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  1. Greg gets extension

    @Verge said he had threatened the Panthers with retirement. Haven't seen any further elaboration on that yet.
  2. Greg gets extension

    Would feel better if I knew what those incentives were. The league sometimes counts incentives "likely to be paid" against the cap.
  3. Greg gets extension

    I've seen that phrase a lot in regard to Panthers contracts.
  4. Greg gets extension

    Kinda wonder how this makes Davis feel. He previously sounded annoyed that the Panthers didn't offer him a longer deal.
  5. Richardson does Everybody else believed the same thing at the time. The report of a hold up only came out in the last few days.
  6. I think you were talking about the Texans owner. Technically, they already have Richardson on a violation of the Personal Conduct policy. All legal agreements like NDAs are supposed to be reported to the league. The Panthers failed to do that on at least four occasions. As to the investigation, we don't really know whether they have anything or not at this point. I suspect that even if they do, the NFL would like to keep it as hush hush as possible. Richardson may want to get it all out there just for spite. Who knows at this point?
  7. Greg gets extension

    How much did Greg play last year. Injuries are easier to get when you hit your 30s.
  8. Draft Day Chatter

    Here's Mayock's final mock for comparison. NFL.com Darnold is #1 here. Both guys have Derwin James to the Bucs, Jaire Alexander to the Packers and Frank Ragnow to the Bengals. Mayock has Lamar Jackson being taken by the Ravens. Panthers take Calvin Ridley over D J Moore (who goes to the Saints) and Hatden Hurst (Jags).
  9. Greg gets extension

    I love Olsen. I don't love the idea of making a 33 year old guy the highest paid TE (or any other position) in the league.
  10. Jags to London?

    I don't buy that it'll happen. I know Goodell loves the idea, but I'm pretty sure the players hate it.
  11. Just bits and pieces gathered from various sources, mostly. Gantt verified they can indeed force him out. Someone on here who works in the legal field previously stated that since his ownership is legally in the form of a franchise agreement, the NFL basically holds all the cards. Heck, for all I know, if they force him out, he could get nothing. But the suggestion from carpanfan96 was that he wants to force a vote so that they basically have to "look him in the eyes". It seems pretty ridiculous to think of dumping a billion dollars or more just for something like that, but from what we know of Richardson via Gantt and other sources, I'm not gonna rule it completely out. How much is your ego worth to you?
  12. Draft Day Chatter

    Jeremiah's final mock: Mock Draft 4.0 Baker Mayfield at #1 Saquon Barkley at #2 Jets take Sam Darnold at #3 Bills trade up and take Josh Allen at #4 Bucs get Derwin James (@%$#) Local kid Jaire Alexander goes to the Packers at 14. Two TEs go in short order as the Ravens take Dallas Goedert and the Cowboys take Hayden Hurst. Frank Ragnow goes to the Bengals. Patriots take Lamar Jackson at the pick just in front of the Panthers. And at 24, the Panthers take...Isaiah Oliver. Still available at the Panthers pick: Harold Landry, Mike Hughes, Mike Gesicki, Isaiah Wynn and DJ Moore, who Jeremiah has falling out of the first. Local kid Mason Rudolph also doesn't make it to the first either (many have projected he could).
  13. A thread for various reports, rumors etc leading up to tonight. Starting with...
  14. Yes and no. They can't technically force him to take a lower price than he wants, but they have the power to vote him out of ownership and then basically take over the sale themselves. One or two folks on here have said the believe Richardson is going to play chicken with the league and basically force them to vote on him. Don't know if that's true (certainly hope not) but it's a possibility. Sad thing there is that the league taking over the sale potentially screws Ben Navarro in favor of David Tepper. I'm hoping this ends way more peacefully than that.
  15. Actually, no. The owners meetings are scheduled for May 21st, and the expectation has been that that's when they'll vote on the new owner, but Richardson still has to choose the owner first. Until he does, there's nobody to vote on. So yes, this could drag on past the May deadline. I don't believe it will, but it's definitely possible.