positive outlook but I'm skeptical as hell at the same time.
  5. I'll take this guy over that selection. Ouch!
  6. I'd like my very own Kay Adams for Christmas. Oh yeah and go DJ!
  7. It's carry dumb ass. The new fix to editor!
  8. Anyone else tired of hearing the word "dawg"? Then again, that is quite impressive. Guess I can see where they got it from. Cary on youths.
  9. Rare Ribeye with a blooming onion for a healthy veggie n a bud light > salad n an IPA.
  10. It's all well and good but let's just not get to PC in this new age.
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