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  1. Maybe it's best he sticks to football knowledge? On a similar note, I can see Norman being a bad gambler if he was to walk up to a casino. 
  2. Win Today is of Special Significance

    For the love of everything that is code-ey (html joke, get it? ok...), please edit your post and embed the tweet, my eyes hurt.  But yeah, I agree, I say we go for the win today. 
  3. Steve Clifford Extended

    A great comeback victory for Clifforn after the extension. 25-2 run against wizards in 4th quarter to win the game. 
  4. Cam Mic'd Up

    You mean you didn't see the thread with 4 pages? Here, I'll help you http://www.carolinahuddle.com/boards/topic/121619-cam-micd-up-and-all-its-hilarious-glory/ The article just sums up the video. nothing special . 
  5. Why do we always predict a 20 something score for the panthers?  2x-2y Panthers (where x > y) - Every prediction ever.   How about 37 - 6  Panthers?
  6. Cam Newton On ESPN Now

    So I sat around after the game last night and waited, waited and waited, and when I was done waiting I waited some more. At some point you just can't wait anymore, but no not iBBB. I waited even more. And after waiting was no longer the obvious choice, I waited again. And then all of the sudden I said fug this and went to sleep.  I guess i didn't miss much.
  7. So who's going to be papa smurf
  8. Need the Huddle's help to get to SB50

    Good luck. I know my vote counted. 
  9. I counted 387.5 people. You all must have had an awesome time before the game.
  10. - Hello everyone - *Everyone says Hi* - I go by the username iBBB. Most of the time, I do not like the content that some specific members post, but I shouldn't be selfish and act like it's my forum. From now on, I will choose to ignore it and put all the effort necessary into refraining myself from replying in those threads.   - *Applaud* 
  11. Titans Report message board

    I think this guy nailed it. 
  12. Everyone's butt-hurt because Cam's kid-like mentality defeats players that take football very very serious. 
  13. Cammy Cam...

    Donation worthy. PM me for my address