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  1. The Stupid Double Standard in the Media

    Mainly because we are still a small market team, despite our success. If we had several seasons strung together like this we would get more media respect. We have for the most part been a up and down team the past several years, but I feel we are trending upward starting this season. Super bowl or not, we are gonna be up there for the next few years. But me, like half of the people on here, just ignore the media. Let's quietly build this powerhouse in uptown Charlotte and take the NFL by storm.
  2. You. Yeah You....

    Nevermind, found it
  3. You. Yeah You....

  4. You. Yeah You....

    Who do we send the receipt to? Cause I'm buying alot of poo next week from Amazon 
  5. I don't know why Cam would take down this sign...

    I think it is still a little thread-worthy. You got dumbasses, who blatantly ignore rules and regulations, and then go thinking they are the victims? At least for the rest of the day, let's poke fun at folks, well, who are a special kind of stupid....this is our house, and I think Cam has got everyone on notice now 
  6. Hahahaha whiny assholes!!!
  7. Good for him, he deserves this. He has been balling out....
  8. Final voting is open... vote for me!

  9. is cliff still on here? not sure about his last name, but he got me some tickets for some games the last few years, he wears the blue wig on gameday, and drives the black truck.....just wondering. i have tailgated with him in the past