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  1. @Panthers

  2. @Panthers

    Please tell me he's not taking over the social media for another NFL team. That'd suck.
  3. I've yet to hear anyone mention Dante Hall as a comparison, but watching that clip reminded me of some of his highlights.
  4. How Bout Dem...Panthers?

    Come on guys, be nice. Douchebags are allowed to drive too.
  5. Jeeeebus

    He changes direction faster than you can change your mind.
  6. Saturday Panthers camp thread

    That'd make for a pretty long pause.
  7. Hey, it worked for William Clay Ford when he hired Matt Millen, right? (crap) :(
  8. Might be better if we pumped the brakes. And when it comes to preseason hype, yeah probably. Guys like Anthony Bright and Jamal Robertson come to mind. Kudos for his performance so far but there's still a lot of football to be played.
  9. Thursday Preseason Games Discussion

    From PFT...
  10. Ryan Cowden and Trent Kirchner both have associations with the team and have had not only experience in scouting and talent evaluation, but have had genuine success at it. Much as I liked Elliott when he was here, no way would I promote him over either of those guys.
  11. I remember Elliott. He had a rep for being super intelligent. That said, from what I've been able to find, he has no actual scouting or talent evaluation experience other than working as a college football analyst/commentator. If he's being looked at for something higher than a college scouting job...oy.