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  1. What position did you play?

    Take a closer look.
  2. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Nobody's paranoid about you, doofus. They're laughing at you. This pitiful attempt to come back and troll pretty much cements that we own you, seeing as rather than actually doing something worthwhile with your time you'd rather come here and desperately try to dampen our enjoyment. Except you can't... We're on Cloud Nine right now, and the only thing that you're actually accomplishing here is to give us an opportunity to rub your nose in the fact that our team beat your team twice and now they're sitting at home because of it. And to top it all off, all you can think to do is come here and try to bug people. Pathetic effort there in that instead you've given us something else we can smile about instead. So hey, thanks for adding to the fun, even though that wasn't your intent. And again, we own you.
  3. Let's get him a Ring while we're at it

    Peyton has a ring.
  4. This is quite possibly the most epic picture of Rivera..

    I like Tomlinson better than I do Emmitt Smith, honestly.
  5. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

  6. Among those who picked against us, KC Joyner, former Bronco Mark Schlereth and the Broncos staff writer. Shocking.
  7. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    Uh huh. "I'll show everybody how little this means to me by spending a lot of time trolling their boards!" Now there's some "logic"...
  8. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    You're putting a ton of effort into trying to make other people who cheer for a team that beat your team unhappy. But hey, sports don't matter to your real life, right? Here's the truth, Sparky. After Sunday, we expect to be celebrating a Super Bowl victory, and all the trolling in the world won't be able to derail that. You're basically powerless to prevent it, yet you continue with these feeble attempts that make you sound like a spoiled child that didn't get what he wanted for Christmas. You want to think you're an irritant. You're basically a punchline. And after Sunday, you'll probably be moping around because other people are happy rather than doing something actually worthwhile in your own life. That's just pathetic.
  9. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    You sound like a second grader on a playground who lost a game and then played it off by saying "Oh, I wasn't really trying that hard anyway". Your team isn't in the Super Bowl.  The Panthers are, and are favored to win.  Grow a pair and get over it.
  10. Does Cam Newton stay in the pocket for too long?

    Some prior athletic quarterbacks (McNabb is a prime example) were known to pass up on running opportunities just to show they could be passers first, and this to the detriment of their team. Newton hasn't done that,  He's become a true, balanced, dual threat quarterback. And I'm extremely happy about that.
  11. What Broncos Fans Are Saying

    You should change his user name to "Sour Grapes".
  12. Let's get him a Ring while we're at it

    Besides the Panthers players we all know, this team could secure Super Bowl rings for guys like Charles Tillman and Jared Allen. I love that thought.
  13. Does Cam Newton stay in the pocket for too long?

    The fact that this question is even being asked...well, let's just say his development is going okay.
  14. More signs that the squad is loose

    People watch Derek Anderson dance like that daily?   Oy.
  15. Coach Braylon Beam is Superbowl Bound!

    Coach Jack will be there too, courtesy of a PSL holder (Observer)