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  1. AT Perry from Wake could wind up being a steal in the 3rd.
  2. If the Browns made some solid off season moves (every year) does it strike fear? Sadly that about sums it up.
  3. It's a crappy shoot but the good news is since we don't have a first next year maybe the tank squad won't show their faces after week 2.
  4. Yeah yeah step on that like button. We bout to get into that content!
  5. Chris Simms rocks.! Leave him alone you meanies. That's what I've resorted too. Thanks Rayzor!
  6. Step on the like button, we gonna get up in to to this content, shout out Jon Snow, Shout out Rayzor!
  7. Goodnight my friends, don't want to be kicked off the Huddle again. Gonna watch Unkk
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