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  1. Holy fug! That was great to watch!
  2. I just want to see him try n block that there mini fridge instead of jumpin over the dang thing!
  3. How can anyone buy this crap? Any team in the league could trade for him or anyone else for that matter. Think of the dumbest trade you can think of. Now double it. Here's 3yrs worth of draft picks and all of our best young players. Ohhh damn! Their not the Jets. Offer denied. Lunacy to listen to this. Not that I'd touch any of this but that is straight up, one idiots moronic take.
  4. Was looking for Jameis Winston eating W's and ended up with this. What has the world come to?
  5. Well it didn't help dropping all those balls either.
  6. You trying to take the Neg. rep trophy? Everytime I see your posts, you just become more and more disliked.
  7. I have lived in Florida for over 20 years now but still barely cared who won. I did enjoy watching Tom win his 7th. We're watching history. This will never be repeated. Take some enjoyment in that. Tom Brady has been in nearly 10% of all Superbowls. As an old man myself, I find it hard to route against him. We'll get one someday. Just hope I'm alive to see it.
  8. Let me guess. Appleshittza! Take your model and stuff it up your ass.
  9. Yeah it's kind of ridiculous when people think any team wants to pay Teddy 20 mill and act like were giving them some prize.
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