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  1. Panthers Pro Bowl Updates

    From Voth... Black & Blue Review ‏@BlackBlueReview Thomas Davis leads all OLBs in the Pro Bowl vote. Black & Blue Review ‏@BlackBlueReview Andrew Norwell and Trai Turner are the leading vote-getters at guard. Black & Blue Review ‏@BlackBlueReview Cam Newton is now second in Pro Bowl voting, behind Tom Brady.   Keep pounding... the vote buttons.
  2. I get that. Best I can say is if both are active (which would surprise me) then whomever is deactivated will likely be somebody on the lower end of the roster.
  3. Sam Mills semi-finalist for HOF

    It was already posted, but it's a big deal.
  4. The greg hardy vs michael oher matchup

    I think you're thinking of Peppers.
  5. Disagree. A bad long snap on a punt can do some real damage in a game (i.e. easy points for the opponent).
  6. The greg hardy vs michael oher matchup

    Hardy privately says of this game that he has something to prove.
  7. Rams receiver Stedman Bailey shot

    Rams now reporting Bailey as "critical but stable".
  8. Head wound, but reportedly not life threatening. Not much else known yet. And no, not Panther related, but a pretty huge story.
  9. He's a Raven. Broncos tried to claim him.
  10. JJ Jansen injured

    Eeeeh, you beat me by seconds.
  11. JJ Jansen injured

    Head injury, per Voth. We don't really have depth for this, so per Rivera if Jansen can't go, will pick up a long snapper. If that happens, Jansen will be sent to IR or someone will have to be cut.
  12. The Stupid Double Standard in the Media

    I don't give a flying rat's ass about stats. If I want to know how good a team is, I watch them play. I've watched us play. We're good.
  13. NFL refs and reffing inconsistencies

    It's a valid point, though. And Kevin Seifert is a good writer.