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  1. I have no issue with Prescott, but he's still a rookie. When a rookie makes you look bad, it's much worse than if a veteran did it.
  2. I'm not really interested in Romo either. Even with what Dallas built around him, he was still a choke artist. Plus he's fragile and this past season a rookie made him expendable.
  3. To be clear, we do regularly scout and sometimes even host visits with players that are expected to be gone by our pick because you never know how things will play out.
  4. I'd imagine the names would come from this list: Who? Unknown. Only person I'd feel comfortable guessing is Richard Thigpen (team counsel). Maybe Charlie Drayton. I sincerely doubt it's Jackie Miles or someone in another functional position like that. Also don't see it being Gettleman or Beane, but I could be wrong.
  5. Nah. The guy I'm thinking of was bigger and uglier.
  6. We had a good lineman from Utah once. I forget his name.
  7. I don't want us to continue using the shotgun so much.
  8. I sense that you're alluding to something, but I can't quite remember what it is. My memory isn't what it used to be. Maybe I should see a the...thera...ther...aaahhh, I can't think of the word. Pretty sure it's three syllables and starts with 'the'. I just can't remember that last part.
  9. Could be interesting to watch, for sure.
  10. Whoa. This could get interesting. That's the kind of move that generally doesn't happen until after the draft. Will be waiting to see.
  11. Also doesn't help when the guy you're trying to develop thinks he's already the best there is and he doesn't need any coaching.
  12. The system he played in back then was pretty friendly to his skill set, too. My read on Manziel has pretty much always been that he was the kind of quarterback who could look great in college but would never accomplish anything in the pros. So far that's holding true.
  13. You have to admire the persistence Roethlisberger has shown throughout his career. That guy just won't take no for an answer.
  14. My feelings about Manziel have less to do with the fact that he's a jackass and a moron - and he legitimately is both - and more to do with the fact that he's not a very good football player. His spoiled brat persona certainly had a lot to do with his failing in the NFL, but it wasn't the sole reason. Despite the hype, he's just not that good.
  15. Ian Rapoport‏ @RapSheet The #Saints still need a backup QB. Payton could make the most of Manziel’s talent. Drew Brees would be a perfect mentor. A lot makes sense. Ian Rapoport‏ @RapSheet @bustedcoverage it's not a rumor that they met over breakfast