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  1. Not Shula. Not Rivera's fault.

    Good work so far, but young/inexperienced. Might be a little too soon to think of as a head coach, but the league does do that sometimes.
  2. Jeremy Igo on WCNC Facebook at 8 pm

    Ask him how Donald Faison is doing these days.
  3. Lions claim Brad Kaaya

    How's that search going so far?
  4. Panthers release QB Brad Kaaya

    It'd be even cooler if Jerry Richardson followed his example.
  5. Sanchez back, along with new lb

    On injured reserve.
  6. Homecoming Party

    Homecoming? I wonder who I should ask to the dance. (probably my wife)
  7. Panthers release QB Brad Kaaya

    Actually, per Zod, the scouting department advised against signing Kaaya but Hurney overrode them. Cutting him now is basically an admission that he should have listened to the scouting department in the first place.
  8. Panthers release QB Brad Kaaya

    The Panthers aren't even signing Kaaya to the practice squad. They brought back a previously injured Zack Sanchez instead. That doesn't say a lot for Kaaya having "promise".
  9. Panthers release QB Brad Kaaya

    I'm not so sure that was ever true.
  10. Panthers release QB Brad Kaaya

    I like Gilbert more than Igo does, but I'm not convinced anybody we have right now is gonna be QB2 material anytime soon. Seems more likely that comes from the draft.
  11. As a long time NFL fan, I overlook no one. Even the worst teams in the league are still professionals and tend to win at least a few games. The Bears may not be great but it'd be absolutely foolish to just dismiss them as an easy win.
  12. Panthers release QB Brad Kaaya

    Not every move Hurney makes is dumb or wrong. Unfortunately, history tells us that enough of them are that he's not a good GM. Bringing Kaaya aboard against the advice of scouts is actually a worse look than letting him go.
  13. Panthers release QB Brad Kaaya

    Hurney reportedly had Mark Barron rated higher. This was a case of another team saving us from a mistake.
  14. Panthers release QB Brad Kaaya

    I'd say a lot of the annoyance with Kaaya revolves around Joe Webb. If we were going to keep a third quarterback on the roster, why not just keep Webb and put Kaaya on the practice squad? Heck, a lot of folks would have preferred to keep Webb over Derek Anderson.