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  1. If there's competition, I don't rate our chances being very high.
  2. Mr. Scot

    Annual Around the NFL Thread

    Would probably mean cutting somebody, and not necessarily just a scrub.
  3. Mr. Scot

    Tepper seen tailgating w/fans

    @RoaringRiot (I don't have Twitter) "Sergeant Tepper" and "Mr. T" are good ones. I'm not that big a fan of "Tep Cat" but that seems to be a popular one with several others. Honestly though, anything but "Big Cat"
  4. Mr. Scot

    Annual Around the NFL Thread

    For those who were interested in Scandrick...
  5. Tessler is also Mike Remmers agent.
  6. Part of me wonders whether Tepper cares about that. He wasn't here when Smith played so there's no emotional connection for him. And having seen Smith from the perspective of an opponent might not have given him the best impression. On the flipside, Tepper has shown he's very attentive to what fans care about. And he's eager to please on that front also. A lot of fans want to mend fences with Smith (though admittedly Smith himself seems like he couldn't care less). So yeah, who knows how he feels on this? It'll be interesting to find out, I suppose.
  7. Mr. Scot

    Winners/Losers - 2nd preseason game

    We have an OC that can do that now.
  8. Mr. Scot

    Tepper seen tailgating w/fans

    Well, at least that was rooted in encouraging people to fight cancer. It's far superior to John Bowlen's options of "keep drinking" or "keep speeding". Maybe until her own father's trust fund decides she actually is qualified to run NFL team, Beth Bowlen could go with "keep trying".
  9. I was asking the same question. I'm guessing it's related to the new kickoff rules.
  10. I'm not certain that's the kind of "alumni affairs" they're talking about. The description I'm reading makes it sound like someone who's going to work with current and former players regarding their community outreaches and projects. Interesting that we got this announcement while still not having heard anything regarding the team president job.
  11. They have an offensive coach who made Alex Smith look good at a time when everyone thought he was a bust. You have to factor that in as well.
  12. Realistically, the vast majority of teams who don't have an eagle for a mascot are screwed if their starter goes down, even contending teams. There's also our cap situation. Yes, moves can be made, but it'd be tricky. I'd absolutely favor having McCown back if we could afford him. As far as our current options go, don't discount that having Turner definitely helps.