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  1. chris999 added a post in a topic Norwell Picks Up Where He Left Off   

    I had no idea he was that tall. Good post.
    I say if Oher seems to not be starting material anymore, then we should give norwell a shot. We have to see if Oher can get it done first though.
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  2. chris999 added a post in a topic Norwell Picks Up Where He Left Off   

    It looks like he has the athleticism, footwork and hands to consider at Tackle, but the problem is that he isnt tall enough or have enough wingspan. 
    He is fantastic at guard though. 
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  3. chris999 added a post in a topic Welcome back, Chris Harris   

    I like this alot.
    Harris laid the wood, son.
    That is the type of physical presence I love in a safety. I m thrilled that he will be coaching our guys.
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  4. chris999 added a post in a topic Luke on his contract extension talks....   

    Of course he does. He is the centerpeice of our defense. The defense that was built around him.
    Coach Rivera is an excellent defensive coach. Maybe the best in the NFL. He is still building he Defense, and Shaq could be a major component.
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  5. chris999 added a post in a topic Saints release DE Junior Gallette   

    If they wanted to beat us this year, it would have to be by pressuring Cam through our untested OTs. 
    Looks like this is going to hurt them double hard as Galette usually sacks Cam pretty often. Them losing Him is probably almost as bad as us losing Hardy in terms of the impact it had on the field.
    I actually think this is a good idea (not the belt part). lol.
    This team is pretty dam good, but I think our defense was not as effective once we lost Hardy, and teams were able to better handle Star, Johnson and KK without having to worry about Hardy on the other side...
    Adding a blue chip pass rusher could be the piece we need for a Superbowl run. i already think we can win a Superbowl... but I think we could have a much better chance with a defense more like 2013 instead of the D in early 2014.
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  6. chris999 added a post in a topic How the Panthers spend: running back   

    apparently I was wrong in my above post about Stewart missing games. I thought he missed alot of practice, but usually suited up. 
    I guess it is easy to miss when you have the priviledge of a two back system like we have had for so long. 
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  7. chris999 added a post in a topic How the Panthers spend: running back   

    I really like both Stewart and Tolbert, and hope that we can keep them both somehow, but I think some kind of challenge needs to be made to them this season to give it everything they have and prove that the duo is worth that much. 
    Stew has always been a beast... but this is his first year as #1 and a feature back at that. Although he does ride the bike alot at practice, he actually does play most of the time, usually only a game or two a year out for injury. I think Tolbert needs to be the main guy to show what he is made of. I loved him in 2013 and I think he can be that guy again, but he really fell off last year and needs to truck over some MFers like he did that guy in San Fran.
    Overall, I think that is a lot of money to be spending at the RB position behind our porous o-line. I think our oline will be somewhat better this year, but if you are spending that kind of cash at RB, you need to have an effective oline and be averaging 5 YPC.
    Also your leading rusher shouldnt be your QB...
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  8. chris999 added a post in a topic Report says Junior Seau's family not allowed to speak at HOF enshrinement   

    I hope I dont come off as classless by saying this, but I am going to say it anyway.
    When a player is drafted by the NFL or is signed by a team, I think they should sign a binding agreement clearing the NFL of all responsibility for injuries suffered on the football field. 
    I know it sounds heartless, and I should have waited for some more posts before posting this, but I think that lawyers and judges are going to destroy the game of American Football that we all love if the NFL does not take action to protect itself. We have witnessed the game be changed too much already when it comes to touching the QB and other petty rule changes.
    Football is a contact sport and people are going to get hurt. That is a risk you take when you sign that multi-million Dollar contract. I am not taking the side of Goodale because I dont like him and think he had been bad for the game. But I am taking the side of the NFL. I watch flootball because it is a tough strategic battle and often won by the team that leaves everything on the field. The further this goes, them more 'flag'football' it will become, and eventually it will not resemble the game we love.
    For every Junior Seau and Kevin Everette, there are hundreds of athletes who retire wealthy men who do not regret playing the game that they love. 
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  9. chris999 added a post in a topic The Panthers, & Cameron Artis-Payne: Explaining the Fit   

    G-man has known that we were going to cut Deangelo for a while. What he was doing was fishing the later rounds hoping to find a future RB in a steal.
    The first two were not able to find a spot on a team that features Stew Deangelo and Tolbert, but now that Deangelo is gone, I think that CAP has the better oppertunity to stick around and make an impact when spelling Stewart.
    We are used to 2 quality RBs, but I think we are going to use Stewart as more of a feature back, and CAP as a number 2. He probably also has some skills in the option packages we use as well.
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  10. chris999 added a post in a topic Has there been any news regarding Shaq?   

    I am very excited for Shaq and I think he will be fine. 
    Not only does he have sound athletics to back him up, but he will be learning from TD and Luke. 
    Rivera knows a thing or two as well.
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  11. chris999 added a post in a topic Question About the Saints....   

    Panthers 11-5 (3-peat)
    ATL 9-6
    NO 8-8
    Tampa 6-10
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  12. chris999 added a post in a topic Reggie Wayne a good fit for the Panthers?   

    I think we are ok at WR.
    I would rather us go after a beast DE to replace Hardy.
    I think Shaq is going to take our defense to the next level, along with Bene and Norman's improvement. If we can add another really good DE to complement Short, Star and CJ, then Rivera's defense will be number 1 in the NFL IMO.
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  13. chris999 added a post in a topic Dez Gets a Deal... 5yr $70m ($45m guaranteed)   

    We have an up and coming great in KB.
    And Funchess looks like he might be just as good. Have some patience. Hurney is gone, G-man got this. 
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  14. chris999 added a post in a topic Week 2: JJ Watt vs. Michael Oher   

    Also Stewart and Olsen are going to have to put some chips on him when we do play to his side. 
    We will beat the Texans because we are a better team.
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  15. chris999 added a post in a topic What would be a disappointing season for you?   

    Not winning the division. 
    I would still be happy if we went to the playoffs on a wildcard... but I just want the Saints to know that they time atop the NFC South is over. This division belongs to Carolina now.
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