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  1. chris999 added a post in a topic more of what the Hawks fans are saying   

    Half the people on this website consistantly bitch.
    I could se a few posters from here (i wont name them) going over there to tell them how bad they will destroy us because 'we suck' etc.
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  2. chris999 added a post in a topic SNF Game Thread: 49ers (1-3) @ Giants (2-2)   

    Its better for us if the giants lose this game.
    SF is not a playoff contender, but the Giants could be a wild card team if hey get better in the second half of the season like we do.
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  3. chris999 added a post in a topic Predict the Falcons media slobber   

    Yep. Lets just quit right now, because no one is beating the Packers.
    Might as well not even play the actual game. We'll just forfeit and listen to Boomer and the boys on ESPN as they polish Aaron Rodgers knob.
    Green Bay 2015 Superbowl champions. Call the rest of the season off guys.
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  4. chris999 added a post in a topic We Got No Help From Our NFCS Foes...   

    I am not worried about ATL untill we play them.
    Last time we played them we crushed them 34-3. A game to win the division and the loser goes home.
    Our locker room had the tougher players that left it on the filed and took care of business, and ATL folded. They may be better this year, but one year will not improve them enough to overcome how much more of a physical and dominant team we are compared to them. This is our division, they have to take it from us.
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  5. chris999 added a post in a topic Seattle.... they will be looking for blood!   

    In my opinion it doesnt take a whole week to get aclimated.
    Just arrive on Friday or early Sat morning, and it should be fine.
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  6. chris999 added a post in a topic What is hindering the running game?   

    our running is 4th in the league last time i checked.
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  7. chris999 added a post in a topic most air yards lost due to drops..guess where Cam ranks?   

    we have been getting better as Cam is figuring out who he can trust.
    Thankfully we picked Ginn back up and no one scooped Bersin off the Practice squad or we could have been in some real trouble.
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  8. chris999 added a post in a topic let's take a quick glance at turnover differential   

    "If only Cam was as good as Luck"... They said for years.
    I have said over and over again that Luck staying in school was the best thing to happen to the Panthers, because we got the better QB.
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  9. chris999 added a post in a topic Part of Gettleman's MO   

    Another reason for our success is Richardson.
    As a former player, he knows what wins football games. That is tough players who play physical, and it starts in the trenches and with Defense in general.
    The reason we are having success is because Richardson only hires guys who believe in his philosophy. The whole organization is on the same page, the owner gets what he is looking for and his man Gettleman is the general that brings the owners vision to the football field, and Rivera coaches them tenacity and solid defense that gives us a chance in every football game.
    It starts at the top.
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  10. chris999 added a post in a topic I'm trying to understand this cap situation, so Charles Johnson   

    I like both of these guys, but this is a business and I want what is best for the Carolina Panthers.
    I think you are right about this, and I think it is time to move on.
    I like CJ, and I think some are underrating him in this thread because he is excellent against the run. But he is just not worth 15 million dollars. I would rather that money be used on Norman, KK and Star and draft 'several' new DEs, including in the 1st round.
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  11. chris999 added a post in a topic NFL.COM Quarter 1 awards - J-No defensive MVP   

    We might or might not, but for now I am enjoying his cheap contract and letting him develop a larger body of work to evaluate to make sure he is worth what he wants.
    If he wants 10 or 11 million a year or more, he needs to keep up the production for the whole year. The way it is looking I am sure he can do it, but no problem with letting prove himself first.
    Gettleman knows what he is doing. He tried to offer a low ball... it might have worked. It didnt, so now we get to enjoy the fruits of his labor and make sure that our possible future investment is what he says he is.
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  12. chris999 added a post in a topic Inside the NFL can bite me   

    Carolina is a small market.
    They get higher ratings by talking about teams ith bigger markets or fan bases.
    It is what it is.
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  13. chris999 added a post in a topic do you think the eagles game will be flexed   

    If they think we will crush the Eagles, they might flex for a more even matchup.
    We do owe the Eagles a beatdown for what they did to us last year though. It would be nice if we could redeem ourselves on national tv.
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  14. chris999 added a post in a topic It's Time For Week 5 Power Rankings!   

    I love how they say Cam has the worst offense around him ever.
    Our o-line has upgraded 4 of 5 positions (our probowl center) in the past two years.
    Our new Guards and Tackles are one of the biggest reasons why we are 4-0 and why Cam is having the best year of his career.
    I officially dont care about power rankings and I prefer them be negative about us for bulletin board material to be honest.
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