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  1. Panthers interviewing special teams coaches

    April's long been considered one of the best ST coaches in the league.  Biggest thing working against him now is he's up in age. My guess is the plan is to retain DeHaven for one more year but the guy they hire now might be an heir apparent.
  2. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    Watch some film from 2015 instead. It tells a different story.
  3. Panthers interviewing special teams coaches

    I think Purnell is going back to his plan to retire.
  4. Panthers interviewing special teams coaches

    Oh, I'm not absolving him. He's got a tremendous combination of size and speed, but if he doesn't cut down on the mistakes, that won't mean much.
  5. Panthers interviewing special teams coaches

    It's worth remembering that DeHaven didn't really plan to be a special teams coach again. He was working as an assistant here with an eye toward retirement when the need came open.
  6. Panthers interviewing special teams coaches

    I actually blame that on coaching. Ditto Teddy Williams penalties.
  7. Well, being that we're already hated .. Sign Hardy

    Pretty much. This past season showed no indication that he gets it yet. Until there is such an indication, I seriously doubt he'll get a look here, and I'm okay with that. And heck, it's not like he produced all that much on the field last year either.
  8. Panthers interviewing special teams coaches

    The fact that they are only interviewing assistants though might mean that's all they're really looking for. Bobby April is a long time special teams coach in the NFL who's currently unemployed. If they're not interviewing a guy like that, it might not be for the top spot.
  9. Per Alex Marvez (Link)   My take: DeHaven could be retiring.
  10. Wes Horton re-signed

    That leaves Nate Askew as the only guy from last season not retained.

    Read Aaron Wilson's Twitter. He posts everything, and as often as not is the first to do so.
  12. Forte won't be re-signed

    He's been great for them.
  13. Forte won't be re-signed

    If it were a few years ago... He's still good but at his age he's a stopgap only.

    It's not true. Whatever intern was in charge of that page screwed up and reported that it was Davis.  The contracts that actually voided belonged to Harper and Cotchery.
  15. Are there any players on The Huddle?

    As to the question in the OP, there are times when I think "Lord, I hope not."