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  1. Marcus Peters to the Rams

    This would have made sense.
  2. I could speculate three reasons: 1) They no longer feel the need to have a veteran backing up Newton 2) The Panthers might want to start grooming a successor 3) Cheaper
  3. The NFL announced the compensatory picks for this year's draft. None for Carolina. NFL.com
  4. I also like Mike White. Kyle Lauletta looked pretty good in the senior bowl as well.
  5. Curling To anyone who understands curling, feel free to explain it to the rest of us.
  6. From the latest Grill Bill: "Mid-round" would generally mean third to fifth. My guess would be it's at least being discussed in the Panthers offices. I don't think this is just blind speculation.
  7. I've known a few that were afflicted by it. I think I probably only know one person who's actually killed someone. She wasn't mentally ill, though. She was just evil.
  8. We've come to a point where some people are so desperate for attention they'll do practically anything to get it, even something as remarkably stupid as this.
  9. Marcus Peters to the Rams

    Pretty sure this is the wrong thread, but I agree. Incognito is not the kind of person you "talk things out"with. He's the kind that would use that as an opportunity to hurt you even more.
  10. That'd be a reasonable deduction. Incognito is probably lucky he didn't just decide to blow him away instead. Of course, that's assuming that he actually did plan to do something rather than just making a show of it. Sad to say, but that's an option too.
  11. You'd think people would be scared to be bullies these days given all the stuff that happens. Then again, I never really gave most bullies much credit for being especially bright.
  12. Someone had done a study a while back indicating that suicides, murders, violence etc had gone up quite a bit among teenagers since smartphones became widely available. That didn't really make a lot of sense to me until someone pointed out that a smartphone allows you to take Facebook, Twitter, the internet and whatever else you're on with you wherever you go. Used to be that even if you were getting viciously bullied, once you went home you were safe. Your tormentors couldn't touch you until the next day, or for a few days on the weekend. Not anymore. People who want to victimize somebody for whatever reason can now do it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without them being able to get away. I can't honestly say that by itself would be explanation enough, but I gotta believe it's a factor..