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  1. Late Games Thread

    Final play of the Eagles-Rams game was one of the craziest endings I've ever seen.
  2. Possibility Wentz tore his ACL

    We've had posters on this board cheer for / hope for injuries before.
  3. Attacking D to end the game!!!

    How do you turn sins off? That could be useful. (or a typo)
  4. Tired of playing conservative

    Wouldn't say it worked. Newton saved their asses.
  5. Attacking D to end the game!!!

    The most memorable moment for me on this was Tony Romo saying "Carolina's playing soft again" about a half second before that long touchdown to Adam Thielen. I remember thinking "well that's just perfect".
  6. Attacking D to end the game!!!

    I sooooo wish they would stop this garbage of playing soft prevent every time they get a second half lead.
  7. McCoy finds the end zone. I mean literally, he had to find the end zone. It's buried under the snow.
  8. Have you ever tried to run a long pass route in six inches of snow?
  9. Glad they switched to Colts-Bills. I love snow games. Whoa. Joe Webb in at QB!
  10. Steve Wilks deserves recognition too for that final series.
  11. Finally...How long have we waited to see aggressive defense in the final minutes?
  12. Please don't play soft prevent on this drive.
  13. Newton bailing out the coaches with a crazy play... I think I've seen this movie before.
  14. "Carolina playing soft again..." - Tony Romo